Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod Apk Download Link 1.2.0 (2022)

Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod Apk Download Link 1.2.0 (2022) – Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory is the fourth installment in the Ice Scream series of horror adventure games. The game’s plot continues the events known from the first release. The user and his friends once again fall into the hands of the evil and terrifying ice cream man Rod. The madman kidnaps them and locks them in his factory. There he will perform mysterious and terrifying experiments on people that could cost them their lives. The objective of the game is to get out of a large and gloomy building. To save the other prisoners and to understand the essence of what is happening.

In the process of beating Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory game on Android. Gamers will meet a family of helpers of evil ice cream. They are dangerous so it is better to stay away from them. You need to move as carefully as possible so as not to draw attention to yourself. You need to check all the premises of a big factory and find useful items hidden there. to exit the building; to find all the keys; to avoid meeting enemies; You must overcome insidious traps and solve difficult puzzles.

Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod Apk Download Link 1.2.0 (2022)

Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod Apk Download Link 1.2.0 (2022)

In Ice Scream 4, if the enemy overtakes the hero. Must fight. To do this, You can use items and tools that are in transit. Enemies are stupid and easy to outwit. But you need to follow the plot so that you don’t miss important information. You can exploit your competitors. Participants were exposed to gloomy graphics; You will experience a tense atmosphere and a well-chosen soundtrack that creates the right mood. Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory MOD APK is the 4th installment of the Ice Scream horror game series by Keplerians Horror Games. The game revolves around an ice cream vendor, Rod, who kidnaps all four children, and Jay, after one of them escapes and manages to rescue his three friends from this crazy ice cream factory.

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Ice Scream is a horror adventure game revolving around Rod, a unique ice cream vendor. He always wears an old rabbit mask and drives around town in an ice cream van that’s crumpled up on a corner. But all this is mere pretense, and behind the ridiculously naive people lies a cold-blooded killer. He sells ice cream to trick and kidnap children.

The first episode of the series tells about a child abduction committed by Rod. Episodes 2 and 3 explore Rod’s life and childhood, and why he went from a shy kid to such a twisted kidnapper.

In the first 3 seasons, there were 3 people who were kidnapped by Rod’s cunning schemes and various cruel methods. Jay, a smart and intelligent boy who has uncovered Rod’s entire plan, struggles to free the pitiful victims, but the mission fails. In episode 3, Jay ends up in a very dangerous way: he eats a lot of ice cream made with three friends’ special ingredients and deliberately lets Rod push him. The journey to save friends begins here.

Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory begins with a black screen and the heartwarming words, “You must get out of this cage and save your friends,” signaling the complicated road ahead.

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Continuing the unfinished events of Part 3, Rod leaves after Jay leaves with his three friends. Guard J and three friends are two robots: a cleaning robot; Guard robot. Rob also has a gigantic robot that protects the entire ice cream factory. The one thing these three little wands have in common is that when they detect something unusual from you, they make a loud sound to alert Rod.

Ice Scream 4 mainly revolves around Jay’s search for this haunted ice cream factory. Your task is to find a way to escape from the pursuit of these three robots. to find the Control Room; Press the button to open the cell door to free your three friends.

Some time later, J arrives at the fairgrounds with a series of mysterious numbers and events that help J guess a little about what happened in Rod’s kidnapper’s past and childhood. If we can solve a puzzle by combining these numbers, Jay will be equipped with a stun gun. After a chase, Jay manages to capture Boris, the largest robot, and shut him down.

Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod Apk Download Link 1.2.0 (2022)

Before the three kids could get away, Rod returned to the cell. I jumped into the 3 pipes and messed around. Unfortunately, It does not come out of these three pipes. In fact they were roaming around the different rooms of the factory. After J presses the button, Rod catches him and puts him in a cage. The search continued for the three children who tried to escape. Part (4) ends here. If you’re disappointed, stay tuned for more events in episode 5.

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The operation is very simple; You follow the instructions displayed in the middle of the screen and touch the screen to move and complete the task. But the main difficulty is the puzzles of Rod and the new minions (Mini Wands) in Episode 4. It lies in detours and unwanted appearances. No matter which mode you choose, whenever Rod appears, Note that the game speed will be faster than normal. . Therefore, your heart beats constantly.

In previous episodes, Rod was scary; It’s scary and difficult, but in this episode he has 3 more robots, and in the previous episodes he had 3 mutant chickens. Wherever you find one of the two robots in the process of searching, they will immediately scream and ring a bell to call Rod immediately. If you can’t find your way in time, it’s game over.

Ghost in the game; easy normal There are 4 Hard game modes. Depending on your ability to take hits and heartbreaks, simply choose the game screen that suits you. However, no matter how you play, There are some unchanging principles that go along with it. for example, When choosing the simple mode, the enemy moves very slowly and cannot move with agility. Even if you run into them, you’re not in much danger. In addition, You have up to 3 lives to play in each scenario in Easy Mode.

There are some hints for us from the information in Section 4; However, this is just speculation. The Evil Nun is a mother who has lost her daughter. Rod used the demon to get a new baby. The Evil Nun is also the one who gave her son Rod to Joseph, the ice cream seller.

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The Evil Nun is also responsible for Joseph’s tragedy when he discovers that her secret ice cream recipe has been stolen. Rod has become a psychopathic killer in the present day because of his obsessively abusive childhood and the loss of his only loved one (Joseph). All in all, when will this demonic family meet again? We also don’t know if there are other secrets hidden in this story. But the story stops for now.

Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory is a charming 3D horror adventure game with rare themes and a fascinating story with many hidden clues with criminal elements (kidnapping) and demonic elements (Evil Nun, Satan…).

Rod appears in a simple 3D image, but just a few musical notes break out sharply, like Rod, which always feels haunted in every detail. There’s no need for a lot of screaming, just a few broken musical notes. I think the way the story is told in a mysterious voice is also a very interesting point. If you love horror games, you need to play this Ice Scream series today.

Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod Apk Download Link 1.2.0 (2022)

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