Overwatch 2: Is the Battle Pass Worth It | True Cost of Battle Pass

Overwatch seasons last two months, and for each season there is a battle card that includes various rewards, such as character skins, weapons, etc. The battle is an important asset of every online shooter game as it helps the players to upgrade their game and characteristics.

The real cost of the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass | Is Battle Pass worth it

There are two levels of Battle Pass, one free and one premium. The free tier includes the following items: kiriko (available at level 55), 2 legendary skins, 2 weapon magic2 Souvenirs1 Highlight Introduction and 15 additional items such as sprays, emotes, etc.

How long does it take to reach level 55?

When asked how long it takes to unlock all heroes, Trade Leader John Spector said:

“The reason we put Kiriko at level 55 instead of 80 on the free path, is because we really want our players to unlock all the characters, not try to get them out of hand or make it really difficult for the normal model players out there.”

John Spector

If you’re a more hardcore player, and your goal is to unlock Kiriko as quickly as possible, you’ll be able to reach this achievement in the first few weeks. If you’re a regular player, you’ll be able to get to Kiriko a little later, but long before the season ends.

The real price of the Premium Battle Pass

Second, the premium battle pass is richer in loot, with instant access to it kirikoand other heroes, a Enhanced battle pass 15%, a legendary skin, 5 legendary skins, 2 epic skins, 3 Game introductions play4 weapon magic3 Emotions and souvenirs6 poses and name cards8 player icons, 11 audio lines and 12 sprays.

It costs 1,000 Overwatch coins which is the in-game premium currency. You can either earn this currency through in-game challenges or you can buy it with real money. Note that the challenges are limited and you can earn up to 540 coins For each season if you complete all challenges.

Therefore, you will need to complete all challenges for two seasons to earn a Battle Pass. 500 coins equal $5, and 1,000 coins equal $10. If you make the calculations, you will come to the conclusion that you will need to spend money to get the Premium Battle Pass.

If you play regularly, and complete challenges that earn 540 coins per season, that means you’ll have to pay $30 annually to unlock all the premium battle passes from all seasons.

If you buy the premium battle cards you will spend $60 per year, which is not a lot but for the average player playing a free game it is not really bad because the game does not lock all heroes so it is possible to earn all heroes with the free battle pass category, although You will have to spend a lot of time in the game.

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