Link Marina Iñigo Onieva Instagram Viral

Link Marina Iñigo Onieva Instagram Viral – Brazilian, model, reporter in the world of Formula 1 and likes to post personal photos on social networks. This is Marina, the woman who was caught kissing Iñigo Onieva, Tamara Falcó’s current boyfriend, this summer.

He lives in New York, travels frequently for business purposes, and, they say, had a special relationship with Íñigo during the week they spent at a party in the Arizona desert. And even more: it seems that they were so good that they met each other to see each other in the future.

Link Marina Iñigo Onieva Instagram Viral

Link Marina Iñigo Onieva Instagram Viral

The photos that show the conflicts between the two caused a deep conflict in the relationship between Onieva and Tamara Falcó, and the situation could get worse if the rumors are confirmed that there are pictures of Isabel Preysler “son-in-law” with other women, Spanish and Venezuelan.

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Yesterday, all day, Tamara left her boyfriend in the house they shared in one of the most beautiful areas in the center of Madrid, and went back to her mother’s house in Puerta de Hierro.

And a source close to the one described as the “Queen of Hearts” confirmed that Isabel was upset by Iñigo’s infidelity and advised her daughter to break up with the businessman.

Her close friends also advised her of such a thing, who had already seen what happened, because Onieva had a reputation for being charismatic in Madrid’s night life.

Will Tamara decide to end her marriage with a man who has been unfaithful to her? At that time, yesterday he did not wear an engagement ring, something very important that shows his status.

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It is not the first time that the “morous” players of the character came to light. But Tamara ignored the rumors and defended herself tooth and nail. Now everything is different. It’s good while Tiktok: all the details of the divorce of influencers Marina Rivers and Dani Marrero

The actor you see on the street moving your mouth and doing an exaggerated “reading” of their Tiktok drama is in mourning. In fact, I think the idea of ​​doing a challenge with the funeral march or, maybe to a point, with the history of Álex Ubago came together. Yes, tiktokers: Marina Rivers and Dani Marrero have ended their “relationship” (

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Link Marina Iñigo Onieva Instagram Viral

Marina Rivers herself (with the last name of cheap gin) woke up last Monday, August 9 with anxiety and depression and decided to go public with her breakup with the tiktoker whose neck he got a tattoo of an owl (you have to love him to sleep with that one, I don’t know how I would do if I found him staring at me at night).

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“Since our relationship is in the open, I think you deserve an explanation, Dani and I have left it, there are times when two people who love each other cannot be together, Dani and I love each other very much and we will be together. keep being friends, I’m begging you, understand them and respect them both, it’s not easy for either of them, “Rivers was very generous with her followers through an Instagram story where Dani shared her ax decided and kissed him passionately. which covers the tattoo on his neck (there are better things for the owl not to see).

Dani Marrero learned his lesson well and showed that he read the instructions of the ‘celebrity starter pack’ where in the third paragraph, after the instructions on how to avoid the paparazzi (with a hat, sunglasses and pretending to talk on the phone). ), the process of famous people is explained to make their separation clear. Like Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, Manuel Martos and Amelia Bono, Bertín and Fabiola and many others, Tiktoker posted the same text as Marina on social media (although without a black and white photo, this holy is).

Fans have been at the forefront of promoting the show, they are in a frenzy, maybe that’s why the epileptic dances they do on the social media platform are so hot and remember ‘Fama, let’s dance!’ (yes, they were musical geniuses, Paula Vázquez). In fact, many people claim that they stopped believing in love after the end of almost two years of romantic relationship between Marina and Dani since they met, as beautiful idols of generation Z, through the network.

Already on the program RTVE ‘Gen Playz’, Marina Rivers shared with Inés Hernand “how bad communication is related” and how they will judge couples in the 21st century. “If you don’t post anything, it’s like you’re hiding your partner, and if you post it, you have to do it every week, because if you don’t, it’s like you don’t like it,” said the influencer. a little irritated by the pressure, which could not disappear in her freedom with Dani “Sueña la Marinita que pilla al lobo”, the song about Marina and Isaac that is popular on Instagram The Sevilian singer dedicated a new musical theme to the plan. ‘La isla de l tentaciones’, this time with Marina and Isaac as heroes.

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It’s Thursday and that means a new episode of ‘Addiction Island’ is playing. In particular, tonight we saw the fourth chapter of the ‘reality’ that breaks the history of television in our country. Among other things, we will check whether the test continues between Marina and Isaac, who in the previous story left clear signs of more than possible love …

And it is exactly these two participants that we are talking about now. Isaac is called ‘Lobo’, his first name. Social networks did not let anything escape and a few days ago Instagram users commented on the photo of Marina: “Watch out, the wolf is coming”, because in the photo of the participant of the show Telecinco he appeared with an American with nothing on the ground.

The fact that the first name Isaac gave to so many people, that they dedicated a song to it. Yes, yes, Marina and “Lobo” already have their own music theme. Sevillian singer ‘Luitingo’ is the lead voice for this unlikely love story. “Sueña la Marinita”, is the title of the last song of ‘Luitingo’ which entered social networks in the last hour. Hta Marina herself told the story on the social network with a video clip: “It can’t be”, the young woman wrote with an ’emoji’ of a smiley face.

Link Marina Iñigo Onieva Instagram Viral

“What is promised is a crime. So here you have this Sevilian trap” Sueña la Marinita “This came to my mind, and we started to produce it with Master @hossemusic, the video editing killed me almost with a heart attack . .. Everything is always humble, Music and good vibes,” wrote the singer in your Instagram account.

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He didn’t stop there. Singer Marina and Isaac shared the video with the superstar and he sent her a message: “Oleeee!! What hero Joe shared with me!! LOL!! creation!! Marina miaaaaa!!”

But, hey! That is not the first time that ‘Luitingo’ writes a song related to ‘La isla de l tentaciones’. In 2020 he has already published a video dedicated to the fashion show, ‘Tango de l Tentaciones’.

After the success of ‘Tanto de l Tentaciones’ and “Sueña la Marinita”, the composer also created a new song for Estefanía, a former contestant who gave a lot to talk about in the first edition. “The hero of a sevillana of “tr por sevillan”? LOL. You can’t be kind and beautiful! I come to you Estefaníaaaaaa”, wrote ‘Luitingo’ after showing her followers a conversation with Estefanía Carbajo in which she herself said: “I will be very happy if you dedicate a song to me”.

Fans of Joaquín Sánchez, the player of Real Betis, of the program Telecinco are well known. In fact, he is one of the followers of the program. Every Thursday evening, the footballer entertains his followers with funny stories on Instagram with his wife. That’s why ‘Luitingo’ invited the footballer to watch this new video: “Shall we tag @joaquinarte and the participants of @islatentaciones if they saw it? I hope you like it, and watch out for the wolves to come.. .”, said the artist in his new book.

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