New Video Game Dunkey In Twitter

New Video Game Dunkey In Twitter – YouTuber and hot craftsman VideoGameDunkey did what he usually does and released a video about the new game, this time Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As expected, Dunkey stuck to his guns and continued to lean on his persona with a long history of self-confessed. I don’t like JRPGS, man

Also, as expected, some on Twitter erupted into a sea of ​​uproar over the video game review and began to anger Dunkey, apparently enough to cause him to trend on the platform. The main part of the anger, however, comes from the use of spoilers in the video without warning, as the game was only released a month ago.

New Video Game Dunkey In Twitter

New Video Game Dunkey In Twitter

Okay, I gotta mention it Don’t look for any Dunkey revolving if you are still playing Xenoblade 3, twitter and youtube. Dude just posted a bunch of spoilers for nothing. — Agnus’s strongest warrior (@SpadesEnder) August 30, 2022 Dunkey Xenoblade 3 video apparently breaks a bunch of late/end game without warning. I say “apparently” because I didn’t give him a look to prove that (honestly believable) statement and neither should you, but the warning was posted anyway — Screwy / Lumin @ Soul Hackers 2 (@ScrewyClassic) August 29, 2022 Dunkey: Posted endgame spoilers without filters or warnings: Also Dunkey: Damn, why am I trending on twitter? His lazy fans will look for the context: It’s just a joke, are you serious. Rinse and repeat… Same song and dance. — MangaKamen – Beware the Plot (@Manga_Kamen) August 30, 2022 People who defend dunkey say “oh that’s just sarcasm. It’s an opinion.” He hates rpgs. Does he keep playing with them? You know why? This is a new trendy game. Must make a video. Not because he wants to — Commander Crona (@AlbarnsDemon) August 29, 2022

Deleted Dunkey Tweet Lol

This, however, created a hostile backlash against Twitter, via Twitter. As usual, people started calling out others for taking their hatred of Dunkey too far, and one Twitter artist pointed out that many of Dunkey’s caricatures were done in an outrageous and offensive way. . not how things are done.

Some began to point out how Dunkey does not like JRPGs and does not affect the game a little for those who like it, and Twitter drama like this has no solution. It’s also a rallying point for people who just hate anime and JRPG fans, and Dunkey will probably win allies for not liking it.

I’m not the biggest Dunkey fan in the world but making art of him and his wife as a deliberately bad looking caricature to pwn him because he posted spoilers for the game on twitter (then deleted it) is a strange behavior, especially from Twitter. Artist — ? Mason (@sonyPlaytation) August 30, 2022 Dunkey is right about not liking JRPGs with high wait times. Are you still angry? Its negative reviews didn’t stop the last Xenoblade from selling enough to get a sequel. What he doesn’t like doesn’t affect your crying. — Doobus Goobus (@DoobusGoobus) August 30, 2022 my biggest surprise to the people who are mad at dunkey right now is that there are people who actually invest in — alexapdos (@alexapdos) August 30, 2022 Idk who Dunkey is , and I don’t want a video about them But they annoy Xenoblade fans and that’s why they’re my goat – ?Splash⁶⁴? ➡️LMBM⁉️ (@SplashSixtyFour) August 30, 2022

Finally, it seems that Dunkey can post and laugh at the situation, which is just one of many that he has done in the past by not fully agreeing with the opinion of many parts of social media, and the latest for example. he likes Last of Us 2.

Someone Watched Dunkey’s New Vid.

This, in turn, has caused some people to label Dunkey as a contrarian, who knows that cherrypicking and posting hot takes about a small part of the game will only lead to this exact thing. system.

Wow I’m trending on twitter, looks like people really like my new video — dunkey (@vgdunkey) August 30, 2022 Dunkey is relevant again, so it’s my civic duty to post this picture once. Dunkey just makes the most horrible, dishonest god​​​​​​​​​​and claims it is a post when people are serious enough to prove him wrong. — ✵Guster Buster✵ (@A_Guster_Buster) August 30, 2022 twitter when dunkey teases his anime game again — maus (@indeimaus) August 30, 2022 I saw Dunkey Xenoblade 3 video tour there is a large part of the video dedicated to just saying the character’s name in a funny voice, proving that Dunkey is just a video game reviewer who is associated with CoComelon. — Christina Tasty (@ChristinaTasty) August 30, 2022

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