Ini Lah Detail Kekuatan Kru Red Hair Pirates!

Ini Lah Detail Kekuatan Kru Red Hair Pirates! – As one of the sea captains Shanks is one of the strongest characters in the series. It has even become a threat to water and the Government of the world. In fact, Shanks is not like other people who have strong demonic powers. He had none, and he only relied on the power of Haki. Red hair.

However, we have to admit that the level of Shanks’ Haki power is terrifying. In addition to Shanks’ image, his team is known to have unique powers. According to Navy sources, Shanks’ pirate group is a well-rounded and hard-to-beat pirate group. This is because all the members of Shank’s team are very strong. In other words, they are equally capable. Is it really good?

Ini Lah Detail Kekuatan Kru Red Hair Pirates!

Ini Lah Detail Kekuatan Kru Red Hair Pirates!

The name of Shanks’ team was revealed in an SBS 101 column yesterday, after fans asked for the names of other Red Hair teams. Limejuice is someone who can be seen wearing sunglasses and long hair. He also always wears a black hat with a skull motif. One of Limejuice’s greatest abilities is how he can perform moves or techniques similar to Sanji’s Sky Walk or Rokushiki’s Geppo. We see this ability in a red film. Red hair.

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Bonk Punch is also one of Shanks’ team whose name was just revealed in yesterday’s SBS column. However, his photos are certainly not alien to all geeks. Bonk Punch himself is a skull with a scar on the right eye, and a large body. He is always accompanied by his monkey friend, and the monkey is called Monster. His greatest ability is his ability to unleash extremely dangerous attacks, and he also goes to great lengths to counter enemy attacks. Red hair.

Then we also know the face of Snake Builder, a person with a light build, long hair, and wearing glasses. The distinguishing feature of this character is the snake tattoo on his neck. Like many other swordsmen, the Snake Builder specializes in the Nitoryu technique or two techniques. The main thing is that he always does acrobatics or moves when he attacks. In addition, the formation of snakes has a strong effect on the legs.

Hongo is one of the crew of red pirates, who have the same appearance as the samurai of Wano. He is a doctor in Shanks’ group, and in the movie Mena he shows his main role. But, unfortunately, there is not much work that Oda has to offer from Hongo’s pictures. He is shown to be able to easily destroy enemies due to his strength. In addition, Hongo can also use weapons even though he doesn’t use them in the story.

Perhaps, from Shanks’ staff above Howling Gab is one of the most interesting and powerful characters. Gab’s howl itself is an animal-like behavior. In the movie Red Piece, he seems to have the same superpower as Pacifista where he can shoot laser guns from his mouth.

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Of all the red-haired workers, Rockstar was one of the most recent workers to join the group. But it is said that he used to be a famous pirate. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available from his photos. However, Rockstar has great skill with his sword. He has a technique called “Sword Splitting” where he will swing his sword in a straight line and split the enemy in half. He also has a deadly attack that allows him to practice.

Sniper in this unit. Yasopp’s name is famous in the sea. He is known as the first sniper, who did not miss a shot. He is also Usopp’s father. His fame and reputation as a sharpshooter was widely heard. This makes Shanks curious and inviting.

Luffy acknowledges Yasopp’s superiority due to his shooting ability. In addition to his sharp shooting skills, Yasopp is also known for his ability to see Haki. It was confirmed in the booklet One Billion Piece 4 and in the movie Mena. There are special moments in the movie about Usopp and Yasopp.

Ini Lah Detail Kekuatan Kru Red Hair Pirates!

Of all Shank’s pirate crews, one that stands out is Lucky Roo/Lucky Roux. Lucky Roo is one of Shanks’ trusted men. Lucky Roo has great and unique abilities. Although his body was large, he was able to move very quickly, although his presence was still invisible to others.

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There is currently no explanation as to how he gained his power. Some fans believe it’s the Devil Fruit’s power, while others believe it’s Haki’s ability. Of all of Shanks’ employees, Lucky Roo was one of the most exposed.

Besides Lucky Roo, Benn Beckman is another famous member of Shanks’ pirate crew. Benn Beckman is the vice captain of the Red Pirates. And like Shanks, he is also one of the main characters of the series. Like Shanks, he is now one of the most powerful people in the world.

This is due to his shooting ability, as well as his Haki power. Although Benn is not as sharp a player as Yasopp, but the combination of his shooting ability and Haki power makes Kizaru very scary when dealing with him. In addition, he is a brilliant anti-intellectual.

With all the devil fruit teams impotent, underpowered, and understaffed yet still considered a major problem by world governments, it’s only natural that that the Red Sea Pirates are considered the most powerful pirate group on the seas today. . The employees of this pirate group are not joking. The fans themselves are currently waiting for everyone’s reaction to the big story.

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Pop Culture Media by brand, is an entertainment media company with a passion for popular entertainment such as movies, comic books, otaku content and video games. The Red Hair Pirates were the first group of pirates to appear in the manga series.

And second in the anime series, after the pirate group Alvida. Red hair is a big part of Luffy and Usopp’s journey and story – Luffy was inspired by Shanks while Usopp was inspired by his father Ysopp.

As one of the most powerful pirate groups in the sea, it is different from the general pirate group. That’s why the red hair group became one of the most respected. Although there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this group, there are some interesting facts that have emerged from the story.

Ini Lah Detail Kekuatan Kru Red Hair Pirates!

One of the most interesting things that everyone wants to know is that the Devil Fruit is not used in Shanks’ team. This means that both of them make good use of Haki power just like Shanks. This is also why his team is considered a strong team, with a balanced staff.

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Among Shanks’ employees, one that stands out is the image of Lucky Roo. Lucky Roo is one of Shanks’ employees. He is the first character shown to kill someone in either the manga or the anime version. He does this by shooting the mountain bandit in the head, while the bandit threatens Shanks’ life.

Lucky Roo has great and unique abilities. Although his body is big and full, he can move quickly before others notice. It is not yet known how he acquired this ability. However, there is a good chance that Oda was inspired by the famous character Lucky Luke (a competitor who shoots faster than you think). It can also be one of Lucky Roo’s Haki abilities, which can move quickly. Meanwhile, people thought that Lucky Roo was not good, considering that he always ate meat. However, it can be a way to conserve energy or strength.

This ability is similar to Jewel Bonney’s ability, where the Devil Fruit can make people look old or young. The Ravaka Bonney is shown to eat a lot of food, but is still small in size. Using the ability of the Devil Fruit can remove his strength and power.

Lucky Roo deliberately ate more and saved his energy for emergencies, such as when one of the mountain bandits threatened Shanks. One of his strengths is probably his quickness. We still don’t know what other abilities Lucky Roo has.

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There may be other things. Lucky Roo is a Devil Eater who eats Tere Tere without Mi or Teleport Fruit. Teleport is considered to be faster than the speed of light, as the subject literally disappears and appears in another location for a short period of time.

This is probably why Lucky Roo’s face was not seen by the robbers, because Lucky Roo really disappeared and appeared next to him. However, the ability of the Devil’s Seed may have limits such as a distance that will not be too far. However, the user can teleport himself or anyone he touches.

It is also unlikely that this is the answer to the mystery of why Shanks and his crew ended up at Marineford. They all called at Marineford. We just have to wait

Ini Lah Detail Kekuatan Kru Red Hair Pirates!

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