Read The Tainted Half Chapter 13 Sub English

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Read The Tainted Half Chapter 13 Sub English

Read The Tainted Half Chapter 13 Sub English

“Be it a village, a village, a cow, a person… If you are sincere to others, you will be kind, that approach has not been defeated yet.”

Yes, My Queen Chapter 13

Kenji Miyazawa (宫沢 賢治, Miyazawa Kenji?) is a member of the Armed Detective Agency. Has the ability to be invincible against rain.

Kenji is a boy with golden eyes and blond short nose hair. The bangs are gathered in the center of the forehead, and there are freckles on the cheeks.

He wears a blue jumpsuit with handcuffs and a black belt around his waist. Her dress is worn over a loose beige shirt with torn sleeves. She wears black underwear with elbow sleeves. He wears an old straw hat around his neck. I usually go barefoot, but sometimes I wear sandals.

Born in a small rural town, Kenji is a simple yet caring and kind boy who always greets people with a smile. This friendly personality makes him quite popular among the townspeople.

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She has a very optimistic outlook and always believes in her inherent integrity, no matter what others look, say or do. His ignorance of the dangers of any situation may be due to his humble upbringing, but given his high experience in solving difficult cases, it is his mindset that has helped him in several investigations. Specifically, Kenji directly questioned the suspects about their possible involvement in the case, and while he naturally denied his claim, Kenji simply trusted them and left the office to thank them for their cooperation.

Also, since Kenji is from the countryside, he doesn’t understand basic urban concepts like money and often has to rely on his rural instincts. This leads to more unique “methods” of resolution, such as behavior that uses their ability to subdue criminals to gain a fearsome reputation among the more suspicious groups in the area. Doppo Kunikida claimed that Kenji’s method was too unique to be used as an example for newcomers to learn from.

Furthermore, Kenji’s innocence stands out despite the eccentric nature of his agency colleagues. His honest and sincere statements sometimes seem very impossible to achieve or even consider. For example, when asked what he could do for Atsushi Nakajima’s entrance exam, Kenji cited various unusual suggestions, such as having Atsushi wrestle with him and other rituals from his hometown.

Read The Tainted Half Chapter 13 Sub English

Furthermore, Nakahara Chuya tends to take an interest in the city and people, such as being surprised to see that his hat does not fall off even when standing upside down.

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However, as part of the agency, Kenji trusts their noble actions and intentions. He risked his life to protect the president and agreed to join and help fight the port mafia, but he also admitted that he wasn’t entirely sure if it was true.

Kenji’s upbeat optimism also became a key aspect of restoring the agency’s soul during the frame-up period after motivating them to return to the surface and overcome their current trials while they lived. In that regard, Kenji also seems to have the insight to understand and comprehend their dire situation, and can almost easily catalyze a near 180-degree turnaround by absorbing a sense of hope from his colleagues’ pessimism.

Despite Kenji’s gentle and caring side, he has a “threatening side”. According to Kunikida, when danger, anger, or an impending nightmare brings out Kenji’s soft side, Kenji becomes a completely different person.

This is revealed when Kenji overhears the Hounds’ plans to torture Atsushi and reveal their terrorist plans. Upon hearing about this torture, Kenji’s personality changed from a calm and collected Kenji to an angry Kenji willing to do anything to help his friend.

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Kenji’s ability to be invincible by Rain (雨nimomakéz, Ame ni mo Makezu?) gives him superhuman strength. This allows him to easily do things he wouldn’t normally be able to do, like lift a car or pull a road sign out of cement. He can even rip the same type of steel doors used in high-security bank vaults out of the wall. This is believed to give him superhuman strength, as he was attacked in the back of the head with a lead pipe and was not badly hurt (such blows could injure or kill a human) and claims to have kicked a cow in the head. I see that. It always seems to have survived with little or no damage.

The catch with his ability is that it can only be used on an empty stomach and that he goes to sleep after eating.

Before Yukichi Fukuzawa found and hired him about two months ago, Kenji lived with his family and livestock in the rural village of Ihatovo. The concept of money was unfamiliar to him, because he lived without a telephone or electricity, and the people of Ikhatovo only bartered.

Read The Tainted Half Chapter 13 Sub English

Kenji also said that the city’s police are not as busy as in Yokohama, mainly because local police are repairing well pumps, rescuing cats from chimneys and sampling the city’s annual watermelon crop. And the criminals of Ihatovo will be tied up and thrown off the cliff.

The Tainted Half

Sometime in the past, Kenji and his fellow citizens experienced a terrible storm that destroyed the garden they had been growing for 10 years. However, initially confused, they soon replanted the seedlings to bring back the yields of the past decade.

After a while, the town of Kenji, damaged by a terrible landslide that happens every 50 years, remains almost unscathed. Kenji is responsible for reshaping the mountain with his bare hands to prevent the village from being damaged by redirecting the flood that could have destroyed the village.

Born in Iwate, Miyazawa reflected in his writings his desire for harmony with nature and the universe and his rejection of family wealth and status. It is possible that the poem “Invincible from the Rain” was written on the deathbed of the author. A character in Bungo Stray Dogs calls his hometown “Ihatovo”.

Akiko Yosano, Atsushi Nakajima, Doppo Kunikida, Junichiro Tanizaki, Kenji Miyazawa, Kyoka Izumi, Osamu Dazai, Yukichi Fukuzawa

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Akiko Yosano, Doppo Kunikida, Junichiro Tanizaki, Kenji Miyazawa, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Sakunosuke Oda, Yukichi Fukuzawa

Akiko Yosano, Atsushi Nakajima, Doppo Kunikida, Junichiro Tanizaki, Kenji Miyazawa, Kyoka Izumi, Osamu Dazai, Ranpo Edogawa

Read The Tainted Half Chapter 13 Sub English

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