Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah? – Tokyo Revengers is a shounen anime and manga series about the world of motorcycle gangs. Even so, the main character Takemichi cannot fight, but he can time travel. Since this series tells about the world of motorcycle gangs, this time Otaku would like to invite you to discuss the strongest character of Tokyo Avengers.

As usual, before we get into the discussion, we want to inform you that this article is based on information obtained from existing sources. Still curious? Okay, let’s start the discussion.

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

The first character is Manjiro Sano or what we usually know as Mickey Mouse. As far as we know he is the most powerful character in Tokyo Avengers so far, he has never actually lost a fight.

Anggota Terkuat Geng Tokyo Manji

Additionally, he is the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang or Tomon. But after he finished the fight, Izana disbanded the gang, but instead he formed a new gang named Kanto Manji Gang and in the future it will be renamed as Bonten.

Another character is South Terrano, a large and violent man who is the leader of Rokuhara Tandai. For those who don’t know the south, Senju and Miki are 3 gods of course, they are each a group and are enemies with each other.

Now if we look at this south as a dragon, then many people at first think that they are related by blood. Even though they are considered 3 gods like Mikey, in terms of power, Mikey is still superior. Miki also killed Dakshin in Kanto Manji’s fight against Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman.

Another character is Senju Kawargai, for those of you who don’t know Senju is a woman. Yet he is very strong in terms of power, he can even lead a Brahmin group.

Karakter Paling Berbahaya Di Manga Dan Anime Tokyo Revengers

Also, despite being a girl and still attending school, Senju is considered one of the three gods. But unfortunately when the great war happened, Senju’s power could not defeat the south, the south was also killed by Mikey. So if Senju fights Miki, Senju is sure to die.

Then there is Izana Kurokawa, for those of you who don’t know, Izana is the leader of Tenjiku, it is said that Izana is a character that can match and defeat Miki.

Well, for those of you who don’t know Izana, you can say Mickey’s distant relative, because Izana is Emma’s sister, who is Mickey’s half-sister. Izana also knows Mikey’s brother. But unfortunately, Izana had to die due to being shot by Kisaki.

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

Another character is Taiju Shiba, this man with a very large body is the leader of the 10th generation Black Dragon. Physically and in appearance, Taiju seems to be the most powerful person and has a military spirit in his group.

Inilah 5 Karakter Terkuat Dan Berbahaya Di Tokyo Revengers

Although Taiju’s stature is large and formidable, he unfortunately loses in an attack when facing Mikey. Even when Mickey attacked him, Mickey’s face didn’t look serious.

Another character is Ken Ryuguji, a man who is one of the founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang and also Mikey’s right-hand man. A man with a dragon tattoo on his head is usually called a dragon.

Well, you know, when Takemichi faced Taiju Shiba, Mickey and the Dragon came to the battle scene. If Mikey attacks Taiju with a kick, Drakken alone will hold 100 Black Dragon members.

Then there is Kakucho, a man with a scary face due to the scar on his face who is Tenjiku’s second strongest. Although Izana is cold towards its members, it acknowledges Kakucho’s existence and greatness.

Tokyo Revengers: Mampukah Takemichi Selamatkan Mikey?

Although Kakucho is a strong person, during the battle between Tenjiku and Tokyo Manji, he was unfortunately unable to do anything when Izana was shot. Now after Tenjiku was disbanded, Kakuchō retreated to the south and Rokuhara joined Tandai.

Another character is Souta Kawata, this man is Nahoya Kawata’s twin brother. You probably know Souta better as angry and Nahoya as smiling. Then the Angry Tokyo Manji Gang is the vice-captain of the fourth division.

You might be wondering why the vice-captain can get in, while the captain isn’t on this list. But you should know that Souta is stronger than Nahoya, especially when he cries.

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

Another character is Keisuke Baji, a man who is one of the founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang, along with Mickey and the Dragon. In addition, Baji is also Manjiro Sano’s childhood friend.

Biodata Dan Profil Shinichiro Sano Tokyo Revengers: Kakak Mikey, Pendiri Serta Pemimpin Geng Black Dragon

Now in terms of power it can be slightly below or equal to Bazi Dragon. But unfortunately Valhalla didn’t get to show his teeth during the battle against Baji, as he was injured by Kazutora and Miki committed suicide to not hold a grudge against Kazutora.

Finally, there is Shuji Han, this man who is always with Kisaki. Since he was following Kisaki, Hanma thought that something interesting would happen if he was with Kisaki.

In terms of strength, Hanma is not that strong, in fact he is often hampered by dragons when fighting. But the beauty of Hanma is that there are very few people who don’t fight back immediately after receiving an attack from Miki.

Thus ranking the strongest characters in Tokyo Avengers. So, after reading this article, do you think you agree with the order or ranking we have provided? Then always remember to visit Otaku.

Karakter Dengan Masa Lalu Paling Kelam Di Tokyo Revengers

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Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

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On this occasion, we will tell you which artists become increasingly successful after becoming Kamen Riders.

Hello anime and manga fans, this time we want to invite you to discuss the reasons why you love Tokyo Avengers. curious? The strongest character in Tokyo Avengers, as we know it today, is little Manjiro, also known as Miki. But besides Mikey and Tokyo Manji gang characters, there are other Tokyo Raveners strong characters, you know.

Tokyo Manji or Tomon is one of Shibuya’s motorcycle gangs that control the Tokyo area. Where the gang is led by little Manjiro (Miki) and his assistant Ryuguji Ken (Drakken).

Besides these two characters, the Tokyo Avengers anime has some powerful people present in the story. Therefore, time jumps to solve the problems they created to make Takemichi.

Seluruh Karakter Yang Menjadi Ketua Geng Di Tokyo Revengers

In fact, Takemichi had to beat even the strongest criminals to change history in the future.

Here are some of the most powerful characters from Tokyo Avengers, compiled from various sources. is there anyone Come on, continue reading this article to the end so that you don’t miss important information.

Little Manjiro or commonly known as Miki is the leader and founder of the Tokyo Manji (Tomon) gang. So far, she is the most powerful character in Tokyo Avengers.

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

In every battle, Mickey is invincible and has unmatched strength. Because of this, he was called Invincible Mickey or Ajeya Mickey.

Tokyo Revengers: 4 Fakta Menarik Ketua Geng Brahman Kawaragi Senju!

Since childhood, Mickey can eliminate opponents much larger than him. In fact, he has mastered 100 basic fighting techniques since he was in elementary school.

Another strongest character in Tokyo Avengers is Ryuguji Kane or the Dragon. He is the vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji gang and one of the founders of Touman.

Although he does not have martial arts skills like Mickey, the Dragon has strength from physical endurance and battle experience. In fact, this man with a dragon tattoo on his head can defeat 100 members of Black Dragon alone.

Baji had joined a rival gang called Valhalla and was mistaken for a traitor. However, Touman’s reason for leaving was because he wanted to search for Kisaki and save the Tokyo Manji gang.

Daftar Pendiri Tokyo Manji Di Tokyo Revengers

In the Touman vs Valhalla battle, Baji’s strength was shown when he received a stab wound from Kazutora and was still able to defeat Kisaki Tetta’s 50 subordinates.

Who does not know this character? Yes, Hanagaki Takemichi is the protagonist of Tokyo Avengers. He travels back in time from 2017 to 2005 to save the people he cares about and the most important, especially his girlfriend Hinata Tachibana.

In the case of Kisaki’s investigation, Chifuyu helps the new 1st Division Captain Takemichi uncover Kisaki’s true identity.

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

Although Chifuyu Matsuno is not the most powerful character in Tokyo Avengers, his stamina in battle cannot be underestimated.

Karakter Terkuat Di Tokyo Revengers Yang Wajib Kamu Ketahui!

Kisaki Tetta is one of Takemichi’s main enemies in Tokyo Avengers. Although he lacks combat ability, he is one of the most powerful characters who is intelligent and cunning which makes him very dangerous.

Izana Kurosawa is Miki’s adopted sister and the founder of the Tenjiku gang. Despite being of different blood, Miki’s relationship is strong because of her relationship with Shinchiro, his brother.

In addition, Izana is also one of the most powerful characters who can keep up with Mickey during a duel. In fact, this character from the Yokohama region was once the leader of the 8th generation Black Dragon gang.

Taizu Shiba has lived in a violent environment since childhood. This is what made him the head of the Black Dragon in the 10th generation.

Perbandingan Anime Vs Live Action [tokyo Revengers]

While Taiju leads the Black Dragon Gang, he uses military disciplinary force. Many call this generation the worst.

Another Tokyo Avengers strongest character is Terrano South. This man with a massive build and presence like a dragon was the leader of Rokuhara Tandai. In fact, you could say that he is also one of the people on par with Miki and Kawaragi Senju.

However, Mikey is still superior in terms of power. Where this can be seen is when Miki kills the south in the battle between Kanto Manji vs Rokuhara Tandai and Brahmin.

Karakter Terkuat Di Anime Tokyo Revengers Adalah?

It can’t even be considered a character

Terano South Karakter Terkuat Tokyo Revengers Saat Ini?

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