Video Vhong Navarro Released Viral Video Leaked On Twitter

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Taguig Municipal Prosecutor’s Office sued in Taguig District Court for raping TV presenter and actor Ferdinand “Wong” Navarro for the sexual assault of model stylist Denise Cornejo filed a

Video Vhong Navarro Released Viral Video Leaked On Twitter

Video Vhong Navarro Released Viral Video Leaked On Twitter

In information dated August 31, prosecutors allege that Navarro sexually assaulted the victim on January 17, 2014, “by force, intimidation, and intimidation” and intentionally administering drugs.

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Meanwhile, the Taguig RTC has ordered that the drawing of the case be suspended until the Court of Appeal has resolved Navarro’s appeal and urgent consent to issue a status quo order.

In April 2018, the Department of Justice dismissed Cornejo’s petition for review, which challenged the September 2017 decision that there was no reason to bring Navarro to court.

The Justice Department said there was not enough evidence to substantiate Navarro’s claim, saying it was “not impressed” by Cornejo’s additional evidence. .

However, the DOJ resolution was overruled by the CA last month when it ordered the city of Taguig prosecutors to charge Navarro with rape and obscenity.

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“The trial is not an appropriate place to judge the guilt or innocence of the accused.

“Yeah, to be honest, we were very surprised. Denials of rape allegations were denied several times in a row,” Mallonga told ANC on Friday.

It is also clear that the Justice Department did not act arbitrarily or maliciously in dismissing the charges against Navarro, as the grounds for the dismissal can be found in the records.

Video Vhong Navarro Released Viral Video Leaked On Twitter

He also said Cornejo had previously stated that the rape did not occur on January 17th and then changed the story “when a lawsuit was already filed.”

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“It is thought later, it is unbelievable, and as the judiciary correctly found, it is inconsistent with human behavior,” he said.-AOL, GMA NewsVhong Navarro was a victim of a brutal attack inside a friend’s condominium unit. In Port Bonifacio Global City, condo units are equipped with CCTV cameras. Netizens speculate that the incident involving Vhong Navarro was filmed.

Several sources claim that CCTV footage of the incident has already been recorded, and according to some netizens who have already seen the footage, one of the most popular links on Facebook today is fake.

The CCTV video floating around on Facebook is fake.

A Facebook link to a CCTV footage of Vhong Navarro’s beatings asks netizens to like and share the link before viewing Vhong Navarro’s exclusive video footage.

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Our resident video experts and tech team tried to view the video link, but according to him, various spam was overflowing. We encourage our readers not to click on links and wait for the latest updates regarding official CCTV footage. It will be posted here soon. Vhong Navarro – Court of Appeal (CA) ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ). It’s Showtime hosts to file a rape lawsuit in connection with a complaint from model stylist Denise Cornejo.

The controversy between Vhong and Deniece was one of the most shocking entertainment stories of 2014. Wong appeared in the press with a swollen face claiming that Denise’s friends had been injured. But Denise said she sexually assaulted her when her Wong visited her own home.

In 2018, the DOJ dismissed a rape case against a noon host. According to a CNN Philippines report, DOJ dropped the suit against Wong because of “serious discrepancies” in Denise’s complaint statement.

Video Vhong Navarro Released Viral Video Leaked On Twitter

The same thing happened in 2020. The Justice Department once again dismissed the case against Wong Navarro. The reason the agency mentioned this time is that “The #healthmeeting between Cornejo and Navarro was done under an agreement.”

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On July 31, the CA opposed the DOJ’s decision. In a statement issued by CA, the agency said the DOJ was in error in denying the petition for reconsideration, citing inconsistencies in Denise’s complaint statement.

The CA emphasized that the DOJ’s preliminary investigation is not where determining who is guilty or not guilty, and that credibility issues must be addressed during the trial.

“Ultimately, it is up to the trial court to decide who is telling the truth between Navarro and Cornejo. Cornejo denied her attempted rape on the night of January 22, 2014, but Navarro denies her own fault. I did.”

The Court of Appeal has ordered the Taguig Prosecutor’s Office to charge Wong Navarro with sexual and lewd rape. As of this writing, It’s Showtime host camp has not yet released a statement.

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