FIFA 23: How to Do Heel to Ball Roll | Skill Move Guide

Sanctions are one of the few frustrating aspects of previous FIFA matches. However, FIFA 23 seems to have revamped the system to make it much easier and more useful for players to opt out. The game also introduces some changes to the user interface to make penalty kicks more accessible than ever.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the new penalty system in FIFA 23 and how you can perform penalty kicks.

How to take penalty kicks | FIFA 23 Penalty System Guide

Unlike previous FIFA games where penalty kicks require a little bit of skill and luck, the FIFA 23 penalty system is different. Instead, it aims to reward players for taking successful penalty kicks.

To perform a penalty kick in FIFA 23, you need to be aware of the new mechanics which are the cool ring and the new aiming system.

The Quiet Ring is basically a ring-shaped indicator that appears under the ball. This ring pulses from big to small, with the smallest ring providing more precision and power.

Meanwhile, the new aiming system completely hides the grating texture that was in the previous games. However, unlike previous games, the hidden network will remain within the limits of the target and will not go beyond it.

So even if most of your counterpart stuck to the far left, the grid would still be within the bounds of the target on the left.

To perform a penalty kick, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Pay attention to the quiet ring at the bottom of the ball
  2. Wait for it to shrink to the smallest size possible before shooting
  3. Press the shot key to kick the ball (it depends on your platform)
  4. Move the left analog stick immediately after the kick to direct the ball to the target point

Aside from these changes, there are no longer penalties at the end of time. This means that you no longer have to press the second button after the penalty kick. Also, the quality of the shot position and the power of the shot will be affected by the player’s attributes.

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