Genshin Impact: Dar al-Shifa Abandoned Hospital Lock Guide | Ancient Key Location

There are tons of secret items and locations that you can find during your adventures in Genshin Impact. This is especially true with the newer Sumeru region which features a huge desert area. One of the important points in this area is the Dar Al Shifa underground hospital.

In this area you can find an old key that you will use in an old locker. Let’s find out where you can find them in this guide.

Guide to locking the abandoned Dar Al Shifa Hospital | The old main site of Genshin Impact

Both items are part of Archon’s mission “Cry from Eleazar Hospital”. This will include a series of sub-quests that you need to complete in order to progress further. Eventually, you will come across a sub-request that prompts you to “go to the lower level of the hospital”.

This is when you need to head to Dar Al Shifa.

You can find this location a little southeast of Aru Village as shown in this photo:

Enter the building, turn right to find a hole in the ground. Go down the hole and follow the mission sign. Once you arrive, a short scene will be played. This will take you to the lower level of the hospital, where you can find the old key.

All you have to do is go back and check the glowing element on the floor. After you get the old key, you just have to go back to the room with the hatch on the floor. This time, instead of dropping the hole, you want to get closer to the old closet.

After that, you simply have to open the locker with the key. This will reveal something inside, and after a movie scene, you’ll also unlock the “Before My Time” feat.

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