Pixel Demolish 1.3.2 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money] Download

Pixel Demolish MOD APK is an arcade game inspired by the process of destroying blocks of different shapes on the screen. All you have to do is simply place the right weapons and techniques to smash things and earn rewards. Lots of levels of increasing difficulty are waiting for you to explore, don’t miss it.

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Introducing Pixel Demolish

Pixel Demolish – pixel block destruction arcade game

If you are looking for a game that brings you extreme relaxation and fun, then Pixel Demolish will be the right choice for you. This is a popular arcade game from Dalak Games Publishing. The player’s only goal is to destroy blocks of different shapes to collect as many gold coins as possible.

New levels are constantly appearing with increasing difficulty, you also need a little arithmetic to be able to beat and speed up the completion. The special thing is that all the images on the screen are designed with a unique pixel style that will surely make you feel exciting. You should try to download this game through Google Play or on the APK link below to play it right away.

Destroy all pixel blocks

It’s not hard to get used to how Pixel Demolish works for the first time. Accordingly, players only need to observe the constantly moving blocks from above and place the towers with the goal of destroying them as quickly as possible. At each stage, players will be provided with different items and strategies for destroying blocks.

Of course, you need to carefully refer to the information about each weapon and put them in the appropriate position to improve effectiveness. The more pixel blocks you destroy, the more gold coins you will receive. Use this money to reinvest in your arsenal and make the next levels simpler. Don’t be too selfish, because the difficulty in the next levels is increasing.

Various weapons to use

Weapons play a crucial role in the player’s efficiency in destroying pixel blocks in Pixel Demolish. Each weapon has a different effect on blocks, so you have to learn to use each type to make the most accurate decision. For example, rotating blades cut blocks, and the speed of their rotation affects the efficiency of mass destruction. Therefore, you need to find a suitable position so that they can constantly rotate to destroy the block. In addition, the laser beam provides mass destruction power with higher efficiency.

Powerful lasers can penetrate blocks, but in turn, they can cause damage to collaterals. Or you can also use hand weapons to destroy blocks. They have a simple use and a relatively limited scope. In general, these are the original tools that help you effectively control the levels. Gradually, you can unlock more weapons as you progress to the next levels.

Choose the right promotions

There are many options to help players upgrade the power of their weapons in Pixel Demolish. The gold gained from destroying blocks will help you unlock various upgrades that appear on the screen. Here is information on some of the upgrades available in the game that you should be concerned about:

  • Increased saw blade damage: As the name suggests, this upgrade will increase the damage dealt to saw blades to help them break through large pixel blocks.
  • Increased laser beam: When you perform this upgrade, the number of laser beams will be increased exponentially to destroy more blocks at once.
  • Faster Pixel Deployment: This upgrade will make the drop rate of pixel blocks noticeably faster. You should react faster if you do not want to lose, but in return, the number of bonuses will increase upon completion.

Besides the popular upgrades mentioned above, this game also offers many other upgrades like cannon damage percentage and radius, swing speed saw, pixel damage increase, and tower size increase.

The graphics are simple but very attractive

The graphic design of Pixel Demolish has a bit of minimalism with a variety of colors. You will immediately see the familiar pixelated detail appear on the screen. Moreover, the pixel block destruction effect is also well exploited which will surely make you feel thrilled. In addition, the sound system in the game is specially configured to match the main theme. Therefore, the sounds emitted during the process of mass destruction will bring a certain sense of relaxation.

How to install Pixel Demolish

Step 1: Download the APK version of Pixel Demolish at

Step 2: Go to Settings on your mobile device and enable Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Open the Pixel file. Click Install.

Step 4: Wait a minute for the game to finish loading, then open it and enjoy it on your mobile phone.

Download Pixel Demolish MOD APK For Android

Pixel Demolish can entertain you at many different times of the day. There is no need for a lot of manipulations and special skills in this game. Just focus on the process of placing the weapons in the right position to destroy the entire pixel block on the screen. Believe me, the constant process of breaking blocks and earning coins will make you unable to take your eyes off this game.

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