Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Obsidian Berry & Monstrum Mango Locations

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Obsidian Berry & Monstrum Mango Locations – Combat makes up a big part of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 experience, and in the tried-and-true RPG tradition, much of this massive game’s content is tied to various optional combat lines. This page is a complete walkthrough, featuring every mission in Xenoblade 3 and details on how to complete each one.

This guide is now complete, meaning it covers how to start and complete every match in XC. Therefore, this guide will also contain minor spoilers, including about the identity of hero characters, as each hero has several missions connected to them. Secondary titles also often refer to certain events in the story. We’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but if you want to stick with the guide and avoid spoilers, we advise against reading ahead.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Obsidian Berry & Monstrum Mango Locations

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Obsidian Berry & Monstrum Mango Locations

In fact, most of the combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is straightforward. In most cases, you just need to follow the signs on the screen, and most of the time, you will be able to complete any fight without any problem.

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However, some quests may have hard choices to make, smart starting techniques, or hidden items to find – and this guide will help you with that by providing a clear walkthrough for each quest, including how to start them.

Especially, with a big world like Xenoblade 3, it’s sometimes hard to know when missions are available. For the most part, you can think of this guide as a checklist, to make sure you’ve completed every possible mission in each chapter of the game – although it also features a little review of how to win every fight in the game.

There’s one thing we have to consider, which is unbeatable travel. Unlike some previous Xenoblade titles, luckily there doesn’t seem to be any quests that can be completely missed due to story progression, so you’re free to explore at will and experience the quests at your own pace, without worrying about missing anything.

Without further ado, the quests found in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be found below, separated by chapter. If there are any questions, errors or mistakes, let us know in the comments!

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This is a long quest that will require you to collect stones from various Nopon caravans found throughout the game. As far as I know, none of them are missing. The list below is the order I found them. You won’t be able to complete this quest until Chapter 6.

Hero fights are more engaging fights that will result in a new unit of heroes joining your party. Some of these quests are necessary for main story progression, but most are optional. They are somewhat similar to the Rare Blade Quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, although there are no gacha elements this time around.

Ethel’s Tournament of Heroes is a little different because unlike most Heroes, she won’t stay in your party for long while other Heroes can queue up to her whenever you want. However, you will keep his class for the top six party members to use.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Obsidian Berry & Monstrum Mango Locations

This is another long mission in the game, consisting of several mini-missions. You will only be able to make two to start with, and the rest will be available later in the game. You won’t be able to complete this quest until Chapter 6, after finishing Teach’s Ascension Quest.

Teach’s Teachers Quest Stuck In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This is truly one of the weirdest fights in the game, both in terms of how to open the fight and how to proceed with it. This will require a bit of a long explanation, so bear with me.

The first part of this quest is an optional cutscene you’ll see with Alexandria south of Colony 4, in ? symbol on the map. You won’t be able to add a fight to the file at this point, and not for a long time.

If you see this cutscene, you can continue west into the “Elaice Highway” area west of Fornis. This is an area with level 40 enemies, but if you’re boring the map in Chapter 3, you might end up having enough power to take over this area. You’ll find Colony Iota here, and a boss fight with Alexandria and her 4 servants-Fili, Chelle, Rhyza, and Sequoia. If you want, you can win this fight right now and finish the quest.

However, this fight also has optional objectives that you can complete before fighting Alex. There are four of them, one for each fund (Fili, Chelle, Rhyza and Sequoia). After seeing the previous scene with Alex, the other four? points appear on the map – 3 in Fornis and 1 in the Pentelas area. In each of these symbols, you can fight one of the assistants. If you defeat them here, they will be removed from the battle with Alex at Colony Iota, making the battle easier.

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You’ll notice that one of the optional battles, Sequoia, can only be done in Chapter 4 (very early in the chapter). So even if you’re the type that has a lot of optional content before moving on to the main story, consider leaving this quest until Chapter 4.

You may ask yourself “is there any point in doing voluntary combat?” and the answer seems to be “yes, difficult”. It seems that completing optional quests against four minions will have a positive effect on the Iota Colony affinity graph. In the long run, it’s hard to say whether this will matter until the end of the game, but if you’re the type that expects to have the best NPC interactions available in the Alliance Chart, then you might be better off waiting. You decide.

Although “Big Friendly Friend” itself is not a long quest, it is the start of a long quest series involving Colony 30. To continue this questline, you will need to give items to Nopon Repapa at. several different points throughout the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Obsidian Berry & Monstrum Mango Locations

Dorin and BamBam have their own little questline throughout the game. This is the first in their set. Yup.

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As a general note, it’s probably worth mentioning that quests from Chapter 4 onwards may require quests from earlier chapters in the same area to find. For example, the next mission on the list – “Difficult Transition” – will definitely require you to recruit Zeon into your party and possibly other follow-up missions from Colony 9.

So, if you see a quest in the list below but can’t find it, first try to complete other quests you may have in the same area.

Each hero has a side fight with a yellow symbol known as the ‘Ascension Challenge’. This is what allows the hero’s maximum rating to rise from 10 to 20.

It seems that for some Ascension quests, you need a master class heir to get to class level 10, before the quest appears. So, in the case of Zeon, it is necessary Noah at rank 10 and Guardian Commander.

How To Complete Big Friendly Friend Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Some of the later quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have a rather annoying requirement to unlock, and this quest is the first example. To activate the “Inevitable Past”, you must have Alexandria in your party, so what? The signal will appear in Iota Colony. If he’s not in your party, you won’t see the symbol. This means that there are some missions that are difficult to obtain, because it requires you to be with a certain hero, at a certain time, in a certain place.

As far as this guide goes, I’m going to list quests that require you to have a certain hero in your party to see the quest on your map, but this odd requirement is worth noting.

Instead of Ascension Quests, each of the six main characters has a “Side Story” quest, which will lead to a class level unlock for their starting class.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Obsidian Berry & Monstrum Mango Locations

These last 4 fights in Chapter 5 take place during the final sequence of events, after the prison infiltration begins. Don’t pursue this quest until you’ve done everything you wanted to do in Chapter 5 first.

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A lot happens at the end of Chapter 5, huh? Anyway, we recommend that you continue with the story events until you enter the Upper Aetia area and receive the ‘Side Story: Mio’, then you should start looking for quests.

I will also mention again that most of these struggles are follow-ups to previous efforts in their respective areas, and they probably need those efforts to be completed first. If you’ve been following this guide, you should be good to go.

This is not listed as a fight in the log, but is treated as one. You are expected to alternate between feeding Armus in three stages, followed by choosing a pair of them to breed together.

For the three Arduns/Armus feeding stages, I believe these are the best foods to use, depending on availability.

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Frangible Yam, buy Castle Keves (you’re not here yet if you’re following this guide sequentially.)

To resolve this fight as efficiently as possible, use the following pairs. It seems there is

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