Marble ASMR APK 1.8.6 [Full Game] Download for Android

Marble ASMR APK brings relaxing experiences to players by operating the marble machine. You need to control this machine optimally so that the balls can move constantly to collect coins. The main goal is still to collect as many coins as possible to advance to a new stage of development.

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Introduce about ASMR Marble

Marble ASMR – A casual game that provides control of a marble machine

Control the marble machine and help marble run smoothly to make profit in Marble ASMR. This is a spin-off from Rollic Games, and they have many successful products in today’s mobile game market. Therefore, the general formula is still applicable to Marble ASMR to attract a wide range of players.

It is simple gameplay, accompanied by diverse content for players to explore over a long period of time. More specifically, the goal of the player is to collect a lot of coins by operating the marble machine. At the same time, you need to constantly reinvest in upgrades to make higher profits. At the moment this game has achieved over 1 million installs on Google Play so you can be sure of what it brings.

Earn money from marbles

Marbles in the marble machine will fetch huge amounts for players when participating in Marble ASMR. More specifically, these marble balls will constantly move around the tubes and generate a set amount. At first, the player will start with one ball rolling on the screen. The number of balls will increase in turn creating an endless cycle of movement.

At the same time, the speed of the ball also increased, which is worth generating more money. The special thing is that everything in this game works completely automatic, so you don’t need to fiddle too much during the game. Moreover, the number of glass balls determines the speed of their movement in the tube. Therefore, adding balls will increase your movement speed and bring you more income.

Make effective upgrades

Like most other idle games, Marble ASMR gives lots of different upgrades to improve the operation of the marble machine. See more information about the promotions below:

Machine Upgrade: This is a comprehensive upgrade that improves the performance of the marble machine. It makes the device run faster and more efficiently and gives players more rewards.

Merge Balls: After working for a long time, you should take advantage of this upgrade to merge marbles on the screen. At this time, there will be more space for stable operation.

Add Balls: You can use this upgrade to add more balls to the device. This brings more money, but excessive speed will cause you a lot of trouble in the control process.

More paths: This upgrade is recommended for more device working space. The higher the active space, the higher the monetization performance. But, in turn, the control of the machine becomes noticeably more difficult.

In general, you need to choose the appropriate upgrades from time to time to improve the operation of the device.

Explore a variety of maps

Marble ASMR offers players a lot of maps with completely different challenges. After completing certain levels, you can continue your journey through new map types. There will be a certain change in the color of the maps to offer a new experience. But believe me, the map does not directly affect the gameplay. You can focus on operating the machine without being affected by the surrounding map. Gradually, new maps of higher difficulty will appear which will definitely bring a lot of difficulties.

Integrated 2D graphics with a varied color scheme

The way to develop Marble ASMR graphics will make you feel thrilled by the details displayed on the screen. Although the image of this game is only described in 2D graphics format, it will not disappoint you. Every detail is described very carefully, accompanied by a bright color scheme that will surely bring an overall harmony. Besides, the attractive background music system will create a sense of relaxation for the players during the experience.

How to install Marble ASMR

Step 1: If you have downloaded Marble ASMR on your phone, uninstall it first.

Step 2: Download the APK version of Marble ASMR on by following the link in this article.

Step 3: Install the downloaded file and wait for some time for it to finish.

Step 4: Click the game icon on the phone screen to open and enjoy it.

Download Marble ASMR APK for Android

Marble ASMR is a casual game that you should not miss at the moment. This game is a combination of many different attractions. Including simple gameplay with high entertainment, a diverse screen system, sound and graphics create accents. You should try to download this game on your Android device to enjoy the great experiences it has to offer.

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