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Knights have been consistently portrayed as some of the strongest characters in all of the shows and movies I’ve watched. These are not exaggerations because knights have historically been trained to be champions.

No one will be surprised if you once dreamed of becoming a knight – putting on your shining armor and carrying a powerful weapon. Well, with Knighthood APK, you will get a rare chance to live that dream and go on a great journey! You will finally get the experience of being a trained knight and becoming the bravest and most famous knight in this virtual world.

Enjoy this action packed RPG!

The heart of Knighthood’s gameplay is your training to become the best Rage Knight. To achieve this, the game is filled with action-packed quests and battles where you can hone your skills and collect previous rewards along the way.

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You will start the game by interacting with your “mentor and mentor” named Sir Drakeson, who will largely tell you the basics of the game through a speech bubble at the top of the screen. You’ll notice that he’s actually wearing some pretty good looking armor and a gauntlet, which are the hallmarks of a true knight. Don’t worry, you will get your challenge right away once you complete the first mission in the game.

The game combines action packed fighting rounds within missions, which is wise. This means that you will enjoy the best side of being a knight even when you just start playing Knighthood APK.

There is a vast world to conquer

Knighthood’s complete gameplay map consists of five regions. You will start in Astellan, which has 12 main locations that you will unlock one by one by completing missions. Get ready to fight orcs, outlaws and wild animals like red-eyed pigs and giant bears here.

The other four regions are Highgard, Mirefen, White Peak, and Realm of Fire that you’ll unlock in that order. All in all, these maps will give you 100 missions to complete. Each mission has two to three rounds of fighting that you have to win to move forward.

You will never get bored of completing the Knighthood campaign. Each area is designed with unique terrain and will introduce new types of enemies. Soon you will face more skilled enemies like militias and even surviving warriors.

Extensive customizations, upgrades, and heroes

At the start of your Knighthood journey, you will be greeted with amazing options to customize your character. You can choose a knight or a female, your complexion, your hair color, your hairstyle, and even accessories like face earrings.


As you advance in the game, the customizations become more focused on making yourself a better fighter. Winning missions will reward you with coins and other important items to upgrade your skills and wardrobe.

Winning tougher challenges will provide you with weapons, pieces of armor for your body, arms, legs, and helmet. Mission rewards sometimes include a higher level armor, which is important for keeping your health protected during battles. If you urgently need to upgrade, you can buy these items from a merchant using the coins you collect from higher levels, win quests, and unlock loot chests.

Game Tips You need to be a fury knight full of undertakings

Part of the fun of playing Knighthood is the elaborate gameplay that really affects how your character develops. With that said, you may want to absorb these tips before beginning your Astellan trip.

Tasks, tasks and tasks: Yes, all the things that you will do in this game are related to the missions or part of them. Fortunately, you will never run out of these activities. Check the missions button in the upper right corner of the game’s main menu screen to find all the active missions.

Apart from the campaign missions, side missions are spread out in every region and you will also have access to daily missions. This is basically the only way to level up and collect all kinds of rewards for free.


Use your heroes wisely: You will not go through this journey alone because you will unlock the heroes as you progress. You can summon them during battles and take advantage of their unique and powerful attacks. Heroes are categorized into:

  • scarcity– Common, Epic, Legendary, Rare, and Unique
  • alignment– hero, anarchist, dark, sacred, legal, logical, obsessed, dissident, rebel, and mutable
  • Season– Alchemist, hunter, magician, trickster, and warrior

Each hero has a base strength and based on these factors, some of them are best used for certain types of enemies. You can choose two heroes to use in each fight, so make your best choices depending on their skills and the type of enemies you will face.

More heroes can be unlocked by collecting loot chests. The latest version of Knighthood APK contains more than 50 heroes. Of course, the rarest ones take time to unlock. Meanwhile, your unlocked heroes will level up with you. So keep collecting those XPs!

Protect your health and armor level: You can check it out during battles in the upper left corner of the screen. Enemies with weapons (such as outlaws and orcs) will target your shields because your health will remain intact as long as your shield is intact.

Once you have finished using your shields, you will see that your health level has decreased and it may lead to your defeat. This shows how important it is to have the best available armor. On the other hand, your maximum health increases every time you level up.

Download Knight for Android

Always visit the merchant: Whenever possible, visit the merchant and see that they sell – they usually have the items you need to upgrade your equipment and weapon. The question is, do you have enough coins to buy from? If you don’t, you can buy coins from the in-game store with Gems – Knighthood’s premium in-game currency.

The loot chests are the first prizes: As in any game, loot chests are rich sources of Knighthood’s best rewards. You can win it by completing quests, leveling up or opening a new area. However, rare items are not guaranteed all the time.

You have the option to buy rare loot chests with gems. However, don’t expect to collect enough gems to get the loot chest you want unless you buy them with real money.

Knighthood Mod APK – Multiplayer DMG

Yes, it is always a concern when you find out that the best things are not even free in the mobile game. The good news is that you can now access Knighthood mod APK free download which will give you unlimited role. So go ahead and let nothing stop you from completing your epic journey, Rage Knight!

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