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There are a lot of anime shows that you can enjoy today that are all about fighting. These are called Shonen and they are the most popular offers today as there are so many available. If you have watched the shows before, you must know these famous anime shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece and Bleach. This is the most influential anime of the past decades. If you want to enjoy a game with all these characters, download Super Stick Fight All Star today.

Super Stick Fight All Stars mod apk

This game is published by Onegame Global and it is one of the most popular game today. In this game, you will get to know a lot of characters from the most famous Shonen cartoon show in history. With this, you can enjoy a whole new story full of twists and evil characters. A demonic group is responsible for bringing villains from different universes into the world. You must fight and unlock many modes and characters today!

Epic Stickman fighting game

When we look at the anime, we’ve seen some amazing performances over the past years. There are a lot of fun fights, action scenes that took place, and many great stories. Over the years, many shows have been given until today and we can have a lot of fun today. In Super Stick Fight All Star you can enjoy familiar faces and skills as you fight against the bad guys who take over the world! In this game, you can enjoy a variety of fighting styles and styles today.

super stick fight all star apk latest version

There are many fighting games today but we cannot deny that the fighting shows from the anime are one of the best. These games include our favorite anime characters and the skills we see in their battles. More than that, we’d love to see heroes’ victory over evil more than anything else. In Super Stick Fight All Star you can enjoy a lot of anime shows today in one fighting app! This mode allows you to enjoy a rich story along with a lot of other modes.

There is also the corresponding mode, survival challenge, PVP mode, training mode, and much more.

Features of Super Stick Fight All Star

There are a lot of amazing battles that have been added in the history of anime over the past decades. In Super Stick Fight All Star you can enjoy a new fighting game.

super stick fight all star apk free download

Exciting fighting game – Fighting is something we see all the time in movies and shows that have become normal. In the real world, you can’t fight anyone unless it’s a competition or your job. But no matter what, it’s always great to see it in movies and cartoon shows. Today, you can enjoy fighting to your heart’s content in Super Stick Fight All Star! This is a stickman fighting game that contains all the famous Shonen anime so far.

Here, you can unlock many characters from different programs like Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, One Punch Man and many more. Today, you have a chance to fight against many other characters in Story Mode and enjoy different skills. Here, you can enjoy more than 300 unique skills from different characters today that you can master. You can also upgrade your heroes to face powerful enemies today!

Download Super stick fight all star game for Android

Unlock 142 Heroes – What makes this game so amazing is that we have been able to unlock more than 142 heroes! These include Naruto, Sasuke, Luffy, Majinbu, Argon, Goku and many other famous characters. Here, the names are a little different but you can clearly identify them even if they don’t have faces. These Rebels have unique battle powers, level, rank, HP, attack, speed and energy. You can also enjoy unique skills from them. Most importantly, you can level up your characters so you can make them even more powerful. You can develop them today so that they can show their amazing strength.

Fun game modes – There are many ways to play to enjoy here. The main thing, Story Mode, is the fun to play. Here, you will play in many chapters and a set of levels in each of them. There are fun surprises along the way that you will enjoy. Next, there is Versus Mode where you can try to play against other characters. There is also a survival challenge which is similar to a battle royale and a training mode.

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Diverse fighting skills Here, you can enjoy various fighting skills of each character. Enjoy different skills today like Dragon Sword, X beam, Thunder Flash, Roar of the God and many more! Unleash your power today.

PVP mode – You can also enjoy PVP mode where you can fight with real players. Challenge them and experience the best combat system ever.

Super Stick Fight All Star Mod APK – Latest Version

Enjoy the extensive character system and fun battles today! Download Super Stick Fight All Star now.

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