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According to Twitter reps, most subscriptions and overlays will stop starting this week.

“With this week’s success, we will be discontinuing and restocking most of our non-essential business subscriptions,” said a Twitter representative.

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Two key executives are also stepping down from the company, Reuters and Bloomberg reported on Thursday. The waiver was confirmed by a rep. “We’re re-using outside of work to make sure we’re reliable and efficient,” said Insider.

Some of these developments were disclosed to Twitter employees in internal updates received by Bloomberg and others. Despite the hiring freeze, Bloomberg reports that Chairman Parag Agarwal told employees in a letter that the company was not meeting its financial and crowdfunding goals.

According to Bloomberg, Agarwal said in the email that “leaders will continue to inspire their organizations to support productivity on a case-by-case basis.”

He said Twitter would try to cut spending on things like travel and consulting and withdraw specific job offers from competitors.

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