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One of the easiest ways to quickly boost star coins in Disney’s Dreamlite Valley is, perhaps, unexpectedly, fishing.

If you are looking for one of the rare fish in the game – Fugu, we have the location details and when You will need to research to best improve your chances. Fugu hides in the depths of the ocean and only approaches the shore during thunderstorms.

Here’s a guide to How to Catch a Fugu Fish at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to catch Fugu fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will only be able to locate the Fugu Fish in the “Dazzle Beach Biome”. You will then have to make sure to look for spots of bubbles in the water, And the Wait for a thunderstorm to hit the village.

Dazzle Beach is actually one of the locations of the first area (biome) that you will explore in your game. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, you can do so by spending 1000 Dreamlights.

Once you notice an actual thunderstorm, not just rain, you should select a character that gives you the power to fish with a high level of friendship. When traveling to Dazzle Beach with them, if you succeed in catching any of the Fugu fish, accompanying them can help you double your booty.

Once you reach the Dazzle Beach Biome, start looking for bubble spots in the nearby waters. You can find them anywhere – including near sidewalks.

Given that the Fugu generation is random, you Can Grow it anywhere. However, many players report having better luck near central story locations, such as Goofy’s Stall.

If you sell Fugu to Goofy, you will get a cool 900 star coin for each fish. Alternatively, there are two recipes that call for Fugu: Fugu Sushi and Steamed Fugu.

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