New Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter

New Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter – A video of two women accusing two white male students of being “white nationalists” and “fascists” for sitting in an Arizona State University (ASU) room (a multicultural space) has gone viral on the Internet. One of the two also had a sticker on his laptop that read: ‘Police Lives Matter’, which apparently made the women very angry.

A viral video shows two women asking white male students to leave a multicultural space on their college campus because one student has a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his laptop.

New Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter

New Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter

The video sparked a backlash on social media, with most people criticizing the women for being ‘woke’ in the video.

Asu Student Newspaper’s Firing Of Columnist Sparks Debate, Boycott

Video of white students at Arizona State University (ASU) ‘Multicultural Space’ ? This madness is happening on a college campus — Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) September 24, 2021

The woman filming said the room was a multicultural space and asked why the men were there and not studying elsewhere on campus.

In the seven-minute video, the pair – members of the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, who shared the clip with the caption “Defending the Space” – approach men sitting at a desk and tell one of them he is “offensive”.

“Police Lives Matter?” A woman behind the camera said, pointing to a sticker on her laptop.

White Students ‘kicked Out’ Of Multicultural Space At Arizona State University

Her friend — wearing a “(US President) Biden didn’t vote” t-shirt — started filming the women, saying she was “just trying to go to school” and “just got kicked out.”

“You told us to leave,” Biden replied in a T-shirt, as several voices told him and his friend they were making the place “uncomfortable.”

The woman behind the camera said, “You’re white. What do you mean by multicultural space? It means you are not centered. “

New Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter

“No, it’s not a culture,” both women explained, “white is not a culture. Say that again to the camera – white is not a culture. Do you think whiteness is a culture?”

Arizona State University Students Being ‘persecuted’ Found ‘guilty’ Of Harassing Two White Students

“This is the violence that ASU does and this is the kind of people they protect,” one woman said.

“This white man thinks he can take our place, and that’s why we need a multicultural place, because they think they can get away with this shit.”

When the men respond again, the other woman tells them we’re not kicking you out, we’re asking you to leave if you focus on people of color and marginalization.

“Yes, the whole rest of the campus, the second floor, the first floor, the whole MU, every part of the campus is centered around you. It’s the only place you’re not centered and you’re still trying to center yourself, which is fine white male cis bullsh*t,” the first lady said.

Asu Students In Viral Multicultural Space Video Demand School Fight Racism, Protect Students Of Color

“You racist! Your sticker is racist because police — it’s a job, you can choose to be a police officer, I don’t want to be black,” the woman told him.

“Well, you know what, you can choose to be a cop, you can choose to kill people with a badge, and you’re protecting that shit, which means you’re racist.”

“I know, but it automatically upsets us because these people kill people like me and people like us, right. So you promote our murderers. So please don’t do it,” said another woman.

New Link Asu Viral Video Multicultural Center Twitter

Another (non-white) student eventually approaches the escalating scene, telling the women that the pair “went out of your way to inconvenience them”.

Social Media Posts For Oregon State University

“Because this is our place. We have been fighting for this shit for five years since 2016. You don’t know the hard work that went into making this place,” one woman shouted.

“We’re here, we had to defend this space because ASU wasn’t there and you know, we fought for this space. It’s been years of organizing and we’re not just going to let some white supremacy change that,” the men said as they walked away. The women explained.

“Anyway, then we’re here, they’ll make a scene and talk about their concerns, but it’s important to identify what we have to do and what a multicultural space means.”

“Because multiculturalism doesn’t mean ‘oh, let’s all come together and hold hands,’ it means you offer space and you protect the most marginalized. And that’s what makes space uncomfortable,” the women said.

Petition · Asu, Expel Students Who Harassed White Students For ‘police Lives Matter’ Sticker! ·

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