Angry Birds Transformers Mod Apk 2.19.0 (Unlimited money) download

Experience Angry Birds like you’ve never seen them before – with legs and arms! Download Angry Birds Transformers mod APK to shoot the evil aliens and save the world from destruction. This 3D platform shooter game is very addictive to play and will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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Angry Birds Transformers APK takes the classic mobile game and transcends it with the epic of the movie. The result is a shooting game where you can change from a car to an alien killing machine as you fight your way through the levels.

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In the latest version of Rovio, Angry Birds take on the role of Autobots, while pigs are now the evil tricksters. You will control the Autobots and fight the pigs to prevent them from plotting their evil plans.


The game is actually one of a series of crossovers in Angry Birds, and it might be the most addictive game to play yet! Collect all the heroes and villains and upgrade their abilities to transform into tanks, planes, cars and more and unleash some epic firepower on your opponents.

This isn’t a DIY slingshot – oh no, you’ll be using some proper weapons this time! Team up with a friend to take two Autobots to work and destroy everyone who tries their luck on you!

Tips for playing Angry Birds Transformers APK

If you want to play Angry Birds Transformers APK like a pro, you will need some pro tips. Whether you’re new to Rovio games or you’re a seasoned veteran – you’ll still want to heed our top tips for dominating the game.


Target the weakest points: Whether you’re shooting on a chassis or an adapter, you’ll always want to target the weakest part of the chassis. Try hitting pieces of wood or glass to make the structure collapse under its own weight.

Get to know the strengths of your characters: Just like learning the weaknesses of the structures you’re trying to destroy, you’ll also want to know your characters’ stats to better understand their strengths. Learn this and then you can easily learn your strategy.

Angry Birds Transformers apk

Make sure you are in good health: Sometimes, it can be tempting to rush into a mission without much health – especially when you’ve just achieved an impressive victory. But you must be patient. Your health will take time to repair and you have to wait a while before engaging in the next task – or risk failing.

Blow up everything! If you want more coins in the game, there is a simple trick: blow up everything. Whether it’s a pig, a plank of wood, or something else – if it explodes, blow it up. This way, you will increase the amount of coins you earn.


Make sure to get rid of pigs. You can get a little carried away blasting all the structures you’re tasked with destroying – but make sure you’re actually taking out those pigs too. This is the main mission in the game so try to blow everything up while also killing the pigs.

Use partners when things go wrong: Sometimes, you will see a little structure very Many. This is the time when you want to consider inviting a partner into the game to help you. Try to only do it when you really need it – but trust us, sometimes you really need to!

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Angry Birds Transformers Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Want to play the game with a tactical advantage up your sleeve? Download unlimited gems mod for Angry Birds Transformer APK to get unlimited gems to spend on upgrades of your transformers and have more chance of winning levels. Enjoy!

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