Super Sus Mod APK (High Speed/God Mode/Menu)

Super Sus is an online multiplayer game that combines elements of betrayal and teamwork. You play as a survivor who has to save a spacecraft from an enemy crew, which consists of individuals who either pretend to be others or are actually trying to kill everyone around you. Use your social skills and deception to find traitors among the crew. It’s all download between us


Many authors try to reproduce a good idea in the game industry in order to develop it into a better product. For Super Sus, the creators took the concept and implemented it in their own way, which resulted in a huge amount of downloads.

The ideological inspiration of the original

In addition to the usual multiplayer mode, Super Sus also has various entertainment options. This includes a ranked multiplayer that allows players from all over the world to compete against each other.

Enhanced game mechanics

The developers of Super Sus have taken into account the feedback of their colleagues in order to create a better version of the game. At first, it looks very promising, since the creators managed to improve the graphic component of the game. Despite this, they did not change the mechanics of the gameplay. Instead, they focused on making the game more focused on multiplayer.

Despite criticism from fans of the original game, Super Sus is still considered an improved version of the game. This is because the developers were able to make the game more focused on multiplayer.

play with friends

The game allows players to communicate with each other in real time. They can also manage the situation by bringing traitors to clean water or interacting with interesting individuals. With the help of friends, you can make new friends and challenge the best players in the world.

MOD Features

Super Sus mode for Android allows players to customize the game by choosing different options. Some of these include high speed, god mode, and rating.

The main feature of the game is the ability to determine whether the person who killed him was a murderer or an innocent civilian. In the event that the person killed by an astronaut is an ordinary one, the game will continue.

MOD test

The main idea of ​​Super Sus is similar to Mafia 3. It is about a group of astronauts who are stranded on a spaceship and need to fix various problems that the ship is facing. The list of tasks that players can complete is displayed on the screen. However, one of the astronauts is a traitor and has to prevent the other crew members from achieving their goals.

The gameplay in Super Sus is similar to that of Mafia 3. It revolves around the simple tasks that an ordinary astronaut can perform. However, if he or she breaks up with the group, they may end up in a vulnerable position. If an astronaut dies, other players cannot tell who the killer is.

Our summary

Super Sus is a great game for companies that want to create a fun and competitive environment. It allows players to easily play with their friends. We believe that this version of the mafia is a modern version of the genre.

Download Super Sus Mod APK (High Speed ​​/ God Mode / Menu)

1. New map: KRAKENBURG – Double the deck, double the fun!
– New underwater map is here! 2 floors + 5 elevators + new tasks
2. New Job: Your Fake Role
– To combat the meta-identification of the role of the drop, your “fake role” is added to the ALL ROLES game mode
3. Global Account System: Link with your official PI ID, and never lose your account again!
– Use your email to link to the game account, and sign in with email verification
4. Other bug fixes and optimization

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