IDBS Bus Simulator MOD APK 7.4 (Unlimited Money) for Android

IDBS Bus Simulator It will be a fun experience for you with the mission of driving a passenger bus in Indonesia. By simulating real street traffic environment, you must learn safety rules throughout the journey. You will demonstrate the responsibilities and skills of a professional driver.

IDBS Bus Simulator driving simulator game is for people who want to experience bus driving on city roads, perform shuttle service and drop off passengers at correct point in driving simulator game. To drive this vehicle, you must comply with the traffic lights and follow the specified lane.

There are quite a few bus options in IDBS Bus Simulator. You will learn the skills of driving safely, parking at the right time and at the right place to drop off and ride the passengers. IDBS Bus Simulator offers realistic controls with inspiring on-screen touch buttons, an integrated GPS navigation system, and an intuitive driver-assist traffic map.

general information

IDBS Bus Simulator is a driving simulation game. In the game, you will play as a driver of a Thai bus. According to the given time, passengers from different countries will be sent to the designated place to complete your driving mission.

IDBS Bus Simulator is produced by foreign games, including buses, trucks, police cars, buses and many other genres. And the map in the game includes places in different countries. Many games still support adding custom skins and MODs. Therefore, it is very interesting to play with straightforward gameplay.

IDBS Bus Simulator is a fun mobile driving simulation game. We can choose different buses. Then drive happily, customize different routes, transport multiple passengers, complete target missions, accumulate more money, unlock bus vehicles. With a simple operation, it is exciting to play.

IDBS Bus Simulator 1 screen

Feature guides

The game offers greatly restored habits and different terrains. With the first-person driving mode, you can enjoy the ultimate driving experience. Next, pay attention to driving safety and deal with various stress events in a timely manner.

According to the specified time, the guests will be sent to the specified place. After completing the mission, you can get monetary rewards that you can use to upgrade your car. There are many types of buses, various sizes, and colors for you to choose what you like. You will have different driving modes to choose, achieve different goals, and earn money. With heavy traffic, traffic accidents should be avoided, drive carefully, and transport passengers safely.

With a realistic map of the scene and the various events taking place, it is unique to handle it carefully. You will become a bus driver, drive freely on the road, and learn more about the culture. Most players appreciate the beautiful landscape, are aware of the traffic, work, and drive happily to complete the mission. For various missions and challenges, you can earn money to unlock more cool vehicles.

Choose different driving styles and immerse yourself in real physical performance. There is a variety of buses, cool models and realistic environment. It’s easy to drive and very good to play and hand feel. Complete a series of missions, pick up and drop off passengers, earn money to upgrade your car, and start your company. IDBS Bus Simulator is a new bus driving game with realistic environment, realistic simulation and exciting driving to enjoy the fun. With simple operation and cool appearance, you can upgrade vehicles and go on to challenge more missions.

IDBS Bus Simulator 2 screen

Overall Ratings

IDBS Bus Simulator is a bus driving simulation game. Unlike the children’s bus education game, with the development of the times, users can choose a variety of transportation methods. Public transportation is also one of the most preferred modes of use, especially for developed countries, which not only save travel costs, but also reduce traffic congestion or environmental pollution.

Also, film makers are very interested in this topic because they make famous films like cars. Car-related games have attracted widespread interest from manufacturers such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and even buses. It is impossible not to mention the popular 3D game about IDBS Bus Simulator.

Come download and try it out! In this game, your task is to drive a bus with passengers. When we enter the game, we will see the options. The choices at the top of the screen include Home, Map, Profile, Gallery, Music, Video, and Settings. Click “Quick Play” to play quickly. The map will help the player to navigate the target and how to move easily. The routes on the map will have instructions.

In the game, after selecting the desired location, the play button appears. On the right side are the brakes and throttle. If you want to drive or stop, you need to press one of the following two buttons. The two buttons are low beam and high beam. We can use the dipped beam headlights for close lighting, which helps to monitor the road and easily avoid foreign objects.

IDBS Bus Simulator 5 screen

High beam headlights have better visibility and can be turned on at a certain height, causing traffic lights to glow. Thus, it creates favorable conditions for dealing with road conditions. The left side of the screen is the steering wheel to be controlled.

To make it easier to control, you can move by exercising your fingers. When you encounter obstacles, turn the steering wheel to the right or left to avoid unnecessary accidents. Therefore, you can control the bus by tilting the starter device to the direction you want to move. There are also turn signals for players to ask for directions before turning.

Look carefully at the buttons, it is easy to get confused. The speaker is specially designed in red to help you see. IDBS Bus Simulator Features When you are driving you can choose your favorite tracks by mp3 option. The special function of this option brings a unique feeling to the users.

Even if mp3 is displayed, you can use mp4 for a very relaxing music experience. Change the volume right below the song title. The functions of the game include taking pictures and recording the route of the traffic of the bus. But you need permission to store it on the device.

Every time you travel, you get a reward, and the money is in the upper left corner of the screen. Besides the eye icon, this icon is an additional feature of the IDBS bus simulator. They design it to help players zoom in on the parts that can be seen in each track.

IDBS Bus Simulator 3 screen

Indonesia bus simulator

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a mobile driving simulation game that incorporates an Indonesian style. In the game, players can drive a bus through beautiful landscapes. The operation is direct and the viewing angle can be adjusted freely. Come and download the game.

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a very exotic driving simulation game where you will live in beautiful Indonesia. There are no tall buildings, but it has a unique landscape that you can enjoy driving a super bus that roams the streets of Indonesia. On the road, look at the pedestrians and the beautiful landscape around you, complete the assigned driving tasks, and reap as many benefits as a sense of accomplishment. And you can also enjoy driving in different atmospheres and different scenes.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a popular mobile game with an adventurous driving experience in 2019. Players are happy to drive on bus lanes, avoid any danger and drive on chaotic roads. Players also have to pay attention to the signal signals, not to have any traffic accidents, find the right lane of road, and drive boldly.

Players can choose a suitable car to drive. It can not hurt the passengers during the driving process. Drive the passengers on the journey and move according to the given location on the map.

Try the technology, and some fun simulated driving experience will come. Enjoy the freedom challenge. Come and use the bus to help the passengers reach their destinations.

last words

IDBS Bus Simulator has a lot of games, such as IDBS Buses and IDBS Trucks. There are many driving simulators here. You can choose the car you like to drive. And this series of games is a series of driving works of this manufacturer. Finally, they are all good business.

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