Mengenal Hirofumi Yoshida,inilah Pelindung Chainsaw Man!

Mengenal Hirofumi Yoshida,inilah Pelindung Chainsaw Man! – Although Asa Mitaka gets a second chance at life after being taken over by the Demon of War, his past cannot stop him. In Chainsaw Man Chapter 2, Asa Mitaka was introduced as a lonely man before he died. This caused him to leave him, and his classmates were far from Asa.

Later, when Asa meets Bucky, the headless chicken, and the president of his class, he begins to want to work with them. However, the truth is not what Asa had thought. It happened that the student’s head saw Asa’s image, and he used it to get closer to his teacher. He couldn’t really be Asa’s friend.

Mengenal Hirofumi Yoshida,inilah Pelindung Chainsaw Man!

Mengenal Hirofumi Yoshida,inilah Pelindung Chainsaw Man!

However, it looks like that changed in yesterday’s episode 100. Mitaka culture often presents a dividing wall that prevents people from approaching it. Even though they have turned it into a vehicle of the War Devils, it seems that the dividing wall is very high, and there is no sign that it will break the wall for anyone.

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In this last chapter, it seems that there is someone who wants to befriend Asa. After Asa hears the reaction of all his friends who are talking about him after the previous incident – the Spirit of War controlling Asa’s dead body and asking Yoshida to go on a free day – Asa rushes home.

But when he opened the shoe cabinet, an unpleasant incident happened. There is raw meat on all his shoes, as well as fresh blood. Asa ran away, ignoring Yuko’s call. Asa came home without his shoes. Yuko herself finally caught up with Asa Mitaka, and the main character was surprised to see her friend take off her shoes as well.

Seeing Asa’s condition, Yuko offered her friend to wear her shoes. However, Asa insists that he is fine. He tried to get his shoes back again, but Yuko ran first. After a while, it shows two girls running around each other. They don’t wear shoes and cry in sadness.

There is a panel with Asa wearing the right shoe and Yuko on the left. This season is a reference to another comic by Tatsuki Fujimoto, namely Look Back. Asa himself eventually chases Yuko home. But Yuko did not ask for the shoes back, but gave them to Asa so that he could go home safely.

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The hot moments definitely created a positive reaction among the fans, and Asa seems to have found a new friend. Furthermore, he wore his friend’s shoes. A culture of walking in other people’s shoes, Fujimoto may have deliberately said the words, “Walk in other people’s shoes.”

Proverb interpretation can be interpreted as understanding events or experiences that other people have faced or experienced. The simple thing is to see things from their point of view before you judge someone. What Yuko can do with Asa. He is different from his other friends, who look down on Asa without realizing it.

Although Yuko doesn’t know much about what happened to Asa, she tries to understand his suffering. All you can do is see your friend in pain and help him.

Mengenal Hirofumi Yoshida,inilah Pelindung Chainsaw Man!

It is interesting to see the proverbs that Fujimoto uses in his story. After all, there are usually one or two pairs of shoes. However, in the story, Yuko and Asa share a pair. Perhaps the series itself wants to show the view that it is impossible to fully understand how other people feel or feel. Interestingly, Yuko was the first to greet Asan.

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After that, he gave Asa his shoes and he went home in peace because he had two shoes on. The Look Back series itself is similar to the moments Asa and Yuko share with each other. On the other hand, this is the beginning of Asa and Yuko’s friendship. With what has happened so far, such as being the husband of Esu Ogun, meeting Yuko, of course, Asa’s life will be different.

With all the weird and crazy going on, Yuko Asa can be useless. Asa did not think it would happen in a short time. But on the other hand, bad things can happen to both of them. At the end of the movie “Look Back”, the two main characters of the story meet a sad fate there.

If Chainsaw Man Chapter 2’s “Looking Back” storyline is true, it means that something bad could happen to Yuko and Asa either. Yuko can save Asa, as we will see later. Yuko’s fate can also end badly, where she is killed or becomes a tool for other Demons. Or worse, Asa betrayed Yuko.

We can see this in Chapter 101, where the Devil of War “ordered Yuko to be killed.” But Asan himself did not want to. Satan’s own war gave Asa the opportunity to build their relationship. The reason is that the more Asa blames his family for turning the yuko into a weapon, the stronger he becomes. Let’s wait, geeks, the continuation of the Chainsaw Man story is in the next chapter.

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8 Cruel Movies Banned. When someone watches a movie, they definitely want to experience an exciting story. Speaking of, this movie should be… Chainsaw Man series is one of the new series that is very popular today. Originally released in 2018 in a manga version, its popularity is growing, so the production house MAPPA plans to make an anime version of the Chainsaw Man series. Like many new series that spawned, Chainsaw Man brings something different to geeks who enjoy gore elements too.

The world of the Chainsaw Man series is full of demons and demon hunters. A person in this article can turn into a terrible person called Bliss. With the series running for two years, there are definitely many demons in the story, one of which is the Cursed Devil.

The Cursed Demon is considered one of the most dangerous and unique demons in the Chainsaw Man series. He is the person of Satan who represents the curse of man. The appearance of the Cursed Devil is truly terrifying, with two skulls with horns on top. The skull on the right is believed to be a human skull.

Mengenal Hirofumi Yoshida,inilah Pelindung Chainsaw Man!

Meanwhile, the skull on the left is a devil or monster with three eyes and long and sharp teeth. Aki Hayakawa is a character who makes a deal with a demonic figure. Aki Hayakawa is a member of the public safety Bliss or demon hunting organization. He is a member of the group led by Makima.

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In the story itself, Aki Hayakawa is shown to be dead after making a deal with several demons such as Future Devil, Fox Devil, and of course Cursed Devil. This Cursed Bliss or cursed spirit is known to have great power, such that it can destroy all its opponents with a single attack. However, there is an important requirement for the process to work effectively.

The enemy or target must first be wounded – with a knife or blade – three times. It can also cause massive damage by impaling the target, then the cursed Bliss will slowly bite and damage the target. Even though the power of Bliss Egung is more, we know that there is a great value for those who carry this disease of Anjnou spirit.

When the user summons a demon, their life quota is reduced by several months. This is what happened to Aki Hayakawa. Besides Aki Hayakawa, Santa Claus also uses the power of this Cursed Spirit. The difference is that if Aki Hayakawa had to sacrifice his life to use the demon’s power, Santa Claus would lose control of some of his fingers.

With such amazing power, it is only natural that the Cursed Devil would be considered one of the most powerful demons. On the other hand, the price to pay for gaining such great power is heavy. In the Katana Man arc, Aki has to give up most of his life to defeat the Katana Man figure.

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After the war ended, Aki heard that he only had two years left to live. The power of the cursed demon is considered equal to or on the same level as the hybrid character. In the series, a hybrid is a stage where humans can mingle with demonic figures. Denji is a prime example of this.

Since Anjonu has the power of the spirit, the thoughts may seem reasonable. We still don’t know what will become of this Cursed Spirit, and of course, it is still interesting to see who will make the next deal with this dangerous demon.

8 Cruel Movies Banned. When someone watches a movie, they definitely want to experience an exciting story. Speaking of which, the movie … Chainsaw Man 102 finally brings back the original, Denji. With Asa’s appearance in Chainsaw Man Chapter 2, many fans began to think that Fujimoto replaced Tatsuki Denji as the main character.

Mengenal Hirofumi Yoshida,inilah Pelindung Chainsaw Man!

However, in chapter 102, entitled “Save the Train”, Tatsuki rejects this. In this chapter, Denji finally returned and gave the fans a sigh of relief. As expected by fans, this chapter is full of action.

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Not only that, but Tatsuki shares some of Asa’s past to deepen his character development. It turns out that Asan has a good character even before he becomes cold to others.

In the previous chapter, the War Demon called himself Yoru to pretend to be human. However, he still suggests cruel things to Asa, one of which is to tell Asa to kill his friend.

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