Dragon Raja APK 1.0.211 for Android

For those of you who are interested, this new RPG from Archosaur Games will ensure your absolute happiness while exploring the amazing action elements. DISCOVER YOURSELF Discover and explore amazing in-game actions in realistic and immersive 3D visuals. Have fun in in-depth and addictive role-playing adventures with some of the cutest characters on your mobile devices.

Explore the huge Dragon Raja world and enjoy action gameplay at its best while enjoying the epic dragon slaying game. Have fun with friends and players from all over the world with this great mobile title. Be whoever you want in this majestic online world and interact with interesting players as you engage in a variety of different activities within the game.

Find out more about this great mobile game with our full Dragon Raja reviews.

a story

In the game, Android players will find themselves exploring the epic world of Dragon Raja, where powerful creatures have existed since the beginning of history. That being said, many years ago, the ferocious Dragon Lord was defeated and ruled by a group of powerful beings – Hybrids. And thus ends the raging conflict that tore land and seas for years. After that, people had a relatively peaceful period in which they made great improvements.

However, with the Dragon Lord expected to come back to life in the near future, humanity will need the help of superheroes once again. Join the group of Hybrids – powerful and talented humans with incredible powers, as they use their incredible power to defeat their evil enemies and, ultimately, the Dragon Lord himself.

Join millions of online players around the world in these exciting global challenges where you can dive into amazing and exciting PvP battles. Enjoy stunning graphics unmatched in any mobile titles out there thanks to the powerful Unreal Engine 4.

Dragon Raja 4 screenshot


Here are all the great features that the game offers:

Choose your favorite character classes and abilities

To get you started, players in Dragon Raja can create their own characters and choose your favorite character classes. These unique heroes will come with unique combinations of abilities and skills, which will allow you to enjoy different fighting styles.

  • the Warriors – These are capable melee fighters who possess incredible skills that can eliminate multiple enemies at close ranges. They are often found on the front lines of your party and are an excellent source of damage and support for the team.
  • the killers With powerful attacking skills and amazing stealth capabilities, these heroes are natural killers who can effectively eliminate important enemy targets within seconds of battles. Embrace their unique fighting style as you take down your targets and exit safely.
  • mages – Mages are the team’s ultimate sources of magical damage. To be able to launch powerful attacks or unique abilities while staying a safe distance, these are the heroes you will always need to have on the team. Take advantage of their amazing long range attacks to deal with multiple enemies and protect your team with certain healing skills. But make sure witches are well protected by other party members because they are totally squishy.
  • conveyors Speaking of which, your heroes in Dragon Raga will be the ones to fight the intense and the thinnest battles. Protect the other members of the party by receiving an incredible amount of damage from enemies. With their amazing defensive capabilities and awesome support, these are the real tanks in the battles against giant dragons.

These are just a few indications that the game is still new and will feature many new classes of heroes, along with their variations. Thus, allowing Android gamers to enjoy the exciting in-game experiences to the fullest.

Dragon Raja screenshot 1

Huge open world to explore

To make the game even more exciting, Dragon Raja players will also have access to the massive in-game open world, where you can explore and experience many of its unique locations. Enjoy discovering the fictional human world of the future as you dive into epic battles in many majestic scenarios. From experiencing ancient Asian architecture in Tokyo maps to fighting in the beautiful snowfields of Siberia. Everything will look and feel more realistic and epic with powerful in-game visuals. In addition, detailed elements with lots of interactions and exciting NPCs will allow players to enjoy their gameplay to the fullest.

Fierce and addictive real-time battles

And for those of you who are interested, you can always find yourself enjoying the epic and realistic in-game battles with Dragon Raja. Feel free to dive into the fierce real-time combat system as you have fun in exciting PvP and PvE battles.

Dive into endless battles against evil monsters and dragons as you engage in immersive PvE battles. Unleash your epic skills to defeat enemies or work with your team to effectively tackle tougher targets.

In addition, Android players can join friends and other online players in awesome PvP battles in multiplayer games and events. Or join each other in exciting skill-based duels, where only the best warrior can win.

Take advantage of the intuitive touch controls as you find yourself completely immersed in real-time battles. He fights monsters and enemies to take you through the challenges and enjoy the amazing Dragon Raja game.

Dragon Raja 2 screenshot

Enjoy the game with friends from all over the world

Speaking of which, Dragon Raja players can also enjoy themselves through a variety of different online gaming experiences, which allow you to enjoy great gameplay with friends and players from all over the world.

Starting with team challenges, where you can join random or custom parties to complete certain tasks. Players can then make friends and join each other in the epic guild game. Explore massive guided matches that can feature up to hundreds of players. Enjoy and enjoy the exhilarating moments where you find yourself in the midst of the chaotic and fun matches. Alternatively, set up a PvP duel or team battle with a number of your friends as you battle other players. Or show your friends better skills by challenging each other.

Enjoy epic online RPG in different game modes

And despite the massive in-game content, Android players in Dragon Raja can still find themselves enjoying several innovative game modes that you can pick up and enjoy whenever you want.

Explore the career system in which you can become anyone you love and work in any job you want. From being a model, entertainment star, Michelin star chef, to finding yourself in epic races with amazing in-game vehicles. Exciting in-game experiences in Dragon Raja will ensure you have absolute fun while discovering your destiny in the game. Do whatever you want and experience the vast environments of Dragon Raja together with your friends.

Create your own characters and enjoy the many customizations available

And since you play online, it wouldn’t be very interesting if all of your characters are the same and have similar looks. However, with Dragon Raja, Android players are allowed to create their own unique characters from scratch and freely customize their heroes once they enter the game.

Feel free to choose your favorite gender and choose your favorite body types. Customize in-depth facial features as you transform your heroes into unique-looking individuals who are completely different from the rest.

And most importantly, with the huge selection of costumes, clothes, accessories and other trinkets, you can transform your heroes into whatever style you are most interested in. Futuristic themes, the game offers all the available options that you might consider. Feel free to customize your characters to make them stand out from all the other players.

Dragon Raja 3 screenshot

Hop into tons of exciting games with different mods

Moreover, for those of you who are interested, Dragon Raja also features beautiful and badass futuristic vehicles, which come with amazing looks and amazing speed. However, you can find yourself exploring and experiencing the awesome gameplay of Dragon Raja with tons of cool games that you can jump on and travel anywhere with them.

Moreover, with the many customizations available, your great tours with players allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experiences and make specific adjustments to suit your interests.

Enjoy the game for free

And despite all these amazing features, you can still find the game completely free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. Have it ready either by downloading the game from the Google Play Store or getting a file Download Dragon Raja APK Installed from our website, the latest version offers a lot of fun and interesting features.

Picture and sound quality


With stunning 3D visuals powered by the stunning Unreal Engine 4 just like its popular predecessor Blade 2: The Return of Evil, Dragon Raja brings Android gamers to their console-like experiences right on the mobile platform. However, the massive open world within the game, its realistic environments, brilliant visual effects, and satisfying combat physics will allow players to enjoy their ultimate mobile gaming experiences. Enjoy epic visuals and stunning graphics as you find yourself entertained on PC or console gaming right on your mobile devices.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the required graphics will make your old hardware struggle with the new gameplay. Thus, reducing your overall experiences with the game. And while you can make changes to reduce the graphics settings, the game wouldn’t be fun without powerful mobile devices.

sound / music

Besides the stunning visual experiences, Dragon Raja also acquaints Android players with its powerful in-game sound. With a touching soundtrack and great and responsive sound effects, you will find every moment in the game more realistic and immersive. From the most enjoyable battles to the relaxing open world, the game will be more interesting thanks to its great sound features.

last thoughts

For fans of the RPG genre, Dragon Raja is without a doubt one of the best titles that you can currently have on your mobile devices. However, in-depth gameplay, exciting battles, powerful graphics, and immersive sounds, all these great features are combined to create an amazing game that you won’t believe is available on the mobile platform. Not to mention that it is completely free and accessible to anyone who is interested. Thus, if you have a capable device, we see no reason why you should not enjoy this great game right away.

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