True Skate MOD APK 1.5.53 (Unlimited Money) for Android

For those who love the famous sport of skiing, right skate It is a great mobile entertainment game. Find out all about it in our review.

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The game offers the most immersive 3D skateboarding experience on your Android devices that features various customizations. You can access hundreds of different skateboards that come in many shapes and sizes. Or test your skateboarding ability at a huge selection of different skate parks.

Moreover, you can enjoy exciting gameplay thanks to the realistic control and physics. Every twist and turn will make you feel like a professional skater on a real skateboard.

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It was really fun being able to play the game. We really enjoy the multiple skate parks, skateboards, and customizable skate styles. They really add to the variety of the game. Here are some features that will definitely interest you:

Authentic physics

You will be surprised to see how accurate the in-game physics really are, if you are a real skater you can easily notice the difference from this game and others skateboarding game. Grip level, control, balance, etc. are all similar to the authentic movements of a skateboarder on his board. Not only is it fun, but you will also learn a lot about skateboarding through this game.

realistic game

Speaking of the original physics, the game also comes with incredibly realistic gameplay that features almost every element of skateboarding. For example, you will have to speed up by using your fingers to scroll the screen to keep the board moving. It is a completely different experience compared to other similar titles.

Moreover, you can also make changes to your skateboard by switching components and gears to upgrade it. This allows your board to perform better in certain types of terrain.

right skate

Customizable deck

For those who like to express their styles through skateboarding, you will be able to change the graphics of the deck to whatever you want. And once you think the old patterns are no longer cool, you can easily wipe off the paint and replace it with new art. Keep in mind that if you scrape the deck too much, the paint will gradually wear off.

Hundreds of skate parks

When you start the game, you will have access to a beautiful skate park that features different types of ledges, rails, and stairs for one practice. But if you’re considering a more challenging challenge, at True Skate, they also offer access to hundreds of other skate parks. You will never get bored when playing this game.

However, if you are playing on the Google Play version, you will likely have to purchase in-game packs to unlock these paths. But don’t worry now, you can always get unlockable amusement parks absolutely free with True Skate APK. Stay tuned as we will introduce the game in the following.

slow motion and rewind

You just finished a great move or completed a hard challenge and want to take a look at what happened, the slow motion and rewind features of True Skate are here for you. With simple clicks and swipes, you can easily rewatch your awesome tricks hundreds of times. Furthermore, you always have the option to rewind the slow motion at any time. And if you are very satisfied with your achievements, you can record the actions for later review.

right skate

exciting challenges

The game features an interesting campaign mode that offers hundreds of exciting missions and challenges. Each time you unlock a new skate park, you get access to more playable content. By completing challenging challenges, you’ll have access to valuable prizes that can unlock amazing gears and accessories that can give your skateboard a major performance boost.

Compete with skaters from all over the world

And don’t worry if you think there won’t be anyone to show off your trophies and achievements with, the game also comes with an interesting global leaderboard which lists all the most badass skaters in True Skate from every corner of the world.

You can see how well other players are doing and practice your skills to compete with them for the top positions on the board. Show them what you’re made of!

Totally Free

As mentioned earlier, the Google Play version is a paid version, so we would like to introduce a great mod that will unlock all the hidden features in the game for you. With us True Skate MOD APKYou will have access to all the missions available in the game, a myriad of skateboard gears and accessories for great customizations, and of course hundreds of different skate parks to test your skills with. All you have to do is download and install the APK file to run the game.

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The game features realistic 3D graphics that provide exciting skating experiences. The garden designs, painting and artistic styles, are all original and can be seen in any skate park in real life. A street skate park is very different from a championship skate park.

During our tests, no lag was recorded as the game performance is very good even on average devices. For less capable devices there are still minor lag issues but it’s not significant and the game remains playable.

It seems

Acceleration, breaking and cornering are so precise, you can even hear the wheels spin when riding on the board. And every time you perform a corner kick or any other tricks, the sound effects are really satisfying, and really add to the realistic gameplay of True Skate.

You can even be shocked to hear your wall smash after an accident. It makes you feel like you just broke your skateboard in real life.

Download True Skate Mod latest 1.5.53 Android APK

With very accurate physics and intuitive gameplay, True Skate is undoubtedly one of the best skateboarding games on Android devices. And thanks to our mod version, you will definitely have a lot of fun while playing the game.

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