Drift Max MOD APK 8.7 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Get ready to get immersed in the amazing gameplay of drifting stunts Drift Max, where you can enjoy an incredible adrenaline rush while fully immersing yourself in the most authentic driving experiences. Ride powerful and amazing vehicles with precise car controls and realistic in-game physics that will make your stunts very impressive.

With a huge collection of amazing vehicles, each with their own unique traits and driving mechanics, Android players can definitely enjoy playing this addictive mobile racing game. Feel free to try your favorite stunts and drift actions on amazing racing tracks with different settings and awesome settings. And always get involved in the game to compete with the best drift racers from all over the world.

Learn more about this interesting mobile title with our comprehensive reviews.

story / gameplay

Here at Drift Max, Android gamers will have the opportunity to fully engage in epic drift races with a novice driver. Immerse yourself in your adventures with the ambitious drift racer and try to make it big in the world of racing leaders. Enjoy driving on top cars to perform perfect and authentic drift stunts. And you always find yourself completely immersed in the action.

With accessible gameplay, Drift Max allows Android players to quickly engage in the addictive gameplay of drifting stunts on the go. Just choose your cars, prepare the tracks and start your races whenever you want. Enjoy exploring realistic vehicle controls with authentic handling and immersive camera views. Unlock interesting customizations on your vehicles. Discover the useful currency system. Get involved in the awesome leaderboard. And the list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive and authentic car controls for all players

To get you started, Android players in Drift Max will have no issues getting familiar with the gameplay, thanks to its intuitive user interface and accessible features. In addition, during the races, the interactive interface and simple touch controls will ensure that you can always enjoy the game and all its actions. Most importantly, the original car controls with touch or tile steering options, hand brake, and gas pedal will let you enjoy the drift game to the fullest.

Drift Max 0 . screen

Amazing drift cars to ride on

For those of you who are interested, you can now engage in the addictive gameplay of racing with a huge collection of cars in Drift Max, each offering its own unique driving experiences and in-game mechanics. Enjoy the action with 20 amazing drift cars, including famous American muscle cars, European sports cars, Japanese drifting, and more. All that should allow Android gamers to really enjoy the drift game.

Interesting customizations and modifications for your cars

Here in Drift Max, Android players will also have access to interesting in-game customizations and mods, which allow them to freely adjust their rides in a variety of ways. Have fun working with useful paint options to freely combine the colors in your car with 25 different options. Also unlock useful stickers and edge mods with tons of unique options to create interesting looks for your vehicles. Enjoy playing the awesome drift racing gameplay while maintaining your own racing styles.

Drift Max 3 . screen

Incredible racing tracks with unique experiences to enjoy

To make the game even more fun, Android players in Drift Max can now engage in amazing racing tracks, each with its own unique settings and scenarios. Enjoy riding on snowy mountains, deserts, industrial lands, downtown highways, village roads, tunnels, mountain passes and many other different terrains. With unique driving experiences, different tracks will allow players on Android to more enjoy the addictive racing gameplay.

Different camera angles to play with

For those of you who are interested, you can now fully immerse yourself in the amazing gameplay of racing and drifting while enjoying the amazing camera angles. Take a ride on your favorite rides and take a look at the interior of the car in first person to increase your riding engagement. Or step back a bit with the third person point of view for better feedback.

Drift Max 2 . screen

Many stunts and drifting skills to perform

Here in Drift Max, Android players are allowed to engage in epic stunt rounds, where you can show off your skills by completing perfect executions. From drifting close to walls, and almost hitting opponents, to performing fast drift tricks. Earn more coins and rewards with drift points and time bonuses from the race.

Compete with friends and online players in the leaderboard

To make the game more enjoyable, Android players in Drift Max can enjoy competing with friends and online players in the in-game leaderboards. Here, you can show your skills and abilities to earn the best scores from each track. Reach the top and unlock the ultimate in-game experiences when you’re in Drift Max. In addition, you can also choose to complete achievements to unlock special prizes and bragging rights with friends.

Drift Max 1 . screen

Realistic in-game physics to improve drift experiences

Similar to the popular Drift Max Pro and Real Drift Car Racing, here in Drift Max, Android players can really enjoy the game of drifting and racing, thanks to the realistic physics and in-game animations, which will allow you to really engage yourself. in experiments. Ride on any of your favorite rides to explore unique racing experiences and realistic driving physics, which will make you feel like you are driving a real car.

Enjoy playing offline

Although it requires internet to connect to the online leaderboard, you can still play the game even without your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. As a result, the game is highly accessible for gamers to enjoy.

free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now immerse yourself in the simple and fun gameplay of Drift Max whenever you want. Thanks to the free app on the Google Play Store, you can easily receive and install it without having to pay anything.

Access to our modified game

However, since Drift Max still features ads and in-game purchases, you may need to pay to unlock the full experiences. Hence, it is better to go for Drift Max mod on our website instead. Here, we provide removed ads, unlocked gameplay, and unlimited in-game money for you to enjoy. All it takes is to download a file Download Drift Max Mod APKFollow the instructions provided, and you are good to go.

Picture and sound quality


Get ready to immerse yourself in the realistic and fun drift action gameplay of Drift Max, thanks to the realistic 3D graphics and brilliant visuals. Here, brilliant 3D animations and powerful visual effects will ensure that you can all engage in a great phone title. And the available quality settings will allow gamers to freely customize the graphics to fit their hardware more.

sound and music

Along with the great in-game graphics, Drift Max also features great soundtracks and sound effects, which will keep you fully engaged in your racing and drifting experiences. Enjoy the powerful sounds of tires burning on the asphalt and the amazing engine roar wherever you are in the game.

last thoughts

Enjoy playing the addictive gameplay like racing and drifting in Drift Max that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the awesome games. Enjoy playing with many different vehicles and amazing tracks and enjoy performing epic stunts in the game. All of this will keep you connected to the experiences.

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