Viral Video of Korean Itaewon Halloween Party Tragedy – Viral Video of Korean Itaewon Halloween Party Misfortune 50 Individuals Have Heart Assault, watch here!. On Saturday, October 29, 2022, a Halloween party in Itaewon, South Korea transformed into disaster around evening time, nearby time. In the touristy elite area of Seoul, stuffing immediately caused dozens of individuals to have heart attacks. At around 11:30 am WIB, 50 individuals got CPR as first guide for heart attacks.

Doctors have revealed no less than 81 individuals in Itawan seeking help with respiratory problems. The occurrence happened close to the Hamilton Inn, cited by the Korea Times.President Yoon Suk-yeol requested authorities to administer first guide to residents and tourists. All yoon requested Itaewon’s rescuers and brought down a crisis tent.

Then, Head of the state Han Dak-soo asked officials to give their all to limit further harm. In the mean time, Seoul City chairman Gracious Se-hoon decides to get back to Europe after the awfulness of Halloween night.

So far, 142 fire engines have been sent to secure the region. Videos flowing on social media show Itaewon cops struggling to get individuals far from crowds.

Hundreds are said to have been kept until they couldn’t move. Dozens of individuals were exhausted and had heart attacks.

In another video, dozens of cops use PCR to help close by residents who are having heart attacks. The officials’ efforts as first guide were also helped by other residents.

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