New Update Enormous aquarium with 1,500 fish bursts in dramatic video

New Update Enormous aquarium with 1,500 fish bursts in dramatic – A Berlin aquarium that housed nearly 1,500 fish exploded on Friday December 16, spilling hundreds of thousands of liters of water, glass and debris into the busy streets of the German capital, officials said. rice field.

Police told The Associated Press that the Dome Aquarium complex, which houses hotels, museums, shops and restaurants, was flooded after the world’s largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium, standing 46 feet tall, exploded just before 6 a.m.

The flesh of the Aquadome tourist attraction is poured out of the building onto the street. Police said on Twitter that two people were injured after being hit by shards of glass.

Berlin Mayor Francesca Gippe told The Associated Press that the early-morning crash prevented many injuries. “Despite all the destruction, we are still very lucky. We would have suffered huge human casualties,” said Giffey. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save the 1,500 fish.

A spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade told Reuters that search and rescue dogs were dispatched to the scene after first responders were unable to reach the ground floor of the complex because of the debris.

Adrian Wenzel, a spokesman for the Berlin Fire Department, told the Associated Press, “We have yet to see the entire ground floor, where fish are most likely.” “But the problem is that the water is completely drained, and even about 1,400 fish in this aquarium are not kept.”

Aquarium in central Berlin, Germany, on December 16. Christoph Souder/AP

According to the Associated Press, crews tried to save another 400 to 500 fish in a small tank under the hotel lobby.

About 350 hotel guests near the aquarium had to collect and evacuate their belongings. German lawmaker Sandra Wieser, who was staying at the hotel, told The Associated Press in an interview that she heard loud noises that woke her up and sounded like an earthquake.

“There are shards (of glass) everywhere. “Furniture, everything is flooded,” she says. “It’s like a battlefield.”

Firefighters told Reuters that the cause of the trench explosion was not yet clear, but police said there was no evidence it was an attack.

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