New Link Mathias Pogba Video Viral Twitter

New Link Mathias Pogba Video Viral Twitter – This is a new chapter in the soap opera that has been entertaining the world of French football for several days. Mathias Pogba posted a new video on his social media on the evening of Tuesday, August 30, to confirm his comments, which were first published on Saturday, August 27.

. In the process, franceinfo announced that the investigation has been open since the beginning of August for “attempted robbery in an organized group” in the center of Juventus in France. According to parts of the file, Paul Pogba paid 100,000 euros to his suitors, who wanted 13 million euros from him in March 2022.

New Link Mathias Pogba Video Viral Twitter

New Link Mathias Pogba Video Viral Twitter

Hello everyone, Here is the explanation and comments about the “Pogba case”, Get the full video on Instagram/mathiaspogbaofficial. You can find the text of the video in the tweets below. — Mathias Pogba (@LeMathiasPogba) August 30, 2022

Mathias Pogba ‘taken Into Police Custody With Three Others’ Over Brother Paul’s Blackmail Affair

The world is based on appearances, it thinks everything is fine with us, but the truth is that there is a family that is suffering and in danger. ”

“If his elder brother was forced to speak publicly because he risked losing his life or freedom because of his brother who wanted him killed or imprisoned. When I say, our little brothers will betray!?” In 2022, like most things, it all started on social media. Mathias Pogba, 32, fired on social media and the media on Saturday evening, posting a series of videos in several languages ​​promising “big revelations” about his brother, the champion of world Paul Pogba. But what exactly happened?

The Pogba incident, if suddenly announced this weekend, begins with Paul’s complaint to the Italian police in mid-July. The new recruit from Juventus Turin, who arrived in Piedmont a few days ago at the end of his contract with Manchester United, criticized the robbery attempt that had been made against him since March.

In this event, the 2018 world champion specifically challenges one of his two brothers, Mathias Pogba, and other friends whose names have not been filtered, as France Info announced Sunday this evening. Paul Pogba, 29, explains that these people have been pressured several times, first in Paris in March, then in Manchester and finally in Turin, so they pay them in euros 13m.

French Soccer Star Paul Pogba Paid 100,000 Euros To Extortionists: Report

Hello everyone, I just joined Twitter because I suddenly wanted to express myself and I think I will quit soon! So follow me and get ready! ?? Full video on Instagram @mathiaspogbaofficial — Mathias Pogba (@LeMathiasPogba) August 27, 2022

According to France Info, Paul Pogba “clearly said that his detractors want to humiliate him by sending messages from his family that are said to be asking a marabout to weave Kylian Mbappé, but the actor denies this” .

Italian authorities forwarded the information to the Paris prosecutor’s office on August 1. Two days later, on August 3, an investigation was opened in Paris for an attempted robbery by an organized group. Placed at the Central Office for Combating Organized Crime (OCLCO), which is headquartered in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), the investigation begins with the case of Paul Pogba and several of his relatives.

New Link Mathias Pogba Video Viral Twitter

In this episode, the Blues player, who injured his knee during training with Juventus, reiterates his allegations. So far, the accused have not been questioned by the OCLCO police.

Paul Pogba Brother Mathias Pogba Arrested Over Extortion Claims By French Police, Prison Fc Memes Go Viral On Twitter

After the Mathias Pogba videos, Paul Pogba’s lawyers, Yeo Moriba (Paul, Florentin and Mathias Pogba’s mother) and Rafaela Pimenta’s lawyers issued a statement saying, “Unfortunately, the statements the latest made by Mathias Pogba on social media is not surprising” and “They went beyond threats and organized attempts to rob Paul Pogba.” The press release also confirms that, to our knowledge, “authorities in Italy and France were arrested last month.”

Mathias Pogba suggests that in video messages posted on social media over the past two days, he will have information that confirms a very different kind of information that his brother revealed. He also responded to the information provided by France Info on Sunday evening and made the “marabout” against Mbappé “known”. “Paul really wanted to shut me up even if it meant lying and putting me in jail, now I doubt this has been proven, my truth is happening and unlike you, I have enough to prove my words and lies,” he tweeted. It’s not about money: you hurt me, I almost died because of you, you left me in a hole while running away, you want to play the innocent, when it is said that people will see that there are no more cowards in this matter. the world, more treacherous and hypocritical than you. »

When asked by RMC Sport, the president of the French Federation, Noël le Graët, was cautious: “We are at the beginning of the work for now. As far as I know, no one has gone to court. It is a rumor just. I like Paul. I hope that doesn’t question his place in the French team.”

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Pogba Says Targeted By Gangs After Brother Promises ‘big Revelations’

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Paul Pogba Mathias Pogba’s brother has been arrested on charges of theft by French Police and Jail FC Memes on Twitter.

New Link Mathias Pogba Video Viral Twitter

French footballer Paul Pogba’s brother, Mathias, was arrested by French police on Wednesday on charges of theft.

Serie A: Pogba’s Evil Entourage: Admits His Brother And Childhood Friends Among His Blackmailers

The authorities arrested Mathias and 4 other people who tried to extort 13 million Euros from the Juventus player.

Paul Pogba Brother Mathias Pogba Arrested On Extortion Charges By French Police, Prison FC Memes Viral on Twitter ? Mathias Pogba was arrested by the police along with three others. (Source: Le Monde) — Watch Live (@DeadlineDayLive) September 14, 2022

Prison FC were first contacted to bring Mathias Pogba to the club. More to come. — Prison FC (@PrisonAFC) September 14, 2022

Investigators were investigating the matter and found that the former Manchester United player had to hand over 100,000 euros for the gun in March of this year.

Paul Pogba’s Brother Denies Extortion Attempt Against France Star

The news of the arrest of the professional footballer’s brother came a few days after French prosecutors confirmed that a criminal investigation had begun.

In a statement confirming the criminal investigation, French prosecutors said: “Based on the findings of a preliminary investigation, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a criminal investigation today into allegations of robbery, kidnapping or abduction by a group armed against unknown persons, including preparing or facilitating the release before the seventh day and being a member of the conspiracy.”

The incident came to light after Mathias posted a video on his social media account claiming that Pogba used magic and sorcery on Kylian Mbappe.

New Link Mathias Pogba Video Viral Twitter

In Mathias’ video, “The French, English, Italian and Spanish people, the whole world, my brother’s fans and more than the French team and Juventus, my brother’s colleagues and supporters deserve to know something.”

Mathias Pogba Promises Explosive Revelations About His Brother And Mbappe

He also said, “I will tell you very important things about [Mbappe] and there will be many parts and evidence that will confirm my words. Everything can explode’ and it made a great noise.”

Earlier this month, the media asked Kylian Mbappe about the news about Paul Pogba and his brother. The PSG star’s response was that he had a meeting with his French counterpart and chose to trust him for now. HOME » FOOTBALL » Mathias Pogba Reveals Brother Paul Pogba Used Witch Doctor To Cast Black Magic On Kylian Mbappe, Twitter Thread And Video Goes Viral

Mathias Pogba Reveals Brother Paul Pogba Used Witch Doctor To Cast Black Magic On Kylian Mbappe, Twitter Thread And Video Goes Viral.

Mathias Pogba has made shocking allegations against his younger brother Paul Pogba, accusing him of using his French teammate Kylian Mbappe to go viral on Twitter.

Mathias Pogba, Three Others Detained By French Authorities As Part Of Investigation Into Extortion Allegations By Brother Paul

The allegations come after Pogba accused his brother

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