Latest Link of Full Video Viral Megan Thee Stallion D.A. Goes Looking For Bodyguard To Testify In Tory Lanez Trial

Latest Link of Full Video Viral Megan Thee Stallion D.A. Goes Looking For Bodyguard To Testify In Tory Lanez – Real Link To Full Viral Video Megan Thee Stallion D.A. He’s looking for a bodyguard to testify at Tory Lanez’s trial. Defense attorney Megan U Horse was apparently absent after the rapper and his former collaborator recently clashed with Moderate Lanez. As TMZ points out, hitmaker Justin Edison tended to miss it, but no records of missing singles have been opened by the LAPD.
Addison remains the lead in the situation and is believed to have key information that could help determine whether 30-year-old single singer Megan Moderit Lanz is to blame for the appalling acting approach. Lanez has been battling a scandal for molesting Megan at Kylie Jenner’s pool party in 2020.

Rapper Body, 27, was shot in the leg by Lanez after leaving Jenner’s house with Megan’s partner, Kelsey Harris. Megan U’s horse guard Justin Edison went missing after the rapper and his partner recently asked to face Moderate Lanez. Edison is missing, but LAPD hasn’t opened a log of missing social events, TMZ says

Megan’s legal adviser, Alex Shapiro, explained: “Recently, we discovered that Justin Edison disappeared below the cautious tipping point at the start of his business. The LAPD is currently investigating and responding to his disappearance. Any information on his whereabouts.

The Shadow Room was the first to break the news of Addison’s vaporization, and the connection soon finds out that his legal assistant hasn’t heard from him since Thursday, as revealed by an insider. The source also says that Megan’s guardian is missing and has some monster information about the case.

Addison thought of a primer when she received an impromptu text from Meghan’s most basic aide after the shooting, Kelsey Harris. “help.” Harris shot at Addison. “Average Magnetic Shot”.

After those two messages, Harris sent a third and final message, “911.”

Megan’s attorney, Alex Shapiro, has welcomed information about her whereabouts, suggesting Los Angeles is conducting a small investigation into her disappearance.

Edison had big thoughts after filming when he received the lyrics from Megan’s key collaborator, Kelsey Harris. The search for Edison is vital as his court appearance could help solve the damning warrant recently issued to Kelsey Harris.
The day after Megan Yuhors testified that Lance shot her in the leg, Harris told her colleagues on Wednesday that she expected Lance to shoot her. But when experts pointed out that ex-partner Lance said exactly the same thing in his statement, he invoked the Fifth Amendment that gave him the right to remain silent.

He said it would be “ridiculous” to think that Harris pulled the trigger himself and shot Megan U Hose in the leg. “How much strength do you need to support this claim?” »

To explain Harris’ inability to figure out what happened, Lance stands perhaps 20 feet on the field. Shade Room first spread the word about Addison’s vaping.

As insiders revealed, the coalition finally revealed that the deputy minister had not heard from him since Thursday. The source is also certain that it contains important information regarding Megan’s lost shield.

Megan U Horse prop Kelsey Harris (Imagine) did whatever it took to really tune it, so Lenz shot her before chasing the performer in the leg. The rapper attended court in a purple power suit this week

“I can’t muster the energy in my heart, but I don’t want to be here,” Harris said.

However, Judge David Hereford ordered Harris “detained” after hearing confirmation from right-hander Alex Butt that he did not want Harris brought up for what he said on the witness stand. Dressed in a tan shirt and a frosted turtleneck, Lance pursued Megan with an ideal amount of guns on Wednesday outside Midtown Criminal Court in Los Angeles, and relentlessly grabbed the gun hidden in his car.

He could have spent up to 12 years in prison for both counts. Last week, the Los Angeles District Attorney added another heinous conduct warrant. Gross negligence firearms transfer – For example, a Canadian celebrity with an identifiable name, Daystar, was sentenced to an additional six years in prison regardless of the actual offense.
He denied the third charge. During a full day of trial on Tuesday, Meghan told a jury of eight women and four men that she and Lance had a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s home on July 12, 2020 – pictured as a shielded bystander – and About the Hollywood trend with extra Megan. / Harris’s best friend when a fight breaks out in his SUV.

Megan — real name Megan Peet — encouraged Lenz’s driver to stop and exit the vehicle — where she said Lenz yelled “dance b****” and shot and killed her on multiple occasions. She legs because she really needed them. Action. Photo of Megan You Horse sharing major leg problems right after being attacked by Moderate Lanez

Moderate Lanes went to Los Angeles Inevitable Court on Wednesday.

Lanez imagined leaving the courtroom with a baby in his arms — two days in a row.

He persuaded Lanez to give him and Harris $1 million in this way to settle the matter.

Lannes, who was released on $350,000 bail, later apologized for missing the timing of the shooting. On the other hand, his safety pack indicated that it was Harris, not Lenz, who served the shot.

In court on Wednesday, a sloppily dressed Harris called the allegation that he shot Meghan “ridiculous”. Anyway, he admitted he and Megan had a fight after the pool in the SUV over his opposition to Lanez’s stunning observation: “I don’t want to be here today.” My name was thrown – Megan’s lie. i will not be there “She (Megan) took pictures that I sold her that I was a horrible guy… that I took standard money.”

Harris told the jury of seven women and five men — another will address one of the upright people in the crowd on Wednesday — that she and Lanez were “more than colleagues” before returning to her old Texas neighborhood and that his family remained there . . The Covid crisis. In any case, by the time he returned to Los Angeles, Lenz’s relationship with Meghan had become close, the court heard.

“Meghan was stoned,” Harris said at a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house in July 2020. “His method of managing his acting has come to an end. he has a good laugh

With Lentz’s Gatekeeper pack, it’s good that it was Harris who called the shot, not Lentz.

At a pool party at Kaily Jenner’s house in July 2020, “Megan is laid back,” Harris said. “His way of handling the game is overrated. He laughed a lot. Ultimately, he added, “the medium can’t avoid being restrained, and adds energy to Kylie.”

Ta was asked what happened when Harris, Meghan and Lanz drove off in their SUV, and Harris replied, “I’ll answer that.”

When Judge Hereford said, “Okay,” he said, “Meghan speaks. There’s been too much swapping and swapping between me and Meghan and to give two or three models to moderate.” When Moderat explored his sexual relationship with Megan, Harris told Megan “don’t focus on him…”. why are you talking to her? I’m curious, I have no idea what’s going on. Harris said she and Megan argued about her relationship with Lanez and her “poor form.”

Megan and Moderate were whipping each other. He started pursuing Moderate’s business as an informed authority. Everyone interrupted each other.

Harris told jurors he “didn’t remember” seeing Lanez kick Meghan. “I hardly know anything about what I saw – it was a shadow,” he said.

DDA Ta reminded Harris that last September, during a meeting with the police, she had said she saw Lenz “shoot through the car window… He pulled out all the stops, but Megan was sad about it.” became. She replied: “I don’t remember everything I told you in September.” “I said some things that weren’t right.”

Lenz faces jail time whenever she feels vulnerable after the 2020 shootings.

She stressed when TA came forward with the question to Harris, “Did you see what happened during the shooting?” Harris replied, “No, no.”

Also, when Ta helped her evaluate her September 2022 party with the DA and the police, she said she saw Lenz chasing Meghan, but Harris said, “That In a friendly event, I wasn’t 100% right.” Sake night. I can’t really appreciate that.

“Did you shoot Megan?” Ta asked. She replied, “No.” “Who shot Megan? Ta so, tending to. “All I heard was gunshots,” Harris said. I had no idea who was shooting.

“Did you say in that September interview that moderates were sincerely after you after the shooting?” Your question. Harris replied. Mr. Ta, enraged by Harris’s confusing answers and the case he couldn’t remember, said, “What’s going on today… In September, you provided a lot of (shooting) related materials, but today everything is confusing.” you.

“What happened between September and today?

Harris kept an eye on how much stress she was under, the death of her family, having a baby, and how she “wish I wasn’t here” in court Wednesday.

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