Pulau Egg Head Ini Apakah Destinasi Terakhir One Piece?

Pulau Egg Head Ini Apakah Destinasi Terakhir One Piece? – The One Piece series is currently entering the final phase of its story. As Oda Sensei already said, this series will be completed in the next few years. Currently, the story itself is still in an exotic and closed area called Wano. The land of Wano hides various mysteries and secrets, which Oda later considers one of the most important islands.

However, the One Piece series definitely has many islands in its story. And most of the islands are still unexplored or unexplored in the story. On the other hand, islands may also have a history or other important facts. Here is a chain of important islands at the end of the chain.

Pulau Egg Head Ini Apakah Destinasi Terakhir One Piece?

Pulau Egg Head Ini Apakah Destinasi Terakhir One Piece?

Home to the giant Elbaf tribe, the island is still one of the most mysterious and unexplored islands. Elbaf, mentioned in the Little Garden arc, then first appeared in a flashback in the Whole Cake Island arc. Elbaf is an island that has many mountains and hills as well as large trees.

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Many great mysteries still surround this island. For example, why then only giant tribes inhabit the island. With many puzzles still to be found, as well as how Oda mentions the island in his story, this suggests that Elbaf could become one of the most important islands in the story. In fact, in the Tale of the Road to Laughter itself, Elbaf was revealed to be one of the possible last road poneglyphs.

Hachinosu aka Beehive Island is one of the iconic locations for pirates in the One Piece world. This is where the Davy Back Fight began. In addition, the Rocks pirate crew is formed here. Besides being a place with a long history, Beehive Island is also a paradise for pirates. Many pirates can live freely on this island.

With Rocks no longer the ruler of the region, Beehive Island is currently under Blackbeard’s control. Blackbeard even made this island his main base. Not too much information is known about Beehive Island other than the above. Like Elbaf, Oda also suggests that this island may be home to the last Road Poneglyph.

Lodestar is the most distant island on the Grand Line map. This became the last island Gol D. Roger visited before Roger sought out Kozuki Oden’s character to solve the mystery of the road poneglyph and find the Tale of Laughter. The very name of Lodestar Island is believed to have great significance in the story. Because many fans believe that Scopper Gaban is there waiting for everyone who goes to the Tale of Laughter.

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Lodestar definitely has a big mystery that has not been solved until now. According to Roger, pirates were almost never on the island. To get to Lodestar Island, you need a special logo pose and the pirate must follow the direction of the logo pose. The fans themselves believe that something big and important is stored on the island.

Mary Geoise is the Red Line area that separates all the Blues. This is the territory that is the territory of Gorosei and the World Government. They settled in the area and built a magnificent complex that housed the Palace of Pangea. Inside the palace is the figure of Im, which is still mysterious today.

Mary Geoise is one of the mysterious islands because there is really no information about the island. So far we know that Mary Geoise was created after the 20 Kingdoms managed to defeat the Ancient Kingdom. According to Doflamingo, there is a great hidden treasure in Mary Geoise that can shake the world. We also see a large straw hat there, the owner of which has not yet been identified.

Pulau Egg Head Ini Apakah Destinasi Terakhir One Piece?

This is definitely the most important of all the islands that appear in this final stage. The island at the end of the Grand Line is the main destination of all pirates from the One Piece series. Everything people do to get to the Tale of Laughter. How to find out where the road poneglyph is. In the last 800 years, only Gol D. Roger and his crew got there.

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There are many great mysteries in A Tale of Laughter that are still unsolved. For example, is there gold and various other treasures on the island. Then there are many other poneglyphs about the secrets of the world. And of course the biggest mystery is what the One Piece that is rumored to be on Laugh Tale Island actually is.

We still don’t know where the Straw Hats or the rest of the worst generation pirates will be. However, the five islands mentioned above are important islands in One Piece and it is considered necessary for Oda to introduce them in this final stage. The reason is that like Wan, these islands definitely have a lot of history or other information.

8 brutal movies that are banned. When someone watches a movie, of course they want to have an exciting experience. Generally speaking, the point of the movie is… Egg Head is the latest island that Luffy and the Straw Hat crew visit at this point. The island is very special and unusual. As we saw in chapter 1061 yesterday, there are many interesting things happening on this island. And it is not excluded that then this island will be the last place in the series. Egghead One Piece.

Luffy’s adventure in the land of Wano finally ended yesterday from chapter 1056. The Straw Hats then started their new adventure and went to another island. In the previous chapter, Luffy decided to go to the Southeast after losing to Kid in his series. Many fans then try to guess where they went.

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Elbaf and Beehive are two islands that many fans are anticipating. Elbaf itself is an island that is home to giants. Meanwhile, the Beehive is home to Yonko Blackbeard. The surprise then came in Chapter 1061, where it was revealed that their next target island was not the two islands, but a new island called Egg Head. Egghead One Piece.

Egg Head Island is located in the New World region. The weather conditions are very extreme where the whole area is covered with snow. The name of this island appeared in chapter 1060 when the Navy informed HQ that Koby had been kidnapped by Blackbeard. They were about to land on Egg Head Island themselves. So what is this island like?

Based on Jewelry Bonney’s brief explanation, Egg Head is an island belonging to the World Government. This island is the location of all the research activities of the genius character in the world of One Piece, Dr. Vegapunk. Interestingly, this island is nicknamed “The Modern Island of the Next 500 Years”. And the nickname seems to be proven.

Pulau Egg Head Ini Apakah Destinasi Terakhir One Piece?

First, at the beginning of the chapter, we saw Thousan Sunny being attacked by a giant shark that looks like a Megalodon. However, the giant shark was not real, but a robot. The shark is tasked with tracking and reporting on existing activities, but instead eats various passing ships.

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Next, we also see another giant robot controlled by a woman who claims to be Vegapunk. This means that various technologies and other things on this island are very modern. In fact, we may not have seen it anywhere else. In the center of the island there is a large monument shaped like a broken shell. There is still no information as to whether there is something behind it all.

Luffy and the Straw Hats’ adventure on Egg Head Island has just begun. There are many more mysteries and riddles that Oda should definitely explain in his story about this island. However, it is possible that this island will become the core for the final arc. Why? As explained above, this island became a research base for Vegapunk.

This means that all things like technology, resources and also other things are in this island. We can see how epic Punk Hazard Island was in the previous arc. And Egg Head Island can be several times stronger than the island. In addition, of course, this island houses various important things related to the World Government. For example devil fruit data, bloodline factor, etc.

With all these important things, of course there will be a big “doomsday” for the world government if everything is destroyed or even known to the public. People will probably eventually find out that the Navy has been doing terrible and illegal research all along. If that happened, of course, a wave of rejection would come from everyone.

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Luffy will also probably destroy the island and all the facilities on it. This is to keep the World Government and Navy from doing more horrible things. With this island destroyed, the world government will surely feel deprived of its resources. And that could be the beginning of an epic battle at the end of the series.

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, in chapter 966 it was shown that Roger and Whitebeard had time to fight each other before they finally decided to “gear up” and have fun together. During this time, Roger talked a lot in Whitebeard, including his adventures on an island called Lodestar Island. According to Roger, they did something no other pirate had ever done, namely an island.

Pulau Egg Head Ini Apakah Destinasi Terakhir One Piece?

Lodestar is the outermost island or the last island in the New World and is the furthest island in the Grand Line before going to the last island. To get to the island, the pirate must follow the instructions

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