Valkyrie Elysium: How to Upgrade Skills | Skill Tree Guide

On September 29, Valkyrie Elysium will launch for PlayStation 4 and 5. On the other hand, it will launch on Steam for PC on November 11.

Every time you finish a mission in this RPG, which can be compared to Devil May Cry, you will get a rank or score. We’ll show you how to get an S rank when completing a mission.

How to classify missions in Valkyrie Elysium

The Valkyrie Elysium demo was made available on PlayStation 4 and 5 on September 15 last year. You will get a taste of the gameplay of the game in the demo, especially the combat. Combos are a key element of the game’s combat, which also includes using Diving Arts and summoning Einherjar.

Every move you make will have an effect on the rank you get when completing a mission.

Get S rank in missions

You should keep some factors in mind when completing the task. You lose 1 point for every second the mission lasts. Each item you use will result in a 150 point deduction. For every hit point lost when you take damage from an enemy, you lose a point. When you die, you will lose 1500 points.

You will get a bonus of 25 points when you use Divine Art. You earn points for summoning an Einherjar. You get 100 points for performing a technical defense. You get 10 points for every kill. You get 5 points for every hit in the longest combo chain.

Here are some tips and tricks for getting an S rank:

Always check the collection list for the weapon that works best against your enemy as well as the weakness of its items so you can constantly switch between your weapon and item when engaging enemies and speed up your run.

To deal more damage, upgrade your weapons. Upgrade your abilities to the latest version at all times.

You may rush to the boss if eliminating your enemies is not necessary to complete the objective quickly.

Use the divine art regularly. When you are fighting a boss, use as much combo as possible and do your best to avoid breaking the combo.

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