Update Scandal Link Full Alia Bhatt Viral Video Trending No Sensor

Update Scandal Link Full Alia Bhatt Viral Video Trending No Sensor – A mime artist named Chandni became an internet sensation after she started posting videos on Instagram where she can be seen impersonating Alia Bhatt. Reacting to the viral mimicry videos, especially the one made by Chandni, the actress, during a recent interaction with , said, “It’s one of my favourites. There’s this one girl who imitates me, Chandni, she imitates me really well .She made an Alia Bramastra meme talking about my voice and she is excellent.

Later, an excited Chandni shared a clip from the interview where Alia Bhatt can be seen praising the mime artist and she wrote, “Trying to sink this in, someone please push me! Is this real? Alia Bhatt, this means a lot. A thousand thanks.”

Update Scandal Link Full Alia Bhatt Viral Video Trending No Sensor

Update Scandal Link Full Alia Bhatt Viral Video Trending No Sensor

Alia Bhatt will soon make her Hollywood debut with Heart Of Stone, opposite Gal Gadot. Apart from that, the actress has several films lined up. Alia Bhatt had four film releases this year – RRR, Gangubai Kathiawadi and Brahmastra – all of which received stellar box office collections. She also starred in and co-produced Darlings, which was released on Netflix to positive reviews.

Exclusive: ‘it Pissed Me Off’: Alia Bhatt’s Take On Regressive Media Reports On Her Pregnancy

Alia Bhatt married her Brahmastra co-star Ranbir Kapoor in April at her house Vastu this year. The couple is expecting their first child. Alia announced that she was pregnant in June.

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No, Alia Bhatt Did Not Say Bjp Behind Boycott Calls

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Update Scandal Link Full Alia Bhatt Viral Video Trending No Sensor

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Viral Video: Fans Spot Ranbir Kapoor During Alia Bhatt’s Live Instagram Session

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Update Scandal Link Full Alia Bhatt Viral Video Trending No Sensor

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Real Story Behind Alia Bhatt Viral Video

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Update Scandal Link Full Alia Bhatt Viral Video Trending No Sensor

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Ranbir Kapoor Alia Bhatt Wedding Among Biggest Internet Trends; Fans Feast On With Memes, Tweets

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