INKS 2.3 APK + MOD [Paid/Patcher] Download for Android

INKS MOD APK is a very artistic arcade game inspired by the gameplay of the popular pinball game. Players will have the opportunity to participate in unique arcade levels with many different challenges awaiting. Your task is to create works of art by adjusting the strength and direction of the ball on the screen.

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Show about the inks

INKS – The game has high-art pinball-like gameplay

INKS is a mixture of elements of art and pop culture where players will have the opportunity to interact with the way pinball works but is more artistic. More specifically, you can easily create your own unique artwork with just clicks and swipes.

The colorful squares exploding on screen has also been meticulously developed by publisher Noodlecake. As a result, you will feel as if you are contributing to the creation of colorful images on the screen. This game is currently on sale for about $2.99 ​​per download via Google Play. You can save this money by downloading the APK version at the bottom of this article.

Play closely with pinball

If you have enjoyed pinball games in the gaming market before, INKS is really easy to get used to. More specifically, the player will still have the task of controlling the ball to score a lot of points and proceed to the next screen. The player’s task is to hit all the colored targets that appear on the screen. To get the maximum score, you need to hit the ball for a limited number of turns with the aim of getting an extra gold star.

On the contrary, if you hit incorrectly several times, the score will be gradually deducted. The complexity of each level will also increase significantly to give players more interesting experiences. Constantly appearing obstacles will make it difficult for you to score points. This is the time when you need to stay calm to find the most accurate ball in the goal.

Different colored spots appear

This is also the factor that makes INKS stand out from other pinball games. Accordingly, the player has the opportunity to see broken paint after each hit on the target. The spots become larger the greater the force of the blow. This causes the ball to discolor the patches of paint and results in short or long streaks of paint. Thanks to it, players will feel as if they are creating unique works of art with simple pinball strikes. You can also rely on paint spots to guess the movement of the ball, and then gain experience for the next hits.

More than 100 levels of high difficulty

INKS requires players to think about each operation if they want to win. You cannot bounce the ball continuously every time you hit the club to complete the challenge in this game. The strategy is presented very precisely through the levels with increasing difficulty.

Usually, the contact area of ​​the ball table becomes narrower when there are many obstructions. So far, this game offers more than 100 different levels with high difficulty. You will need a lot of time if you want to overcome all the available challenges. Moreover, do not forget to share your achievements with your friends around to receive their likes.

Attractive visual effects with great sound

INKS is one of the few pinball-inspired games that has beautiful and artistic graphics throughout the experience. This game is a perfect combination of visual effects and soundtrack emitted when the screen is manipulated. Stunning visual effects appear through the levels with completely different layouts. Every frame in every level will surely make you admire what is displayed on the screen.

Moreover, this game does not integrate any background music that appears when the game is running. But in return, every time the ball hits objects or bounces off the sides of the table, there will be impromptu musical notes. Nice and melodious harmony will be created when the player continuously manipulates correctly. This will help you feel the attraction and excitement during the game.

How to install inks

Step 1: Visit MODDED-1.COM and search for the keyword “INKS”.

Step 2: Click the “Install” button displayed on the screen to proceed with the installation.

Step 3: After successful installation, login to the game by clicking on the icon displayed on the screen.

Note, you can contact us by commenting below on this article if you are having issues downloading and installing files.

Download INKS MOD APK for Android

It seems that the rather boring old idea will make INKS unable to get players’ attention. But the success of this game on the PC as well as the mobile version will definitely bring you a different view of it. Especially when you don’t need to focus too much on improving the score, just focus on the manipulation process and enjoy the visuals that this game brings.

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