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Jinshin effect It is an open world adventure game. Players will transform into a mysterious character, possess magical powers, and set out on an adventure in a vast virtual world. Besides, the developer has also added some extra details like cartoon-style characters and more gameplay.

Genshin Impact is a game developed by miHoYo. It is famous for many Japanese anime games on smartphones such as Guns Girlz and Honkai Impact 3. But perhaps Genshin Impact is best known for its slight resemblance to the game. It aligns with the Switch game, Breath of the Wild, and the fanaticism of Zelda fans at ChinaJoy. Initially, it was announced that the game would be released on PS4, iOS, Android, and PC.

The developer announced the launch of the game on the Nintendo Switch. The Genshin Impact scene is located in Tivat. It is a strange continent with seven magical elements converging. In Tivat, magic is a very familiar thing. And everyone can manipulate one or more magical items. In less than a month after release, Genshin Impact recorded nearly 30 million downloads with revenue in excess of $100 million USD. It deserves to be one of the best games of 2020.

general information

People consider Genshin Impact a milestone to end the dominance of mobile gaming under Tencent for more than four years. When talking about the mobile gaming sector, many people will immediately think of Tencent and the dominance of this gaming company in the global market. For many years, Tencent games like Honor of Kings or PUBG Mobile have consistently led the mobile game market in terms of revenue.

The last time a mobile game could usurp Tencent’s gaming dominance was Pokemon GO. It was released by Niantic in July 2016. And yet, after more than four years, there is a name that is doing it again. It’s Genshin Impact, the most exciting game in the world right now.

According to Forbes, Genshin Impact has earned $245 million USD (for mobile games only). This terrible revenue makes miHoYo products overtake Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile to top the global mobile game market in October. It is a milestone that ended the dominance of mobile gaming under the leadership of Tencent for the past four years.

With revenues of $245 million in its first month, Genshin Impact became the second successful mobile game in history after Pokemon GO with $283 million. Of course, the above numbers are just statistics on the mobile market. If we include the significant market shares on PC and console hardware, Genshin Impact has generated over $245 million USD. Up to this point, Genshin Impact can be confirmed to be a successful game. It’s the leading phenomenon in the gaming world in 2020. Will it last?

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How to play Genshin Impact?

The story begins with two close brothers, and an unexpected event happens. The two people must fight anonymously. A divided goddess pushes the lost player character into the mysterious world of Tivat. You will reincarnate as a main character in the story who moves away from the outside world to this continent. You will freely travel in this vast world, make friends, find the seven gods who hold the element until you meet your lost brother or sister.

Entering the vast world that Genshin Impact brings to players will turn into a betting adventure traveler, exploring with friends in a beautiful and vibrant world called Tivat. Players can choose a brother or brother character to take his journey. The game has an open world map. Therefore, players can freely explore every corner, full of fun that the game brings.

Players will explore this wonderful world by performing movements such as running, jumping, climbing, swimming or even flying in the air. The navigation buttons are arranged appropriately to help players easily manipulate them. Another thing is that next to you, there will be a beautiful Paimon. It is a soul mate that also supports you in the next challenging adventure.

In the beginning, the character controls are very simple and convenient because you only have one main character. But then, after new members are accepted, forming a group of four people to control individual selection is reasonable for each challenge. Each battle requires high skill and knowledge from the player to complete the assigned missions.

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Overall Ratings

On the first day of release, Genshin Impact had over 110,000 simultaneous viewers on Twitch. The iOS version of the game immediately rose to the second place in the Chinese App Store, after TikTok. According to Qimai Data, the iOS version alone brings in $1.84 million in revenue on the first day of release for developers. So what happened to a game that was nothing more than Japanese games at first glance? Since the release of the trailer, Genshin Impact has shown a world of animation such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild monument from Nintendo (Japan). This game is also a gacha game about a lucky hero.

In short, every factor shows that Genshin Impact is hard to win the hearts of Western players. The market, of course, does not like bloodsucking gacha games and does not like animation. But Genshin Impact has done something that everyone finds hard to believe that surprised the Western media. The foreign players did not regret the praise, the foreign players even burned their money in this game. Unlike among us, which is only popular when there is a famous streamer, Genshin Impact creates an impression and attracts players with its quintessential product. It is an attractive online game with attractive graphics, but most importantly a very modern design.

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Unlike Age of Wushu, Genshin Impact is not overly complex but deep enough to hold players off for a long time. The highlight of Genshin Impact is the large open world for players to explore in a unique control style of 4 characters, not at the same time. The number of characters may combine a similar system of attributes, tentatively called the Five Elements. Genshin Impact pushes the player into a combat system that must have certain accounts instead of hitting instant noodles like online games.

Those who have played Granado Espada must remember to control three characters at the same time in this game. Sometimes, it causes the player difficulty to manipulate too much. Therefore, Genshin Impact only allows one character to be controlled but four characters can be switched. The developer promises to expand this number to eight characters.

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last words

Genshin Impact MOD APK It will take you to a vast virtual world with a wonderful and wonderful context. This place will contain interesting things, stories, mysterious people and great challenges for players to explore, learn and conquer. Genshin Impact with open world adventure game brings a sense of comfort and excitement to the players.

Also, Genshin Impact is a gacha game. But this game does not force you to spend the time you want. The game screen design with difficulty is enough for free players to continue playing, unlike many other free online games.

So, if it depends only on the graphics and gameplay, then there is no shortage of games that can be successful like that and more. Of course, developer Genshin Impact knows this well. Therefore, they have a well-established marketing communications plan since they unveiled it last year. As a result, they have dumped more than $100 million since its development according to SCMP.

Besides, the moments of immersion in the beautiful and peaceful context are intense missions and battles. Not many beautiful words and thoughts can fully describe the allure of Genshin Impact. So, please try it yourself and leave your feedback in the comments to share and discuss with everyone.

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