Cats & Soup Mod Apk 2.1.4 (2022) Free Download

Cats & Soup Mod Apk 2.1.4 (2022) Free Download – Cats & Soup is a super cute game with lively Ghibli beats and soft pastel colors. You will become the “kings” of cats, cooking delicious soups every day to make life flourish.

Cats & Soup is a game that won the TOP 3 title at Google Play Independent Games Festival 2021. The game is simple but incredibly cute, the visuals are cute and the cat characters are adorable. These are all “weapons” that touch the mind and emotions of Cats & Soup players.

Cats & Soup Mod Apk 2.1.4 (2022) Free Download

Cats & Soup Mod Apk 2.1.4 (2022) Free Download

The movie Cats & Soup takes place in a forest full of peaceful beauty. This is the kingdom of cats. With many species of cats living peacefully together, nature is a treat for the eyes. The happiness of every cat here is that every day there are enough ingredients and recipes to cook delicious soups.

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Your mission is also to help each cat friend do this slow soup project. If you have a special love for cats, love small things and want to see cute floating landscapes, even simple games that are completely relaxing, then Cats & Soup is the game for you.

From the first scene of Cats & Soup, you will understand why this game is so special. There is no need to do anything as you can already get your hands on countless interesting cat breeds around the world. Each type has its own characteristics. There are strange cat breeds like Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair in this forest. They look alive and beautiful like a fairy tale.

But this is just the beginning. What makes Cats & Soup interesting is the interaction with each feline friend in the forest.

You can choose, mix and match trendy outfits for each cat, including dresses, skirts, accessories, hats and caps. With each species’ unique shape, their clothing style will also vary.

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After you finish dressing up, you can take photos of cute animals as souvenirs.

While playing Cats & Soup, you will also have many mini-games to participate in. The reward when you win will be a lot of food and materials to bring back to the cat forest. With the amount of fish caught from mini-games, you will get a heart from the cat when you bring it back to feed the cat. The more they have a heart with you, the closer they become. Well, after you get close enough, you can even name the cat whatever you want. It is very similar to having a pet at home.

With Cats & Soup, your main task is to help the cats prepare the ingredients for the soup. Zoom in on each dish on the table, a close-up of the cat cooking, the pot of soup simmering on a hot fire, put down some of the prepared ingredients, pick up the spoon to gently stir, inhale the delicious smoke. . There is nothing more satisfying than cooking soup.

Cats & Soup Mod Apk 2.1.4 (2022) Free Download

When you’re temporarily not playing or forced to go offline, the industrious jungle cats will also automatically collect resources and cook while you’re “away”. With this casual card, Cats & Soup becomes a game that you can play anytime and anywhere regardless of your free time: in the company cafeteria, in the student hall, on the bus, while eating…

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By gathering resources, cooking ingredients, when you have enough on hand you get a new soup recipe. You are constantly searching, constantly improving and unlocking more interesting things about this game.

You can find many relaxing games on mobile. But when you play Cats & Soup, most of them will definitely be a thing of the past. Cats and Soup is designed in a gentle and relaxed way with the goal of helping players be at their best. This feature was completed when the game was made. Cats & Soup comes with many relaxing ASMR sounds, when this clear and gentle sound is heard in your ears, you will quickly melt away all the stress.

Cats & Soup’s hand-drawn graphics also have no place to play. There is rarely a game with simple and casual gameplay that is so invested in its visuals. Every corner of the forest appears with many special cats. Their sweet and calm environment will calm the voices in your mind.

Once done, you can open the internet to experience all the features of the game.

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Lighten your mood with a relaxing game like Cats & Soup. By playing for a short time, you will find that you are smoother, think smoother, more positive and ready to take on more. Rarely does a cat game deliver as much emotion and beauty as Cats & Soup. Cats & Soup APK is a simulation game with simple gameplay and super cute graphics. In this game, your task is simply to help the cats cook a delicious soup for the whole family to enjoy. Each cat plays a special role in the soup making, which is sure to bring you an interesting experience.

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If you’re a fan of indie games, you shouldn’t ignore the appearance of Cats & Soup. This game was voted as one of the best indie games on Google Play in 2021. So far, the game has shown no signs of cooling down as it continues to receive new installs from the global community of players. The proof is that it has reached more than 10 million installs along with a 4.8 rating on Google Play.

Cats & Soup Mod Apk 2.1.4 (2022) Free Download

It can be seen that the publisher HIDEA really understands the intentions of the players when they constantly provide new content so that people always feel fresh when they enjoy. Your main goal in this game is to help cats make delicious soups and constantly unlock new recipes. Don’t forget to unlock new cats to create a big cat family in this game.

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Cats & Soup is a relaxing game for players. This game will not come with a varied mission system or intense combat moments. You simply enter the game to enjoy the relaxing task of cooking soup for the cats on the screen.

The gameplay is very simple, players start with a cat who is in charge of stirring the soup to prepare dinner. Soon other cats will appear to help you get new ingredients like chopping carrots or chopping cabbage. You can also use this soup to sell for profit, so use the money earned to buy tools to expand your cooking space.

As mentioned, each cat in Cats & Soup has to do different tasks to make the best soups. It’s your job to assign the role of each cat to help them get the job done in the best possible way. Regularly perform each step such as cutting, slicing, peeling, washing vegetables, selecting ingredients, gathering firewood and more.

Once assigned, the cats will automatically perform tasks to help you have more time to focus on other activities. At the same time, the action in this game is very simple and suitable for all types of players. You just need to touch the screen to assign activities to the cats. In addition, a tutorial system appears in the first level to ensure that players understand the gameplay well.

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In addition to cooking soup, players must create a sustainable living environment for all the cats here. Specifically, you build and decorate the house for them. Of course, things will help progress over time so that players can find attractions as they experience them. You should use this profit to buy kitchen utensils, cooking materials, furniture and other things. Don’t forget to create a fun area for the cats.

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