Link Video Chandigarh Viral Video Mms

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Link Video Chandigarh Viral Video Mms

Link Video Chandigarh Viral Video Mms

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Link Video Chandigarh Viral Video Mms

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Watch: Chandigarh University Witnesses Massive Protests After Mms Scandal

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Link Video Chandigarh Viral Video Mms

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Chandigarh University ‘objectionable Videos’ Row: Accused Girl Made Her Own Video, No Other Mms Found, Says Mohali Police

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I Wash First Yes is a hot 72 second video uploaded by Nwada Ice Cubes. Recently web users are excited and looking for video links. How is the video content? It turns out that the content of this 72-second video is very good, and everyone will be surprised to see it. Therefore, it is very good that the entire video of the common charge has suddenly started […] […]Candigarh University Viral MMS:: A student in the university’s women’s dormitory is accused of filming about sixty people her fellow students taking a bidet bath and post the picture. images on adult sites. A Chandigarh University student has been accused of sharing a video showing female students taking a shower.

A huge protest took place in Chandigarh University after a film featuring female students was secretly shot in a hostel and posted online. It is reported that there are more than sixty female students who were recorded by a girl while bathing in the hostel of Chandigarh University. She handed the video over to whoever is responsible for spreading it online.

Link Video Chandigarh Viral Video Mms

Later, the police arrested her. The video of the girl being interrogated by the university professor is now popular on the internet. The video was allegedly circulated to classmates of the accused student in Shimla. The video of the guard’s question to her quickly caught people’s attention on the internet.

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Despite this accusation, authorities stated that she only identified herself as the suspect in one video and that she did not record any video with anyone else.

So far in our investigation, we have not managed to find the video of the suspect. She filmed no problems. All mobile phones and other devices were seized for forensic examination. SP Mohali

“There is a rumor circulating in the media that 60 disgusting MMS have been found on various students,” said Dr Bawa in an official statement. No sane person would ever believe such a thing. Except for a private video a woman made of herself for her boyfriend, no problematic videos were found during the university’s initial investigation.

Kalesh b/w janitor and student share mms for 60 students #justiceforCUgirls — r/Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) September 17, 2022

Anjali Arora’ Viral Mms Video: After Alleged Mms Leak Controversy, Anjali Arora’s Old Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Chandigarh University has maintained that it is finally cooperating with the authorities in their investigation, adding that all mobile phones and other documents have been handed over to them. The university added that “It was also noted that the university is fully committed and committed to ensuring the safety and security of all our students, especially female students,” the university said.

#JusticeforCUGirls In Chandigarh University, a girl exposed many MMS messages from girls for money. When the video goes viral, the victims try to kill themselves. 1 girl is reported dead and others are ill. #ChandigarhUniversity — THV News (@ThvNews) September 17, 2022

In addition, the university president denied the claim that the victims committed suicide. A woman has never tried anything like it. Because of this, no woman was admitted to hospital.

Link Video Chandigarh Viral Video Mms

The police also reported that a case has been registered against the girl at the Gharuan police station under section 354 c of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act. She is a freshman in economics, which makes her accusations surprising. The video of the girl being interrogated by the doctor has gone viral on social media.

Chandigarh University Girls Hostel Video Leak: Accused Girl Shared Her Personal Video To Boyfriend, But… Big Revelation!

#JusticeforCUgirls #chandigarhuniversity Girls trying to kill themselves after their MMS leaked in “चंदीगार” We need support ???— Himanshu Tripathi (@Himansh) September 3420801

The accused student alleged that she texted the boyfriend in the Shimla video where her roommate is using the bathroom. There is a video of the alleged creator of the tape sending it to a young man in Shimla. At this point, the girl stated that she had recorded about 60 images of other women. Despite this accusation, authorities stated that she only identified herself as the suspect in one video and that she did not record any video with anyone else.

All news and information are collected from various news sources and student reporters of CU, We do not verify the truth or claim it to be true. By Police & CU Jami’andòstón chandigarh university के बारे | chandigarh university image image image video original link

Went to assault

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