Banana Kong Blast MOD APK 1.0.24 (Unlimited Bananas) for Android

Enjoy the fun and relaxing game of Banana Kong Blast as you guide a fun gorilla on his exciting journeys across the world. Blast your Kong from barrels to barrels and point it in the right direction. Take a trip around the world as you travel across multiple locations featuring unique maps and challenges.

Discover the simple and incredibly addictive gameplay in Banana Kong Blast, in which you will help the friendly Kong navigate through forests, jungles, islands, frozen snowy mountains and many different terrains with patterns.

Find yourself involved in multiple events as you make your way in Kong through the different locations. Utilize your crazy climbing and swinging skills to help your friends in need and collect multiple rewards along the way.

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a story

In the game, players join the journey of Kong, a daring gorilla with his amazing skills of swinging and barrel traveling. To satisfy his curiosity about the outside world, Kong decides to set out on his own adventures in the wild world. Discover for yourself access to unique travel style with barrels that will launch you in certain directions. Guide your Kong to the next barrels as you go to unlock this unique and fast-paced travel style.

Discover the wild world of Banana Kong where you go out on your own in endless fun of climbing and flying through numerous obstacles, collecting coins and buffs along the way to bring you closer to the finish line. Take part in unique events on your adventures in which you must help your animal friends who are in trouble. Defeat evil bosses looking to enslave them, earn your spoils, and more.

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Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplay

To get you started, players in Banana Kong Blast will have access to the simple and addictive gameplay found in the game. You find yourself traveling across multiple locations and maps with your unique blaster barrel. All you have to do is point the barrel in the right direction and tap your Kong to send it to the next barrel. Fly from barrel to barrel as you embark on this amazing journey.

Multiple maps with unique environments

As you travel around the vast world of Banana Kong Blast, you will also find yourself introduced to multiple maps featuring unique environments and obstacles. With multiple levels, each one more difficult than the previous one, it will be more exciting and dangerous as you travel to the farthest maps. Make sure your jumps are timed correctly so you don’t get kicked out.

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Unique moves you can try in Amazing Kong

Besides simple cylindrical blasts, players in Banana Kong Blast will also find themselves using exotic ways to travel. From swinging lianas through the forest through riding the water slides while having fun. You will have access to multiple ways to travel in this side scrolling platformer from FDG Entertainment.

Explore the game through multiple levels

As you embark on the exciting Kong adventure, the game contains 6 different level packs with 48 unique levels to enjoy. Discover Kong’s unique and exciting gameplay as you swing and blast yourself through exciting levels. And of course earn incredible fortunes too. With the mounting difficulties, you will find yourself facing some real challenges.

Challenge legendary bosses as you advance in the game

While exploring the worlds of Banana Kong Blast, players will also find themselves participating in exciting in-game events. However, your animal friends are kept captive by the Evil Doctor who wants to enslave them. Your task is to face the special bosses in the game and rescue them.

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Collect awesome loot from reward levels

Besides the main gameplay, players in Banana Kong will also find themselves able to access awesome loot from exciting reward levels. Find yourself riding on the back of a wild boar and overcoming endless obstacles. Discover unique stories with your piggy friend on the go.

Feel free to customize your cottage and the look of Kong

And while you are there completing levels and challenges, it would be nice to have unique outfits and accessories. However, you can choose costumes with unique themes to put on in Hong Kong. Feel free to experiment with 38 different customizable elements to make your Kong device look as cool as possible.

Compete with friends and online players in epic leaderboards

For those who are fully confident in their skills and abilities, Banana Kong Blast also features a competitive and interesting leaderboard. Either challenge your friends in the first place or join millions of Android players in certain leaderboards. Complete the different levels with the best possible scores to earn your place in this prestigious ranking.

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free to play

And despite all the exciting features that the game offers, players in Banana Kong Blast can still download and install the game on their mobile devices without having to pay anything. Just locate the game on Google Play Store and you can get it absolutely for free.

Play the game with or without internet

In addition, players in Banana Kong Blast are also allowed to enjoy their favorite game without having to be connected to the internet. However, you can fully experience the mobile gameplay whenever you want with or without an internet connection. And don’t worry about your progress as your game will be automatically uploaded to your Google Play service account once you’re back online.

Getting to our interesting situation

However, since the game is still a free title, ads and in-app purchases are almost inevitable. However, some of you may find it very annoying. To help you with that, we have provided a file Download Banana Kong Blast Mode APK.

Simply download and install the file on your mobile devices and you can start enjoying unlocked gameplay. Buy various customizations while you visit the shop with Unlimited Banana Pirate. Most importantly, enjoy the game without being bothered by ads.

Picture and sound quality


With intuitive and dynamic graphics, players in Banana Kong Blast will find themselves completely addicted to epic events. Enjoy realistic physics as you shoot your Kong from barrel to barrel. Enjoy great visual effects as you fly into the sky, slide on water, and more

sound / music

Players in Banana Kong Blast will find themselves enjoying the soothing soundtrack created by the famous Sonic Mania composer, Tee Lopes. Moreover, the sound effects on the theme will surely keep you entertained.

Download Banana Kong Blast Mod latest 1.0.24 Android APK

If you are a fan of the famous Jetpack Joyride and interested in similar titles, you will definitely find the game interesting. Choose an outfit for your Kong and have him ready for a new ride whenever you want.

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