[2022] Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest At The Beach Guide

[2022] Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest At The Beach Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation video game that allows players to live alongside their favorite Disney characters. The most popular old school mascots like Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck are in the game along with the newest characters like Moana, Elsa and Wall-E.

Very early on in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, players meet Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck’s uncle, who lures them into a capitalist search engine. Helping Scrooge is a very important task in the early stages of the game and players will want to build a friendship with him in order to get as many free items as possible.

[2022] Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest At The Beach Guide

[2022] Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest At The Beach Guide

An important quest related to Scrooge is called The Treasure Hunt, which players receive later in the game. This Disney Dreamlight Valley guide will help players simplify this task and find those hard-to-find markers.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Treasure Hunt Quest Guide

Friendship is a major mechanic in Disney Dreamlight Valley as players complete activities, give gifts, spend time, and help various Disney characters on quests. By going through different friendship levels from 1 to 10, each character gives you different rewards and allows you to get more bonus gifts from NPCs.

Upon reaching friendship level 8 with Scrooge McDuck, players will receive the Treasure Hunt quest. At the start of this quest, Scrooge will show you three locations in Dreamlight Valley and give you a coin that turns into a memory. Billionaire Duck is sure that finding these locations will lead players to the treasure.

The hard part here is finding the locations yourself because there is no other way to know where to go than to remember.

The first location players should check is the Glade of Confidence in Dinsey Dreamlight Valley, located in the southwest corner of the map next to the beach. You need 5000 Dreamlights to unlock this area. If you haven’t already, it’s best to level up as many Dreamlights as possible.

Something Is Wrong With Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Mickey Mouse

Inside the Trust Glade, go across the pond to the north area. Near the southeast edge of the pool, players will see a large tree and a shiny speck. You need to dig here to get the first map piece.

For the next step, located in the westernmost part of Peaceful Meadow, go to Merlin’s Residence. Once inside, go to the table in front of the bookshelves and you’ll see a paper trail on the floor in front of it. Pick it up to get the second map piece.

The third and final location players should visit is Dazzle Beach. Unlocking this area requires 1000 Dreamlight, although by this point you may already have unlocked the area. If you enter the beach through the east entrance of Peaceful Meadow, the dig site will be right in front of you once you step onto the sandy area. Dig here to get the last piece of the map.

[2022] Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest At The Beach Guide

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Where Is The Fishing Rod, Pickaxe, Shovel, And Watering Can In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Return to Scrooge McDuck with all the map pieces and he will be surprised that the player didn’t find any treasure. Despite his disappointment, he tells you to go through the map pieces and asks you to come back later, which ends this quest.

If you found this guide helpful, please follow this section for Disney Dreamlight Valley news and information. Leave a comment about what guides or walkthroughs you would like to see in the future. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new game from Gameloft that lets you build a life surrounded by your favorite Disney characters. The game is an Animal Crossing-like experience, and good news for non-Nintendo owners as it’s available on multiple platforms.

At Disney Dreamlight Valley you will spend time with many characters from Disney’s wide range of films, animated series and short films. Building a friendship with each character is one of the main elements of the game, for which the player is rewarded in a unique way.

One character not to be missed is Scrooge McDuck, Disney’s own billionaire who has a habit of swimming in his vast fortune. To get the best out of Scrooge (which can be tricky because he’s such a badass), read on as this guide explains everything you need to know about him.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Making Cents Of Things Quest Guide

Scrooge is one of the first characters you meet when you first enter the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley. He is in the Plaza area near the Dreamlight Fountain, among the ruins of his shop and surrounded by Nightthorns. After you talk to him, he will explain his sad condition.

You see, poor Scrooge lost his business because of the plot element of the game, oblivion. He intends to reopen his shop and needs your help to do so, mentioning that once his shop is open you can buy various items from him to decorate your home.

Here it is revealed that Scrooge is the Tom Nook of Disney Dreamlight Valley. In his shop you can get all the cool Disney gear to add a special touch to your home and you have to pay a hefty sum to get it out of Scrooge’s hands.

[2022] Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest At The Beach Guide

In order to renovate Scrooge’s shop, you need Star Coins, the in-game currency in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While players can earn Star Coins fairly easily through simple actions in the open world, Goofy’s Shop is the best way to get them.

How To Get Scrooge Mcduck In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scrooge knows this too, so he instructs you to find Goofy and help him with his situation. Before looking for Goofy, you should pick up the item Royal Pickaxe near Scrooge’s broken shop, which will come in handy in the next area.

On your way to Goofy’s, you’ll want to eliminate as many Night Thorns as possible, as you’ll also get some Star Coins by destroying them.

The remaining tasks require going through several loops, which are described in the following steps:

Goofy is in the beach house, down the stairs from Scrooge. If you’re having trouble finding him, you can see him on the map from where you can pin him to show a path to his house. You must use the royal pickaxe to break the rocks blocking the path.

The Ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide

Goofy gives you a royal fishing pole (which you can use to catch fish) and asks you to repair his tent. This is one of the many facilities that Scrooge’s vast fortune allows you to repair and restore to their best condition. A Scrooge McDuck unlock sign will be posted in front of such facilities.

After Scrooge lets you fix Goofy’s booth for free, presumably because it’s profitable in the long run, he asks you to collect 1000 Star Coins to fix his shop. As said, there are multiple ways to find these coins in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but Goofy’s Shop is the quickest way to do it.

Use his Fishing Rod to collect some fish, then sell them to Goofy, who will pay you Star Coins in return. Each type of fish has a different value; Bream sells for 600 Star Coins, Rainbow Trout for 50 Star Coins, and Bass for 25 Star Coins.

[2022] Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge Mcduck’s Locked Chest At The Beach Guide

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Finally, after collecting 1000 Star Coins, you can return to Scrooge, who will kindly take your hard-earned cash and use it to open his shop. He gives you a generous 400 Star Coins and invites you to use the money he gives you to buy anything you would like to decorate your Disney Dreamlight Valley home.

The store’s inventory changes daily and is filled with items dedicated to various Disney properties. You can upgrade the shop to increase its stock and look for freebies behind the left staircase.

As mentioned above, you can start a friendship with any NPC in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and if you’ve already opened Scrooge’s shop, you’ve already started doing that. Friendship comes in the form of a level system that increases every time you complete a task for them and give them gifts.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Review

Friendship with Scrooge is already level 1 when you open his shop. There are a total of 10 levels for each NPC friendship and each has a different reward. Here are all the rewards you can get from Scrooge by strengthening your friendship with him.

This was a guide to looking at Scrooge McDuck’s early quest and the rewards of his friendship. I hope you find this guide helpful

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