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There are many gas stations around the world today thanks to the billions of cars available in the world today. We use a lot of vehicles today to go to different places because it is convenient. Apart from that, it is a place where people can buy food and other various basic items. So, if you have always wanted to have your own gas station, download Gas Station Inc now. Here, you will need to fill the car tanks and do other things.

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Published by Lion Studios, this game allows you to enjoy a fun simulation where you are in charge of a gas station. Here, you will need to fill the tanks of different customers, so fulfill their orders. You should be able to differentiate between diesel and regular as well as other things. You will also wash the car and will need to help people fix their cars. Here, you also need to protect your money from thieves.

I own a gas station

Have you ever worked at a gas station before? There are plenty of gas stations today no matter where you look and what street you are on. There are many vehicles that travel on any given day, so this one makes sense. But if you are interested to know what the life of a gas station worker is like then this game is for you. In this gas station simulator version you can enjoy everything in this job. Enjoy Gas Station Inc now and experience the challenges today.

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Here, you will encounter various vehicles and you will need to fill their tanks according to the orders of the customer. You need to select the right type of gas and fill the tank directly into their gas tank. After that, you can also clean cars and help people fix their cars as well. The life of a gas station worker is never easy but it is also rewarding. If you are ready to try something new, then maybe this game is for you!

Protect your money too by sending an SOS signal to the police! You will need to do everything in your power to succeed today.

Gas station features

There are many fun simulation games out there today but Gas Station Inc is one of a kind! Be the best gas station facilities now!

gas station inc apk free download

Work at a gas station – Centuries ago, gas stations did not exist because there were no vehicles either. Today, you can literally see gas stations on any corner and street of the day even in the deserts. This is because it serves as an important place where vehicles can refill their tanks to continue their journey. Without these places, vehicles cannot move very freely as they will easily run out of gas. So, if you are interested in this type of business, download Gas Station Inc now.

This is a game that allows you to work at a gas station to do many individual jobs. Here, you will need to learn how to pump gas into the tanks of vehicles. After that, you will also be required to wash a variety of cars today and even repair some of them. After that, you will also need to protect your money from thieves so you don’t get kicked out!

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Filling cars with gasoline – Vehicles today need gas to move. They can only go so far with their gas but once they run out, they will need to be refilled. The job of a gas station operator is to help customers today. Here in this game, you will need to select the right type of gas according to the customers like Diesel, Deluxe, and Regular. Next, you’ll also need to mount the nozzle directly onto the tank to get the job done right.

Do you wash the car – From time to time, you will also be asked to clean dirty cars! Today there are a lot of dirty cars that will need to be cleaned, so you should learn how to do it. You can clean the exterior as well as the interior to satisfy customers. You’ll also be using a lot of cleaning tools right now. After that, there are also customers who will need your help in repairing their cars. You may need to run the battery or even fix the wheels!

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protect your money – In Gas Station Inc, you will encounter many thieves who will try to steal your money. Here, you have to press the SOS buttons when the thief is looking away. This will allow you to protect your money today!

Many levels to play – There are many levels that you can play here. Every new day, there is a new customer and a new need that you have to meet.

Download Gas Station Inc Mod APK – Unlimited Money

If you enjoy cars, Gas Station Inc is the perfect game for you! Upgrade your staff and equipment while you’re at the station now.

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