FIFA 23: Finishing Tutorial | Best Ways to Score Goals

FIFA 23 Early Access is here and we got a quick taste of its new defensive mechanics. Let us show you about them.

Partial team journalism

PTP is a new mechanic that uses it Press R1 or RB twice and hold the second This will send two of your teammates to closely map out your opponent’s passing options. They keep selecting until R1 | . is released RB or run out of their stamina.

This leaves your manually controlled player to press the ball, making this a great tool to use when your opponent reaches your target area and is looking for an open man to shoot your target.

Difficult segments interventions

Difficult slides interventions are It is performed by pressing R1 + O on the Playstation And the RB + X on Xbox.

This difference in intervention has a greater reach, but it does not mean possession of the ball as much as it means pushing it farther to reduce the immediate danger. Hard gliding handling will make the ball fly away from your players and not always into favorable positions, so think carefully about when to use it.

Adaptive player switch

How many times has FIFA turned you into the wrong defender? Or maybe the one you want is too far away and you have to switch a few times before you get to that. Good news, not anymore.

If you continue to tilt the right stick, a visual indicator will extend towards the direction you tilted the stick, allowing you to see exactly which direction you’re aiming and enabling you to control any of your players on the field – no matter what. How far are they?

ML- Jockey

ML-Jockey is the new Jockeying system for FIFA 23 and an improvement in maneuvering in FIFA 22. These are the changes mentioned:

  • Players racing inside the penalty area can now put their hands behind their backs. This may not seem like much until you remember that making a mistake in this area will result in you facing a penalty.
  • Slower decelerations from high speed sprints to Jockey. Say goodbye to fake quick stops and fast turns.
  • Jockeying can rotate into a variety of angles for more defensive coverage, providing a confrontation with one of the game’s new systems: artistic dribbling.

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