Slime Rancher 2: Where to Find Crystal Slime Locations Guide

Crystal Slimes are cousins ​​to rock mud covered in shiny crystal spikes. These slimes are dangerous and are able to quickly kill the player with menacing crystals that spread the closer you get to them.

Before you venture out and willingly approach danger, here’s a site guide on where to find the treacherous Crystal Slimes.

How to find Crystal Slime in Slime Rancher 2

Crystal Slimes can be found in Ember Valley. Although, players have to be careful when crossing the area because it is full of dangerous terrain filled with lava and cliffs, so you better keep your jetpack and your wits as it is also full of dangerous stairs.

As mentioned earlier, crystal mud is dangerous and can be found in multiple places in Ember Valley, not just in one. It is easily identifiable by the distinctive blue crystal spikes that cover its sticky body.

Players should proceed with caution when approaching Crystal Slimes. It can produce harmful crystals on the ground as it jumps in the air into a spiky ball and can hastily form more dangerous crystals once the player is excited. However, crystal production can be temporarily invalidated for 20 seconds Water or ancient water and music box It can greatly reduce their fussiness, so be sure to keep some with you to confront them.

Crystal slimes are picky eaters. They follow a strict vegetarian diet strange onion As their favorite vegetable option.

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