Blocky Farm MOD APK 1.2.91 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Farm management games are on the rise following the success of Stardew Valley on PC and Switch. Mobile platforms welcome a new farming game with the launch of Blocky Farm on October 26th after extensive development.

full farm It puts players in the position of a farm owner, builds and designs, makes friends with neighbors, and takes care of pets and farm animals. Activities can be as simple as playing with them to kill time, or giving them fun gadgets. It all happens in 3D space. And everything from personality to setting takes the form of slanderous blocks.

Players have plenty of missions to try, which may include driving a tractor across the farm. Blocky Farm is free. The game has both online and offline modes. Therefore, players can play even offline or participate in global events.

general information

Blocky Farm is a farm game built with a unique and interesting blocky graphics style. By entering the world of Blocky Farm, you can engage in activities such as managing land, taking care of animals, harvesting crops, transporting goods to the city, and making friends with people here. Blocky Farm players will manage their farm and upgrade buildings. Do daily activities like harvesting crops with modern machines, fishing, kayaking and making friends with lovable neighbors in the city. Moreover, please give love to animals and they will become close to you.

Blocky Farm comes with amazing 3D graphics and vivid graphics. Players can try offline mode anytime and anywhere without internet. You will compete with other farmers and participate in global events. Also, Blocky Farm is a fairly straightforward game to play, even kids can get to know it quickly. The game has the honor of winning many awards in mobile games. It deserves an attractive weekend entertainment option for everyone.

How to play Blocky Farm?

After the first farm management game appeared on PC in Stardew Valley, a new era opened and farm management games became even more powerful. Starting with 2D games, then graphically stunning 3D games. And now, it’s time that the graphical values ​​are no longer so important. Blocky Farm, a graphic platform farm game like Minecraft and Hay Day, just released on the App Store and Google Play, opens up a new type of farm management.

Blocky Farm is really fun. This game will turn you into a dedicated manager of an ancient farm, and your task is to rebuild and develop it into the most prosperous farm in the area. The special thing is that this farm is where the main character of the game spent his childhood there, playing with pets, exploring the warehouse, and many more cool things. And now, when you grow up, the character becomes its owner and you must do everything to make it flourish.

Initially, you will need to repair farm buildings like chicken coops, warehouses and garages to use them. Once you are ready, you will proceed to develop your farm from scratch. You need to learn to manipulate the game. It is not difficult for you to follow it.

Like many other farm games, Blocky Farm allows you to do many interesting activities on your farm. From planting trees, watering, harvesting, taking care of pets, designing your farm and making friends with other neighbors. You can easily upgrade the buildings on the farm, collect items, and unlock many additional features in the game. Don’t forget to collect gems and coins in the game if you want to upgrade your buildings and buy necessary items.

This game includes two game modes. The first mode allows you to take care of your farm without the need for a network connection. The other mode allows you to interact and visit the neighbor’s farms when connected to the Internet. The combination of offline and online gameplay allows players to play Blocky Farm anywhere. The graphics of the game are specially designed. It is the design of objects based on blocks that you will find very familiar if you are a fan of Minecraft. Bright colors, vibrant sound and funny experience are the highlights.

Blocky Farm is a promising game. It allows you to manage your farm, including many different activities mentioned above such as planting trees, taking care of animals, harvesting agricultural products, and many other things that you can do on the farm. You can also use a variety of other work tools, and hundreds of tasks related to your farm.

The game features stylish and attractive graphics. You will start out simple but you will experience a lot of interesting and profound things. If you want to try this game, you can install it through the App Store or Google Play or download Blocky Farm for free. Note that there are some items that need to be purchased within the app, you can turn off the in-app purchases for a more comfortable experience.

Overall Ratings

Blocky Farm is a gardening game where players will be tasked with managing a farm that has a lot of work to do from planting trees, mowing the lawn, harvesting rice, and taking care of animals like cows and chickens. Good looking graphics with easy listening music, Blocky Farm promises to be a game that will bring great entertainment moments.

Blocky Farm is not just about building a farm. It is also a space to simulate your connections to the world around them. Blocky Farm includes taking care of chickens and ducks, harvesting farm produce or bringing goods into town for sale. Simple gameplay with 2D graphics will make many people enjoy it. Besides, the most obvious point is that the game’s high-volume graphics are color-coordinated and well paired with the surrounding scenes.

Blocky Farm also supports online and offline modes. You can create your garden in Minecraft style or compete with other players around the world through in-game events to get an attractive reward. While many farm games have quite similar designs and gameplay, Blocky Farm offers something completely different with a new 3D graphics style that is more like Minecraft and Crossy Road than a game.

Tap Craft is a simulation game, released by Iron Horse Games LLC on the Android platform. Set it as a desert island, all you have to do is tap and build a city from the resources available on the island.

Tap Craft has classic pixel graphics. The blue of the sea, the green of the trees and the grass make the player feel completely at ease. Action tools, items, and works in the game are also designed in the simplest way. The graphics are also very good.

Tap Craft’s soundtrack has a cheerful, lively tone, appropriate to enhance the hard-working spirit of exploiting and building cities on a desert island. Besides background music, it is the sound of activities such as felling trees, cutting weed bushes and quarrying.

The gameplay of this game is straightforward. The player’s task is to exploit the resources on the island and craft items. The materials are then used to make tools for labor and construction. And you only need one action to play this game. She presses frantically. Clicking can sometimes be a bit tiring. So, you can see ads in the game to multiply the items you get when you dig.

last words

Like Hay Day, Blocky Farm has an older approach to pixel destruction. You will turn into a farm owner, build, design, make friends with neighbors, take care of pets and animals. Everything happens in a 3D space, everything from the character to the setting takes the form of slanderous blocks. Players have plenty of missions to try, including driving a tractor across the farm.

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