Slime Rancher 2: How to Get All Slime Science Resources

There are a lot of scientific resources in Slime Rancher 2 and you need them all throughout the game, to create the perfect haven for your slime.

Here’s how to find them and harvest all the slime science resources.

How to get all slime science resources in Slime Rancher 2

Most importantly you will need to have a file resource harvester, The most important element in the game, and you can upgrade it. Next, you will need to get a file Jetpack that you will need radioactive ore.

Radioactive ore is found pretty much everywhere in the Ember Valley or the Starlight Strand. The white areas on the map are rock formations with some type of walls, follow that and you’ll find radioactive ore on the edges that look like little cubes. Use the vacuum and you will get radioactive ore.

jellystone And the deep saline solution They are only found in rainbow fields. Like a radioactive ore, jelly stone is found along the natural rock formation and inside caves. Go along the boulders and you’ll find small outlined boulders with purple orbs on top that are jelly.

On the edges of the rainbow fields you can find a deep brine found in the sands of pool areas with a coral shell. It looks like a blue umbrella waterfall that comes from the ground.

How to get silk sand, wild honey, buzz wax, primeval oil and lava dust

silk sand It is available in the Ember valley and Starlight strand in intertidal scrub and sandy areas only. It is located mostly on the north side of the Starlight Strand next to the small island, with a small area in Ember Valley.

wild honey And the buzz wax Basically the same, they are only in one area in the central area of ​​Starlight Strand, you can find a lot of slime honey down to the teleporter in the middle around the water area, you can find a lot of wild honey and buzz wax.

Other Earth Resources Primordial oil and lava dust.

Primordy oil is mostly found in Ember Valley in the coral corners area where you can find a few active nodes where you can harvest it.

Lava Dust is also only found in Ember Valley, in the lava region. Just follow the lava stream and when you see a black and orange canopy type waterfall from the ground, it means there is lava dust.

How to get exotic diamonds

The rarest resource in the game strange diamonds, very rarely, and breeds anywhere in caves and tunnels. Finding it takes time, and the most common place is a tunnel on the Starlight Strand where you can find up to two or three diamonds in less than an hour.

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