Video Anitta Is Called ‘beyonce Made In Rio’ By Italian Magazine Viral

Video Anitta Is Called ‘beyonce Made In Rio’ By Italian Magazine Viral – “This album, I mean, I think it’s the riskiest [thing] I’ve ever done in my career,” Anitta told ET ahead of her album’s release. “I mix the three languages ​​I speak, which are Spanish, Portuguese and English.”

“The idea of ​​the album is to show the 10 personalities I have inside me. I’m a very complex person. I have different people inside me, but I’m still me,” he continued. “I wanted to show everybody that I can be … romantic one day, sexy the next, crazy, serious, bossy, feminist and still not lost, you know?”

Video Anitta Is Called ‘beyonce Made In Rio’ By Italian Magazine Viral

Video Anitta Is Called ‘beyonce Made In Rio’ By Italian Magazine Viral

“I grew up listening to Mariah Carey. He is my number one. She taught me to sing, she was the first person I listened to in my life,” he admitted. “My aunts were crazy about Mariah, so she was the first singer I listened to when I was a child, maybe a year or two .I’ve always been crazy about music.”

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“[I think of] Mariah Carey when I sing romantic [songs], she inspires me,” she continued. “And when I want to be strong, I really think of Beyonce. When I want to look sexy with a [male] attitude, I think of Rihanna. When I want to be very young but funny, I think of Ariana Grande. And when I want to [channel] my sarcastic [side], I think of Cardi B, I love her so much. Every woman has something to show us, to teach us, so I do it.”

The album, conceptualized with the help of creative director Giovanni Bianco, features collaborations with Becky G, Ludmila, Snoop Dogg, Papatinho, DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Swae Lee, Chris Marshall, Aless, Prince Royce and Caetano Velos.

“He’s worked with all the divas that I love — Madonna, Rihanna, he’s also worked with Kim Kardashian … and some brands that I love like Prada, Versace, so many [others] in the fashion world,” Anitta explained. . “He really thought of kisses because I said we’re trying to find something, [a concept] that can be different [things] but still the same. That’s how he got the idea of ​​kisses.”

It was a year in the making and each track was carefully crafted with a purpose.

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“All the songs are really beautiful. None of the songs are there just to fill the album, just to be there, just to play one more song,” said Anitta. “They are all really good. I like ‘Poquito’ with Swae Lee, I like ‘Banana’ with Becky G and I really like the one with Snoop Dogg. I think people will like these three songs.”

“I really want women from the Latin world to be with me on this album,” she said. “I think it’s important to [support] women … And to show everyone that we’re strong, stronger when we’re together, and [Becky] has the same thoughts in her mind, so I invited her. I really love it. She is beautiful, she has manners and she is happy.”

Anitta says that the goal of this album is to share Brazilian music and its rich culture with the masses, not to have a number one hit.

Video Anitta Is Called ‘beyonce Made In Rio’ By Italian Magazine Viral

“I used to think that success was being number one, being everywhere, being a star, but now I think success is doing great things,” he said. “I feel so honored to bring some of my country’s culture to other countries, you know, like funk music. It makes me feel so grateful, so happy, and even if it’s not my song, I don’t care if it’s mine or someone else from Brazil.”

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“I’ve actually told people that my goal with this album is not a number one hit, I’m not kidding. I’m not even worried about having a number one song or top 10 or top 50 or whatever,” she continued. “It’s not something I worry about. I am concerned about getting the message across to the people.”

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