Link Seyma Subaşı Kokain & şeyma Subaşı Uyuşturucu

Link Seyma Subaşı Kokain & şeyma Subaşı Uyuşturucu – Seema Subasi’s party pictures left everyone in awe. According to the information received, it was said that Seema Subasi used drugs at a party abroad. Seren Serengil shared. Here are the disturbing photos of Sheima Subashi…

Seyma Subashi is smoking cocaine #SedatPeker #seyma #subasi #uyusturucu #acun #party #seymasubasi — Mersin Focus News (@2 September 02)

Link Seyma Subaşı Kokain & şeyma Subaşı Uyuşturucu

Link Seyma Subaşı Kokain & şeyma Subaşı Uyuşturucu

It was said that Sheima Subashi, who married Akun Ilychaly in 2017 and divorced in 2018, used drugs in the institution she visited abroad. Born in 1990, Seema Subasi drew attention when she broke up with her Egyptian lover, Mido. Sheima Subashi recently shared a picture of her kissing Meedo.

Eyma Subası’nın Ayrılık Nedeni Uyuşturucu Maddesini Melisa Ilıcalı’nın Yanlışlıkla Içmesi Mi?

Sheima Subashi’s previously published photos of drug use have become a phenomenon on social networks! Pictures of Sema using the drug “cocaine” with her Egyptian lover, Mohamed Alsalousi, have been on the agenda.

Sheima Subashi, who has not left the agenda of the magazine, continues to come out with new stories. Seren Serengil, who was accused of taking drugs at a party abroad, shared photos taken by another person. Serengil shared the photos on his Instagram account.

Seema Subasi’s photos were posted by magazine anchor Seren Serengil on her Instagram page. Serengil, who shared the pictures of Seema Subasi on her social media account, said, “What is Seema drinking? We will share tomorrow’s reminders.

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Eyma Subaşı Balık Terlikleriyle Konuşuldu

Mersin Odak News editorial office aims to deliver the truth to the society and be a voice at various levels. In Mersin, it is said that they fight for allowances for the last minute, agenda, news, sports, economy, social order, focus. The news.

Akun Ilychaly officially announced that he had a fight on the beach with the bombed Sheima Subashi, a ‘crazy person..’ It was said that they quarreled over allowance. Sheima Subashi Alsalusi, who was preparing for her second marriage with Egyptian Mohamed after her divorce from Akun Ilychaly, ended her 1.5-year relationship in the last few weeks. However, after Meadow and Melissa Lokali were photographed in Paris during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, they were said to have reconciled. Later, a picture of Akun Ilakali and Seema Subasi fighting on the beach is said to have gone viral. Akun Ylyjaly made a statement regarding the topic discussed during the day. Here are the details…

Akun Ilakali and Seema Subashi, who has a daughter named Melissa, reportedly got into a fight at a restaurant frequented by celebrities in Mugla’s favorite vacation spot, Bodrum. Ylyzhali’s expected announcement came after a picture of the two allegedly fighting hit the newspaper agenda like a bombshell.

Link Seyma Subaşı Kokain & şeyma Subaşı Uyuşturucu

Sheima Subashi received a romantic marriage proposal while on vacation in Ibiza last June, and she didn’t fail to share the moment with her followers. A 31-year-old event that was not on the magazine’s relationship agenda answered yes to Mohamed Alsalusi. After breaking up with Italian DJ Guido Senia, Subasi found happiness with an Egyptian businessman and announced that she had surprisingly left the meadow while counting down the days to their wedding.

Eyma Subaşı Hakkında Merak Edilenleri Anlattı

The famous name later wrote on Instagram, “As you know and have witnessed, we have decided to end our relationship with Mido Alsalussi of about 1.5 years by mutual consent. As with any relationship, we have decided that we cannot continue our relationship. The disagreement is the result and we respect We respectfully part ways. I ask you, my dear followers and members of the press, to be respectful and understanding in the decision-making process and the sensitive process we are going through.

Seema Subasi said, “We ended our relationship respectfully,” but that was not the background to the incident. Approximately; Sheima is talking to her friends about Mido. Knowing this, Muhammed Alsalusi starts quarreling with his lover; Instead of apologizing, Subashi announced on social media that he was leaving, saying, “I’m going back to Turkey.”

He was later said to have made up with Egyptian billionaires Mohamed AlSalousi and Seema Soubassi. According to reports, this photo of Melissa and Meadow was from their trip to Paris.

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