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While some evidence might claim that Primordy oil can only be found in one location (within Ember Valley), this is not the case.

Keep an eye out for the heater jets of black goop, you can find Primordy oil inside Ember Valley And the Starlight Strand.

However, there are specific things to note that will help you locate the precious oil more easily, along with one “hot spot” in Ember Valley that many players seem to have had success with. We’ll go over all the details in our Primordy Oil site guide.

As always, with any “resource” in Slime Rancher 2 that requires the use of a VacPack, you’ll want to make sure you get the Resource Harvester upgrade. You’ll also have to get into the Ember Valley area if you don’t already have one.

Primordy Oil Website Guide for Slime Rancher 2

While geyser-like Primordy oil deposits can be found anywhere within the above two regions, they are less common than similar deep brine, and your best bet for locating oil is Ember Valley.

More specifically, the caves on the southern side of the Ember Valley appear to be fruitful, along with the northern region.

One of the cave sites where Puddle Slimes are found in abundance appears to have several oil geysers. To get to this location, head to the southern part of Ember Valley, and find an area filled with Angler Slimes. From here, use the heater in the area with the waterfall to be brought to the edge of the highest slope.

After you make it to the ledge, look behind the waterfall for another ledge that leads to the cave. Once you enter the cave, locate another geyser, which will help you reach some stone statues. Follow the path to the right, to a new area filled with Water, Puddle Slimes, and Primordy Oil.

You’ll always want to keep an eye out for areas with big fires – you’ll also find Lava Dust within these areas. Primordy Oil is a bit like Lava Dust, but you’re looking for black, sticky-like heaters inside that contain lava shards.

Once you find a spot with a black spring, use your VacPack on it to get Primordy’s oil out of the wet liquid.

Once you have your Primordy Oil, just go ahead and deposit it in the refinery to use with your other Slime Science resources at a later time.

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