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While the Chemistry system in the FIFA franchise has been around for years, it is actually quite different in FIFA 23. In fact, the entire Chemistry system has undergone a revamp that makes the Chemistry system in the current game significantly different.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the major changes to the Chemistry system in FIFA 23, how it works, and more.

Ultimate Team Chemistry System Guide | How it works in FIFA 23

Before anything else, let’s first take a brief overview of what the Chemistry system in the FIFA Series is all about. There is a mechanic called Team Chemistry which allows you to enhance the overall ability of your team.

With this, you can improve overall team performance from statistical boosts to positioning and loyalty, among other things.

This system has been an integral part of the series since it was first introduced in FIFA 14. However, it has undergone a complete revamp in the latest version of FIFA 23, making it more accessible to users.

It was designed to be a lot easier to understand, although players are still confused about how the system works.

Basically, Chemistry is the connection between the players on your team. This can be influenced by factors such as the league, club, and nation. This means that the more players who belong to the same club, league or nation, the higher the stats they get.

Going back to previous FIFA matches, you need to include three players from the same country in your starting lineup to get one Chemistry Point. At the same time, you must have five players with the same club to get two Chemistry Points, and so on.

Changes in the chemistry system

But in the recent FIFA 23, the requirements have been lowered. Instead, you now only need players from the same country to get one point, or four players from the same club to get two points. Here is a breakdown of the changes in the game:

  • Two players from the same club – 1 Chemistry Point
  • 4 players from the same club – 2 Chemistry Points
  • 7 players from the same club – 3 Chemistry Points
  • Two players from the same nation – 1 Chemistry Point
  • 5 players from the same nation – 2 Chemistry Points
  • 8 players from the same nation – 3 Chemistry Points
  • 3 players from the same league – 1 Chemistry Point
  • 5 players from the same league – 2 Chemistry Points
  • 8 players from the same league – 3 Chemistry Points

As you can see, it is now easier to achieve full Chemistry due to the low requirements in FIFA 23. Apart from that, you no longer need to create individual links between cards. As long as you can meet the requirements, it is entirely possible to gain your left back chemistry with your attacker.

This is a big change compared to previous games where the chemistry is all about connecting cards. As a result, cards that were not linked were unable to enjoy any stat boost whatsoever.

Alchemy with heroes and icons

It’s clear that heroes and tokens are major assets in terms of FIFA’s Chemistry system. Fortunately, there are absolutely no changes in them in the new system. Although there have been some modifications due to the fact that links no longer have to rely on positions.

Both heroes and icons always have perfect harmony as long as they play in their favorite position. This will remain true regardless of the rest of the team. Also, they are both counted as players from their respective fields: icons of their nation and champions of their league.

For example, Yaya Toure will offer double Chemistry to players in the starting lineup of the Premier League. Another example is that Ronaldinho gave twice the Chemistry to every player from Brazil. As such, this makes them very powerful when it comes to team building.

With the changes to the Chemistry system, players who do not have any Chemistry will not have to suffer a penalty anymore. This means that a player who is out of position and has no association with any player will still keep his full stats.

However, the stat boost that alchemy provides is very useful, so it’s always a good idea to have the chemistry between your players. The more Chemistry you have in your Ultimate Team, the more noticeable the stat boost will be.

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