Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK 2.19.0 (Unlimited Currency) for Android

Are you ready for the unimaginable? Our favorite Angry Birds are back, and this time they come with a pleasant surprise. Now, you can join the friends of Angry Birds as you play the exciting Transformer crossover game.

Challenge the egg robots as they try to control the eggs. Land their base on the Piggy Islands starting with the first outposts. Experience the unique shooting game as you deliver devastating shots to eliminate the enemies.

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a story

In the game, players will have opportunities to join their famous characters from both series in an epic crossover where you will play as Red the Optimus Prime, Chuck Bumblebee and many more interesting characters as well as bots including unique Egg bots.

In addition, you can also take on the role of the Deceptihog as they were also forced out of the island

Discover yourself against enemies in a smooth and satisfying side-scrolling shooter experience where you have to take down enemies with your accurate shots. It still has the unique gameplay from the original Angry Birds games where you have to tear down structures to defeat the enemies.

However, this time around, things will happen much faster since you’ll be running around and riding your adapters. Run and keep shooting the structures to take down the pigs. Escape obstacles with unique moves and more.


Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Dominate the bases as an expulsion of invaders

When you begin your mission in Angry Birds Transformer, your early goals will be to capture the areas of Piggy Island that are currently under the control of the Egg bots. Discover yourself taking on endless challenges one after another as you defeat enemies in an exciting shooting and puzzle solving game.

Moreover, when you claim to return the lands that were under your control, you will also find them generating gold after a certain period of time. Thus, besides diving into the interesting gameplay, you can also take time to visit places again and collect free golds after an hour or two.

Enjoy the game with dozens of different heroes and villains

With a variety of different heroes with unique powers and abilities to capture your adventures, players in Angry Birds are also given options to switch between different heroes during their missions. And with both characters from Deceptihog and Angry Bird Transformers available, you can easily choose the right one for you without facing any problem. Feel free to diversify your play style with unique heroes and take advantage of their unique transformations and abilities.

Transform your heroes into multiple vehicles to avoid enemies

And speaking of any players Angry Birds Transformers They are also allowed to transform their heroes into unique vehicles during events. With these abilities, you can accelerate quickly or fly over to dodge falling obstacles or incoming attacks from enemies. In some cases, some advanced transformations allow you to fend off the attacks of your enemies, which is really cool.

Angry Birds Transformers screenshot 3

Unlock awesome power ups with the firepower available from our alien friends

You can just forget about the slingshot and leave it at home, now that you’ve got epic plasma guns from our alien friends. Feel free to fire a streak of firepower towards the enemies while blasting their structures with great precision and damage.

Just tap the screen to dump your shots and take down enemies as fast as you can. Pay attention to the structures and discover their weaknesses so that you can easily detonate them.

Feel free to customize your heroes with new weapons and abilities

And if you want more firepower, the game also has multiple upgrades that you can pick up for your heroes. Feel free to upgrade their firepower with new weapons as well as new upgrades to your old weapons. In addition to that, the game also features new abilities that you can equip on your heroes whenever you are ready.

Angry Birds Transformers screenshot 1

Get help from your friends as you borrow their characters with exciting co-op attacks

In addition, Angry Birds Transformers players are also allowed to play their game in Tag Team Battles where you will join friends and other players in exciting co-op attacks. Feel free to “borrow” their heroes as you join forces to defeat the enemies. Unleash your combined power to defeat pesky Egg Bots and complete your objectives.

Angry Birds Transformers screenshot 2

Collect Telepods to unlock awesome boosters and items

And to collect buffs and items, you will have to search for unique Telepods, which can be obtained by completing quests, completing levels and participating in exciting events. Collect and scan them to unlock cool buffs and items.

free to play

Despite having all these great features, the game is currently available for free for all Android players to enjoy. However, you can easily install it on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. All you have to do is download the game from the Google Play Store.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

However, since it is a free title, players still have to pay a certain amount of money for limited in-app purchases and experience annoying ads. To counter that, you may want to install our modded version of the game on your devices instead. With this, you can still fully enjoy the game while unlocking all its contents.

More importantly, now you can buy unlimited number of in-app purchases with unlimited money hack and enjoy ad-free experiences with our new mod. Just download and install Angry Birds Transformer Mod APK from our site instead.

Picture and sound quality


For those who are interested, Angry Birds Transformers introduces Android players to quite refreshing gameplay where you can fully immerse yourself in the epic shooter game. With stunning graphics, stunning visuals, and satisfying explosion effects, you will find yourself completely addicted to the gameplay. In addition, the beautiful environment and characters with unique appearance will definitely make your journey in Angry Birds Transformers more interesting.

sound / music

With stunning sound effects and addictive soundtrack, Angry Birds Transformers allows players to immerse themselves in addictive shooting experiences with immersive gameplay. You feel like you are already stuck in a mecha war between the Autobots.

How to install Angry Birds Transformers APK with OBB data file

  1. APK Install it on your device, don’t open the app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /sdcard/android/obb/com.rovio.angrybirdstransformers. Make sure that the OBB file ( sitting inside com.rovio.angrybird converters Folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Angry Birds Transformers Mod latest 2.19.0 Android APK

With simple, straightforward and addictive gameplay, Angry Birds Transformers is, without a doubt, a great title for Android gamers to enjoy whenever they have free time. Not to mention that with our modified gameplay, you will find it relatively relaxing to play through the levels in the game.

And if you are done with the game and want to look for other adventures with your group of friends, then Angry Birds Evolution and Angry Birds Epic RPG are two great titles that you can enjoy.

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