Genshin Impact: All Stone Lock Locations | Legends Of The Stone Lock

Genshin Impact: All Stone Lock Locations | Legends Of The Stone Lock – Clearing all 16 Stone Lock puzzles is required to complete Legends of Stone Lock in Genshin Impact. It’s a bit far, but players should make sure to bring a Pyro character with them. The Pyro character is needed because it takes a Pyro attack to destroy the Pillar Seals.

All Genshin Impact players have Amber on their account right now, so feel free to use it. It doesn’t matter how low level you are because pillar seals are destroyed quickly either way.

Genshin Impact: All Stone Lock Locations | Legends Of The Stone Lock

Genshin Impact: All Stone Lock Locations | Legends Of The Stone Lock

It doesn’t matter in which order players complete these stone enclosures, as long as they complete all 16. They must remember to bring the Pyro character to clear the pillar stone seal.

Genshin Impact: How To Destroy The Stone Pillar Seal

Once all the seals are destroyed, it’s time to defeat the new enemies. There’s no particular trick to watch out for here. Therefore, users should bring any character that is ready to fight in these areas.

Defeating the enemies here will also spawn a chest. They can open it to collect free loot.

Players can repeat this process 15 more times to advance the Legends of the Lockstone. Now that travelers know how this puzzle works, it’s time to look at the actual maps and all the relevant locations.

These maps can be seen below. The screens are from the active Genshin Impact map and have been modified to make it clearer to readers.

Genshin Impact: All Secret Crimson Agate Locations

Note: Purple stars on this map indicate that stone keys are visible above ground, while red stars indicate they are below ground.

Otherwise, this is the first of two maps to check out in this guide. There could be a map, but it would be too stretched vertically, so this way is easier on the reader.

This image includes ten 16 Stone Locks players needed to clear. Note that the area north of the Figure of Seven in Gandharva Ville requires them to start the Starry Night Chapter to find the Kusava Gadget and clear the way to this puzzle.

Genshin Impact: All Stone Lock Locations | Legends Of The Stone Lock

Note: The purple stars shown here also represent the stone locks of the overworld. Likewise, a red star here is an underground.

A Strange Story In Konda

Also, Genshin Impact users should know what to do here. Considering that most of these areas are on the ground, it shouldn’t be difficult to take out these six. Once all 16 are eliminated, they can continue the quest.

Genshin Impact players should be prepared to battle the Perpetual Mechanical Array. After completing this mission, they can talk to Aranara to fight this boss multiple times to get more chests. Legends of the Stone Key is a global effort by Genshin Impact 3.0. The guide includes an unlockable path, a travel letter, a sealed stone pillar, a vintage harp, a luxury chest, and rewards!

Sumeru World Quest List How To Unlock Lockstone Legends Destroy All Mechanisms Sealed With Lockstone Click To Grow

Legends of a Stone Lock is a hidden world quest that can be found when you successfully clear the 16 stone pillars scattered across Sumeru.

Genshin Impact How To Unlock Tree Of Dreams, All Tree Of Dreams Rewards

In order to clear some of the seals on the stone pillar and gain access to the underground, you need to have a vintage lyre. You have to go further with the Aranyaka series to find this example.

With the help of the Aranaras, the Perpetual Mechanical Array involved in this global effort has been destroyed and can be easily cleaned even by a research team.

Play the vintage harp near the focus weapon after defeating the enemy. You can level up to 4 different chests by talking to each Aranara and defeating the summoned enemy.

Genshin Impact: All Stone Lock Locations | Legends Of The Stone Lock

The strength of the Perpetual Mechanical Array has become stronger but not as strong as Inazuma’s.

Genshin Impact All Hidden Merchant Locations

The fourth chest you can get is the luxury chest. Talk to Arasaha and Perpetual Mechanical Array is summoned, but this time it is not weakened.

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Knowing all the stone pillar locations in Sumeru is essential to completing the stone key legends in Genshin Impact.

The Stone Pillar Seal in Genshin Impact is a new type of puzzle that can be found in Sumeru. At first glance, this puzzle looks like a typical open world puzzle, but it’s actually part of a quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Guides: All Luxurious Chest Locations In Mondstadt

Because of this, players are encouraged to mark the Seal of the Stone Pillar they have destroyed. Once all 16 are unlocked, adventurers will now receive a reset achievement, and after the Legends of the Stone unlock quest, players will finally be able to claim the Chest of Comfort.

In Sumeru. Those marked with a mask of Hilichurl (green circle) are on the lower level, while those marked with a star (pink circle) are underground.

In total, 11 parts of the Stone Pillar are located on the ground floor, while the other five are located inside the caves. The two underground stone pillar symbols north of Pardis Dhyai are located inside the cave where players will unlock the Legends of the Stone lock quest in Genshin Impact. Meanwhile, the other three are accessible at these sites:

Genshin Impact: All Stone Lock Locations | Legends Of The Stone Lock

This cave entrance can be accessed when players encounter Kusava in the Agnihotra Quest in Genshin Impact (Aranyaka, Chapter 4).

All Metal Key Locations

The easiest way to get to this stone pillar seal is to use the underground Teleport waypoint. To unlock this area, players will need to follow Aranyaka Chapter 5 in Genshin Impact (Vimana Agama).

This stone pillar seal can be destroyed when players release the water level of Genshin Impact. The process must be done twice to completely drain the cave, revealing the stone pillar seal puzzle.

, players must destroy the stone pillar seal north of Pardis Dhyai. The seal is underground and players can use one of three locations to enter the cave.

After the Ruin Grader is defeated, an Aranara named Aradashan will appear, asking the adventurers to destroy the 16 Stone Pillar Seals in Genshin Impact Sumeru.

Genshin Impact: Every Stone Pillar Seal Location In Sumeru (legends Of The Stone Lock Quest) Web Story

After players defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array for the first time, the four Aranara will be determined to defeat the automaton in the Dreamland. Travelers can now use the vintage lyre in front of the Silapna (a special stone with a swirl symbol) to enter a dream state.

There will be four stages in this dream fight, and the difficulty will gradually increase. At first, players will find a normal chest, then an exquisite, a delight, and finally a luxurious and luxurious chest. To start the battle, players must speak to Aranara as follows:

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