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Link Full Video Original Anjali Viral Funny Viral On Twitter And Reddit – Anjali Arora came into limelight after appearing on the controversial reality show Lock Up hosted by Kangana Ranaut. And now, Kachcha Badam’s fame is headlining a video trending all over the internet.
Anjali Arora shared the wrong video with Bigg Boss 15 star Umar Riaz on Instagram. In BTS’ Mere Khayalon Ki Malika 2.0 collection, Anjali can be seen enjoying a romantic scene with Omar. And she said, sharing the video on Instagram, “Hahahaha.. Omar is sorry for this video.”

Check out Anjali Arora’s Instagram post below

Shortly after the video of Anjali Arora with Omar Riyaz was posted on social media, netizens received mixed reactions. The user responded and asked, “How did your video become viral?” Another person advises Omar and writes: “Somehow you should stay with him.” To date, the viral video has received more than 3.2 million views on Instagram.

Anjali Arora and Omar Riaz recently starred in the music video for Mere Khayalon Ki Malika 2.0. Composed by Nikita Gandhi and Saj Bhatt, the song was released by Ishtar Music on her YouTube on September 15th. The music video for the romantic number features Anjali and Umar as lovers on screen.

Anjali and Omar’s chemistry in this music video received praise from netizens. The song has been viewed more than 46 million times on YouTube so far. One contributor wrote, “You’ve taken the love of college to a whole new level.” Another said, “That’s what I call a complete overhaul. It is a beautifully reproduced song without damaging the essence of the original song. Umar and Anjali’s on-screen presence and chemistry make this song a hit.

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